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  1. Anyone still fly on this server?
  2. CUJO_1970

    Skin 4k Fw 190 A-8

    Better cover that HK or you gonna get in trouble
  3. CUJO_1970

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    You can never, under any circumstances, have too many 109s. The more the better...better for the sim and better for revenue.
  4. CUJO_1970

    Hype about ME262

    [edited] Or those 262s that outrun your AAA and lay some 500KG eggs on those pretty Mustangs waiting to takeoff. That's gonna be some Veruca Salt.
  5. CUJO_1970

    Strong cannons now weak?

    I do understand your point, but history shows that real life pilots did just that very thing. You can read examples of this in just about any unit history from any nation during WWII - sometimes pilots got away with it, but many times they also went down.
  6. Yep - the 262 will have by far it's greatest value as a ground attack plane in Bodenplatte - not as a pure fighter. 262 Primary role: ground attack down the list: 262 Secondary role: interceptor way, way down the list: 262 Tertiary role: fighter
  7. I guess I'm pretty ghetto as well - been using an extreme 3D pro and nothing else but a keyboard for years. Been shooting down people with much better rigs online with that setup as well. Just ordered TrackIR though, should be here next week. I personally don't want rudder pedals - I've been using twist stick so long I can't imagine using anything else - if VKB ever gets their pro joystick in stock (probably will never happen it seems) I'm getting that stick with a twist base.
  8. This has always been going on with the A-8, since it's release. It backfires like 10X after you land and shut the engine down. It does this even when you land and let the engine idle for a minute or two. A couple of backfires after flogging the engine on a mission might be a cool effect, but this is too much. The (much) bigger issue with the A8 is the unrealistic overheat at 1.35 and 1.42 ata, the incorrect cooling flap settings - all of which severely restrict the aircraft's performance.
  9. CUJO_1970

    Flying the dream

    ^^very interesting - love your videos - you are doing what most of us only dream of doing.
  10. CUJO_1970

    X-Plane or P3D?

    A question about P3D: is it true that FSX aircraft (or most of them) will also work in Prepar3d? What about apps like REX?
  11. CUJO_1970

    Flying the dream

    Love the videos! Silly questions maybe - but are any of the sand/gravel bars prepared ahead of time or compacted in any way other than mother nature herself? What precautions (if any) are taken to ensure the landing gear doesn't get caught in a rut or hole?
  12. CUJO_1970

    I'm blown away.

    I do believe you - also I got married in Lawrenceville haha!
  13. CUJO_1970

    I'm blown away.

    Every single person, almost without exception has been extremely enthusiastic about their experiences with VR in this sim. It almost makes one want to go buy one of those fancy contraptions 🤑
  14. CUJO_1970

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    I like Zeppelin as much as the next guy, but a very large part of their catalogue is shamelessly taken from American Folk and Blues songs...they admit this much themselves and it's probably why they are the most sued group in history. (but they are an awesome group still) With that being said, I would love to see the Gulf of Finland done in this sim, complete with glorious Finnish B-239s lighting up Soviet I-153s, and intercepting SB-2s and DB-3s. Oh yeah - the splendid Finns also get Blenheims, G-50s and Gladiators.
  15. CUJO_1970

    calculating sun distance from tolepmy experiment

    Bartertown runs on pig$hyt just like flat earth theory.