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  1. @SARFlytitus I'm sorry about your friend, a great girlfriend recently left. I'm sorry for your loss.
  2. Update ------------------------------------- https://mega.nz/file/kuJy3Y7b#w1lMSpGRZMj4FJeibOYttV8W8xjQJuwADKujSEs7kGg
  3. https://mega.nz/file/FjhQDIDb#OmF2aA8xnKIIzB19Hag3d4rhvu9WGl0VBDpJTdMfuv8
  4. Update -----------------⬇️
  5. A great job @DetCord12B Would it be possible to select the skins for the mission, without having to be the commander or leader...?
  6. Thanks @LizLemon This mod can be used with JSGME... How would the order of folders be Thank you.
  7. Updating all the skins. https://mega.nz/file/UrYhSSKI#I6srMJbBRBsxM4nzfs2AMa3WnvaAVoT0oQ1jMl66R1E
  8. Actualización -----------------------------------
  9. Hi @Yardstick OK thanks for the clarification, I found it difficult to decipher the text, the rest I don't know if it will be OK. I'll change it.
  10. Actualización Le di un poco de amor al pin-up y agregué algunas señales faltantes.
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