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  1. Fish is in that photo. To this day the best online pilot I’ve ever seen.
  2. It’s because your control inputs control the AI flight routine and response.
  3. I’m following IDCP advice in my new build - he has made the most practical sense to me.
  4. Ironic if true because Chuck Yeager describes in detail what it was like to be on the receiving end of a MG151 barrage when he was shot down in his P-51, to the effect that his prop, his canopy and part of his wing was blown off by an FW190 and the aircraft caught on fire. “Me and my aircraft parted company” https://achievement.org/achiever/general-chuck-yeager/#interview The MG151 was, in fact, super effective against fighters. Baloney.
  5. This thread could use some SmokeJaguar.
  6. Very interesting - the one near me is in Marietta (Atlanta), Ga. - I had a guy there tell me something similar. Got a couple other dealer options in the area I'm pursuing. Was wanting get an 8g 3060Ti but what I'm finding through research is that's not going to happen...the news out there is pretty depressing. In the EVGA queue for that and the 3070 but I don't hold out a lot of hope. We will see I guess...in the meantime I got a nice pile of shiny new computer parts just sitting here while my old computer chugs along.
  7. Cool Blade! Looks like a nice rig for sure. I'm also not interested in water cooling - or really overclocking for that matter. I'm not looking into being "cutting edge" with this system at all - I'm just looking at building a solid rig that I can upgrade along the way. With that being said, I just added a VKB Gladiator NXT and picked up 32GB (2X16) Patriot Viper 3200 DDR4 on sale. Still searching for that elusive video card...
  8. CUJO_1970

    B-25 Poll

    I would pay for it to help development, but it's not a personal "pet plane" of mine so I would not want to pay $50.00 or more for it. I guess it all depends on priorities and personal preference...
  9. Are you sure screenshots are not mapped to your print screen button? I think it’s that way by default.
  10. At this point in my life, after 51 years, I consider their music to be the among the most important ever made. It would never have happened the way it did without Syd.
  11. I am so glad you are skinning my favorite airplane. Thanks. We should be paying you for this
  12. ^^I have that book. The FW190 was a major worry for the Allies and scored way out of proportion for its relatively few aircraft, the LW could only send small numbers there.
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