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  1. https://mega.nz/#!9m5wXAgL!UpxZ7fq2o65yK0Z9hMCv6EqQNpZ--MVWNfQfORs318A
  2. https://mega.nz/#!8252TAgL!51-uwT6a2SFGnkaRjx62Wn_1OKfcdCYOoVrD-MDTjlw
  3. You're absolutely right about the parts of the template.
  4. Thanks a lot, that's why I couldn't find them, I thought it was like the driver's. Thank you
  5. Hi Jaws2002 Thanks for the skin I'm also asking for your help because I can't locate the machine gun trap door in the front. You know where it is...? I like the way you painted the skin
  6. https://mega.nz/#!N6BQhYBJ!WmmPrA-M7Md0NBwwHbV-8BQeGafl9BQy30ldaugMx60
  7. Version 2 RAL as the profile+ Mod by DetCord12b https://mega.nz/#!464TWQIQ!ZMSxpUUGo_IQ2Ly-NthgJpGCPCFH5EMUzp7rosc70_I
  8. Don't activate the AI on the mission. I don't, I use the gunner's position or the commander's.
  9. https://mega.nz/#!svBmQQJS!kKYjXo3I3izaziz4GoqWuV8L__lGZv1DNQTlkmvTbu4
  10. Gracias = gRiJ = romano- Momentos muy duros, vivo en Madrid.
  11. DetCord12B I had that same doubt. I called it "personal." If you want to change it PD You have it corrected in the message.
  12. https://mega.nz/#!YjIhhCyS!SFqZtGiXcHeldwoUruK-CEmiNv01_kYk9vrkpTWh3yQ
  13. https://mega.nz/#!BmpmnCrD!LbtCZFATYvTwMXre6nk-cNpPz91_qzqyyesz18mOFQc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://mega.nz/#!YuoQSYLY!XLuZ4pLvvYFRnkz6CqGEPt8n-FUD3za1p7sYd29TahM
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