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  1. Not sure where to ask this question...but is there a way to give away your content? I'm done here. I've purchased a lot of stuff I don't use to support development but no more...if there is a way to give it away it's up for grabs, you can see my badges what I own.
  2. You discussed it in testing that you would just make it 20 mph faster than any actual test shows, because maybe? You guys are just inventing top speeds and using fake engine settings that were not used in real life that were just as likely to ruin the engine as make it any faster. What a slippery slope you are riding down. What a joke. Pathetic that people who are supposed to be stewards of making the sim more accurate are trotting out nonsense based on suppositions, and generating fictions with the FMs. Go have fun with your game, it's this fictional nonsense make believe settings that are exactly why I haven't purchased Normandy. Been with this title from the beginning, but if this is the new standard I'm out.
  3. lol the P-47D-22 if it’s reaching those speeds it’s beyond overmodelled by something like 20mph/32kph at least. No D-22 ever approached those speeds on any fuel or at any boost setting.
  4. The sleepless nights. Trying to ignore the clock on a work night as it hits 1 am, 2 am, 3 am...oh the benders I'm gonna go on with this thing.
  5. You're from Kentucky brother - you already know how to operate most any piece of equipment through osmosis!
  6. It was common knowledge among Luftwaffe fighter squadrons on they didn't need the outer cannons. Practical experience in the air showed them that 2 20mm and 2 13mm would destroy any Allied aircraft - including heavy bombers. This is partial reason why D-9 was standardized with no outer guns - the 2 20mm and the 2 13mm were working just fine. Now - if you are concentrating on heavy bombers and in fact you are under orders to destroy heavy bombers and avoid engaging enemy fighters then you are going to want those outer cannons. The fact of the matter though is this: Any Anton could easily remove the outer guns. It was done regularly in real life as shown by pilot commentary and photographic evidence. It should absolutely be an option in the sim as well. The real option we need for the A8 is the...A9 😀
  7. My wife is not going to understand this. Its going to be awesome.
  8. OK thanks, so more gaming the game to get completely fake results like is being done with some other planes. No historical basis for these speeds, whatsoever. Not even close. These fake gaming the game settings need to go away.
  9. Wait, what? You are getting 617kmh on the deck? That's nearly 383 mph.
  10. I miss the good ole days when P-38s were worth 200 points online.
  11. Outstanding - thank you sir...I'm also gearing up for FS2020.
  12. Canada can you please list out all your system specs? I’m starting a new build as well and trying to figure out what all to get. Already ordering that same case.
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