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  1. The US Navy did in fact conclude that the FW190 seating position in combination with the raised feet increased G tolerance.
  2. I can understand where you are coming from - to a certain extent. It's been all-Allied all everything lately. What you have to remember though is that these things come in waves. Most of the time it is simply not efficient to release things in a balanced way...but in the long run there will be more balance. The other thing is - this community is overwhelmingly Allied-Onlies. Add to this the Allies were a much larger force during WW2 and I'm not sure it's even possible to balance.
  3. Always some aircraft is going to show up and finally give the Allies the edge they've been waiting for. If only they get this fuel or that boost pressure things are going to turn out differently this time just you wait and see. Still kind of waiting, ever since the days of Oleg 🙂 The Spitfire XIV is going to be great, but it will not turn into the Allied Me 262. Same with the Mustang, Mosquito etc. These planes are gonna be fun and shoot down planes and get shot down themselves while the same Allied-Onlies currently getting minengeshossed in the P51D and Tempest will be back on the forums wondering aloud in large boxes of text (and videos!) why their favorite plane isn't saving them. I hope the P-47 and the XIV and the P-51 get every imaginable boost pressure right up front as soon as possible, or the whining about it will be incessant. Ever may all pre-demands be met as efficiently as they were for Bodenplatte. Fighting for life in a G6 is much to be preferred to reading through all that bullshit every day. Speaking of demands...I wonder how that big /AS supercharger for the G6 is coming along? Hopefully better than the one for the G14 in Bodenplatte. (RIP)
  4. My question would be is that historic though? Some of these gamer settings like this seem like they would be just as likely ruin the engine in real life as would to give some extra speed. 10kmh/6 mph is actually a lot of speed - I don't remember reading about a late war Luftwaffe pilot using manual pitch to increase deck speed like this, but I could be wrong (?) Maybe it is historic - just doesn't seem like it.
  5. What they lack in speed, they make up for in looks. I mean, that's just a damn good lookin' airplane. Now my Favorite Russian bird ahead of the I-16.
  6. The German engine can manage itself better than a human can - it is better left in auto. The Drehzahl switch on the Anton throttle was typically there only if the Kommandogerat was damaged - as a way to set prop pitch manually to get home and land the plane.
  7. The 109G6/AS is part of the G6 Late lineup and were used by the several hundreds across several different fighter wings beginning in June 1944 (maybe sooner?) You can't build an accurate campaign for many of the JGs and omit them. It's part of the typical G6 Late fighter branch. There is no real debate to be had regarding it's historic place. Since doubt/confusion as to it's inclusion in the sim it would be good to have a direct answer from the developers what their intention is: Will you be modelling the G6/AS in Battle of Normandy or will you be omitting it?
  8. Someone should do a coffin dance version of this video. Or of Mobile BBQ powers of observation.
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