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  1. Change the accents and that dude's from West Georgia. The only real tragedy I saw in this vid was the dude wearing a Jack Daniels T-Shirt - surely the good folks of Brisbane know that real American booze come from Kentucky and not those wannabes in Tennessee?
  2. That is a 30mm US Army dummy practice round on the left.
  3. Great video, loved the music - well done.
  4. There shouldn't be any finger crossing required for /AS or MW50 mods. These are just typical and historic variants of the G6 Late.
  5. That last drawing even has Eric Hartmann's ground crew as good models.
  6. 109F-2 can wipe the floor with those fighters in that mission. That is actually a fun little campaign. Fly the F-2 like a jet - use your speed and firepower.
  7. Same MG as the A5, but better cannons in the outer wings. Primary difference is the redesigned wing that makes the aircraft more versatile.
  8. If it's as good as it looks, every computer related purchase I make (or don't make) will center around that simulation.
  9. Bully Lang was killed when he decided to fly and aircraft with malfunctioning landing gear. He knew it and took it anyway. Gear came down when he tried to maneuver in combat - his wingman saw it down before Lang went in. Try dogfighting with your landing gear down. Should have left that plane at the airfield.
  10. Wait. You mean it's actually possible to make the P-51 more maneuverable? Good grief. I guess that explains some of the nonsense I see online, but was unable to duplicate when I was flying the P-51 on DED. My understanding is that there is also an interesting mixture cheat setting but I've not tried it.
  11. I've got I think 3 K4 from JG27 - will have to check where they came from.
  12. Yes, the P-51 was well known to soak up much defensive fire in real life. It’s engine and cooling system was considered to be extremely durable and able to take a lot of punishment. Thats why you see so many photos of P-51 returning to base with heavy battle damage. Looks like the developers did a great job replicating that.
  13. I'll refrain from judging either Hermann Graf or Bud Mahurin. Doing so is neither arguing nor revisionist history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermann_Graf In 1971 Graf made his own statement to the newspaper, "Bild am Sonntag", saying that he, along with others including Hartmann, had briefly joined the BDO (an anti-Nazi group of German ex-officer prisoners) as a way to survive the psychological deprivation of the imprisonment. Bergström et al say this is borne out by the Russian RGVA archive of Graf's POW file which makes no mention of extended co-operation with pro-Soviet groups. The BDO was disbanded after only a few months.[135] Reference is from: Graf & Grislawski—A Pair of Aces. Hamilton MT: Eagle Editions. ISBN 978-0-9721060-4-7. Bergström, Christer; Antipov, Vlad; Sundin, Claes (2003).
  14. Hmm let's see...you don't work but yet you don't need money. Sounds like a great life.
  15. What we do know is like Hartmann, he refused to abandon his ground crew (he could have easily got in his plane and flew away) and instead walk on foot with them to American zone with them where he was promptly betrayed back to the Soviets. In Soviet captivity he was actually put on war crimes trial for not cooperating with them. He was not put in a forced labor camp (something completely out of his control) due to being high-ranking officer and for joining an anti-Nazi group of other German prisoners to avoid "psychological deprivation" during captivity.
  16. I’ve been flying the P-51 online and it gets quite nose heavy in high speed dives. Flaps turn it into a large Yakovlev though, and mercy can it ever take a beating and keep right on flying.
  17. Please return bomb assist - or remove ace level flak. Slow, level bombers like He-111, Ju88 bombing from 3-4,000 meters or more are like sitting ducks for ace level flak gunners. Ace level gunners are completely unrealistic with ability to see through trees, smoke, clouds etc - insane accuracy and guns never overheat, etc. Maps are too short to climb to higher altitudes. Please consider it - other wise factories are nearly immune to being destroyed on such short map cycles and nobody is taking the time to level bomb anymore.
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