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  1. Me the same thing has happened that ICDP......
  2. V.2 https://mega.nz/#!46BF1STQ!LVE5NXC8Z2t5XBObHdjZX9b-aT-DzJVLQ1_yChTC6mM
  3. Thanks DB605 for the pdf, they clarify something, I will update it and I will do the 13 black.
  4. Hello DB605 On your question, I made this skin precisely because of the camo seen in the profile. I don't know if it's right or it's fake. I gave it a black-gray camo in fuselage and lower parts and green rlm 80 on upper surfaces. I do not see gray, if perhaps clarify a little black.
  5. https://mega.nz/#!sr4UgQQJ!PitQMNRYUFBuOLOMqzSjN3iB43i-04dWNolALBDMINg
  6. https://mega.nz/#!I2gA0CSA!NyzkRl7ZMk6xSH2nUzoZFMpdNGd_5v98VSWA8Hxd7-A
  7. 33 Sqn, 2nd TAF, RAF https://mega.nz/#!0q5hCAxC!CZx_ZtAxlErPq8cxmvK9vbySz1tN8kngLEnidAu2lOs
  8. Skin 4k Hawker Tempest mk V 486 Sqn (New Zealand), RAF http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/f/572/9/3 https://mega.nz/#!02ZxRa5J!RtBtfLYpNgiadE-G28HwjpdTQ-R9ulWrzN4zq3OwEkE Hello ICDP It usually happens to me too and I understand you.
  9. ICDP template Thank you https://mega.nz/#!9ixgwSZQ!STb4OwNnzlRsG4wrr-k0Wh2ORApR52_WJ8fsRhjDMwQ
  10. Skin 4k P 51 D Lieutenant Walter "Moon" Mullins, 44-13859 Mullins flew this bird with the 55 ° FS / 20 ° FG during the fall of 1944 from Kingscliff, England. https://mega.nz/#!s7YHkIQT!cDtclvXiEORKglF4zJkzBhp0zxM81_iBIxgBbIkS4qE
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