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  1. Outstanding work - thank you.
  2. The problem is, there aren't going to be any surrendering Germans online. So, you will continue to put up with with German pilots that are just as, or more experienced than you are - flying aircraft just as good as yours (or in the case of the 262, better than yours) - and there will be just as many or more of them as there are of you. As for what's left for the Luftwaffe? I'd like to see (ignoring OP silly restrictions on existing aircraft) : 109G/14 AS FW190 A9/F9 Arado Blitz Ju188 Me 410
  3. In between bong hits, he’s disregarding you as a biased luftie.
  4. I'm setting the stab trim to 60 degrees nose down flying online, I know some are at 90. Without doing this, I'm constantly pushing the nose down...not sure if that's right but it seems a little strange.
  5. Same here in Atlanta. 9:52PM EST 7.8.19. I've never has it happen before.
  6. CUJO_1970


    Yes, JTD - I'm pretty sure all of us have had that moment in our lives when we realized that it would be impossible to mate a BMW 801 to an Hs129. Still, we can dream.
  7. I'm thinking July 4th would be an appropriate release date for the P-51.
  8. CUJO_1970


    Poor little Duck, needed BMW 801s soooo badly. Not a bad airframe at all...but those engines...
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