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  1. Update error v3.002

    I do not think that is the cause, in fact with your info I saw if that file was activated in the mod and was deactivated with the new update Thank you very much
  2. Update error v3.002

    Thanks EAF_T_Therion for the info, now update well
  3. I'm trying to update it to the new version and get this error, remove the update folder but the error comes out ...? I do not know if it is produced by having the MOD activated, I tried it but I could not, it said that there was a new version and I could not deactivate them inside the game. Any solution. regards
  4. Nostalgia

  5. P-39 Skins...

    Piel 4k p-39 -Q 28 GIAP Georgiy Baranov 1945 http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/baranov.htm Thanks Zargos for the template Descargar https://mega.nz/#!Z6Al2DQA!7mF305x5raZ38JgBcjlRF2NWjK7roSM0jiYc6qMAAlU
  6. szelljr skindeposit

    Very good, "air a cutie"
  7. [MOD] Luftwaffe Pilots Uniform

    Thanks, very good
  8. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-6 2/JG52 RED 4 Rudolf Trenkel July 1943 http://www.markstyling.com/bf109gs4.htm Download https://mega.nz/#!JzZz2JjL!noOabJ31VmcYTPBOQl0HVN6NzfXFq7Mrp_waHPoJKpk
  9. P39 4k Template

    Thank you very much for your great work
  10. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-6 2 / JG 302 I based on this profile although it is another model of G-6 Thank you very much RaFiGer for this great template and 1CGS for BOX Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/16k62s9z20aeai0/Bf109G6_2JG302_4k_V002.dds
  11. [MOD] True Moscow winter.

    Thanks Yeikov
  12. [MOD] True Moscow winter.

    Hi install this mod and I did not backup the original, can someone pass me the original. Thank you very much.
  13. Thanks for the arrangement.
  14. A-20B Skins

    Very good