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  1. Update -------------------------------------------------------- https://mega.nz/#!865HwCAY!yY2QOFwcaNr8LHQfM-ATFlxpCz8YhKTtcjA9tl8xW-4
  2. how beautiful the hurricane looks good choice
  3. Yankee_One PzVIH1_sPz_Abt_101_S45 update ------------------------------- https://mega.nz/#!J2oTkIpK!1DuufeNi_rSClsdro9NOGbna0mCMqZHka8DAm87Ffx8
  4. Testing mission 2 In the first one at the end I failed to shoot a friend ...? It was a T-34 ...? he changed sides Thanks
  5. What you see in this community is incredible. Congratulations, friend
  6. Mig skin pack of eight skins made. Problem with alpha channel solved https://mega.nz/#!QmQXiKxD!slF_Lby0o9zjvQE1mm1SwWzt2IQRhvc0zDPS4W2BMSA
  7. https://mega.nz/#!4vB3iaKS!P4sgc1QXoUIQ7qo7DYlSx6DGCNuMR1TJl7QA6tqZMcg
  8. Hi namhee2 Thank you for the 1st mission and the v. In Spanish I saw a small error in the skin of the Pz III M, in the editor you have to select the skin: PzIII-M_505_02 & 1 no PzIII-M_505_02 & 1 # 1 You had selected the skirts of the tank, understandable error since you do not make skins. Thank you very much for the mission.
  9. Package Pz III M 505 01 + 02 + 03 https://mega.nz/#!N7g3mABY!oVDK0Tn-lrq7eT0bWR7s37AiY1yxAWhwIhT4cq8NzMU
  10. namhee2 Here you have them Pz III M 01+02+03 https://mega.nz/#!N7g3mABY!oVDK0Tn-lrq7eT0bWR7s37AiY1yxAWhwIhT4cq8NzMU
  11. Good mission You have to do it very well, to get out alive. A Spanish version would be fine, if it's not too much to ask. I can help in whatever I can.
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