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  1. I'm looking for the 505 shield, I think it's a snorting bull, But I don't see anything.
  2. Good idea, campaigning is a great job. I guess you run the editor, that's art ... What would 505 or another company be? I will use a generic skin for everyone because it is a lot of work to make them individual. Numeral more brands.
  3. I understand, but the reason for doing them would be to do a mission ..?
  4. Update, small errors Delete previous by name change. https://mega.nz/#!ArJWzKbB!3eTZvAUhirlUkYaaCrk0mwnZPgSAr9EIsAUV-oA5AHI
  5. Hi namhee2 The clues on that map are certainly short for a 262, even if it is AI.
  6. PzD Abt 506 2 red https://mega.nz/#!135QyAoQ!KQ01rGfaRpks0xrxt4WgX3PAYDbVnykaZajfpeO8kLQ
  7. Esta en este pack III/JG52_Lothar29 Is here Download https://mega.nz/#!higQlABa!rI5LGxb-XNtbQ2MIs5eKM6W6nI27ikN34knpNOqHGIw
  8. Pack skins. Installation IL2 BOS> data> graphics> skins> tank model folder -8 Different skins. -Furs for the static campaign "Last Opportunity". -Select the skin for each mission. -All skins have in their name the number of the mission. https://mega.nz/#!BmpVWK4S!XiklYjhjSJKHvQ5dj7tEEGBjH5W0W66JC8KyGqC4Q9M
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