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  1. There are two things going on with the prop moving: 1. There is a misalignment where the prop blade terminates into the spinner. So you get the random black dot going around the inside of the spinner. 2. There is a black square also spinning around, this area should be white.
  2. Thanks for the update. Considering it has been a full 40 Developer updates and nearly 1-1/2 years since you mentioned a new Luftwaffe aircraft here maybe you can give some news about that soon?
  3. At least we now know where the Tempest FM comes from 😂 I kid I kid 😎
  4. This speed is not based on a sand filter. It is for an external air intake for the supercharger - no FW190 had a carburetor like the book caption said, instead they had direct fuel injection. Ground attack FW190’s did use sand filters when conditions demanded it. Externally they look similar to, but not exactly like the exterior air intakes. That speed test was done with a FW190 equipped with the external air intakes.
  5. The FW190A numbers are based on Focke-Wulf factory production and delivery report C-Amt Monatsmeldung which I think is or was available on the internet at one time. The confusion for A7 production seems to center around the fact that A7 and A8 production took place simultaneously for a short time - same thing that happened later with A8 and A9. So when you see something like “80 FW190A-7 were produced and then FW190A-8 production began” it simply means from that point on they were built together in factory as parts were available. Not that only 70 or 80 were built in total. Its similar reason that people wrongly think there were no FW190A-9 delivered before September 1944.
  6. Yes I’m sure it will continue to be ‘taken with a grain of salt’, no need to worry there. I’m also pretty sure two separate Allied testing agencies independently reporting that it had a positive effect on physiology is a pretty good indicator that it did, in fact, have a positive effect on physiology.
  7. It’s not only the seat position, it’s also the raised leg position - these thing taken together were noted as advantages in g-tolerance by the RAF with the 109 and the US Navy in testing the FW-190 against the Corsair and Hellcat. This feature is up to this point ignored in the sim.
  8. I’m letting you guys work out all the kinks before I upgrade and install 😀
  9. Sobresaliente como siempre Julian, gracias!
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