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  1. Hurricane has been needed as bread and water since the beginning of this sims development. Yak-9 is sorely needed for VVS as it gives them another late war option to go along with La-5FN.
  2. Cool stuff Bullets - and thank you!
  3. Nope, sorry to say it happened pretty much exactly how I said it did. Thank you for your service. We need you on that wall. Running over to the Russian forum is one thing. You overstepping your actual place is something altogether. As far as "why didn't you challenge me on my lack of democratic mandate" (whatever that means) the answer is this: It's because you are a nobody. You don't run the server, nor do you decide what we can and cannot fly. (well, at least not any more 🙂 ) Ah, this weak Ruthless_Killer excuse again, which is actually completely irrelevant to the 262 inclusion on the server. It speaks to individual player discipline instead of plane selection, because we all know you don't ban the La5FN or Spitfire when allied pilots switch sides from those planes and team kill. In any event, I've never personally witnessed any rule breaking from Ruthless_Killer and you did a weak job of making your case about him when he flew 262. It also seems Ruthless_Killer was only a big problem for your group when he was flying the 262. When he had even better results on allied side in the Spitfire all last month than he had with 262 - not even a whimper from you guys. Interesting, isn't it? And no action has ever been taken when Allied side is well documented to engage in the same antics over and over including switching sides to Axis and team killing. All without a righteous vote to ban, just a shrug and a wave off and business as usual. Oh well. Ban any allied aircraft due to player behavior? No? So, please forgive me for your very selective sense of justice. You're right. So let me be clear: your one-sided hypocrisy and overinflated sense of self worth with regard to the server make you among the least qualified to engage in any representative capacity. Hope that helps. Thanks for making my point for me, Johnny. By reasonable you mean only the ones that agree with your point of view. So, you presumed to speak upon behalf of the 4-500 people who fly on the server without anyone knowing it. Not with the result of a balanced solution, but with a complete ban - the only larger server to do such a thing. Somehow the other servers managed to cope through this crisis, and it's probably because they didn't have someone like you contributing to a situation where the tail wags the dog. (In this illustration you represent the tail) Many people flying blue were very surprised and disappointed and didn't even know what you were up to. Interesting that you consider answering a direct question to me from one of the server admins as "entitlement", I would consider interjecting yourself as such. Probably it was the bright light being shown on the fact that this wasn't really a community decision after all. There was no "ban war". Please stop. There were just those on allied side arbitrarily banning people (other that Ruthless_Killer) for simply flying the 262 - an airplane that was in no way against the rules, that was provided on the server by the server admins to fly just as every plane released by the developers and paid for by the customers had been up to that point. So - no war - simply people being banned and kicked off of the server for doing nothing wrong. It seems you had a part to play in that and it's interesting what you choose to be selectively outraged about. This is not the Russian forum. There was no debate here and you will not be able to provide any example of me mocking any debate about the inclusion or limitation of the 262 on the server. (Because there wasn't one) What there actually was...was frustration expressed by several - and rightfully so - for being banned and kicked from the server for doing nothing wrong. And then to find out on top of it all, someone worked behind the scenes to get the 262 banned completely. This you dismiss as "mocking". You don't get to assign anyone homework here. sticks and stones, Johnny. Keep it up. You didn't withdraw your objection, you reaffirmed it: And this, That's rich Johnny, and no such thing happened with the "Axis player base". What was it you were saying about mocking? "rehabilitated" 🤔
  4. There was no vote or any request for a vote at any time. So, it was not really requested by all pilots, just some that decided that they would speak for the entire community without asking and then determined everyone should be in compliance with their personal feelings. As a result, this the only major server with the 262 completely banned from the server. Not limited, but completely excluded. I can assure you that many of us who fly regularly on this server were surprised and very disappointed that it was banned completely and without warning (or request to the community as a whole) - an aircraft we all paid for and looked forward to flying. Whoever asked you to remove the 262 does NOT speak for, or represent everyone on the server in any way. I'm sorry if it was presented to you that the pilots requested it to be removed. That is not the truth. Please consider returning it to the server - at least on some maps, if not all. This would be understandable at least. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. Ta 152H would be great, but I would prefer C, along with FW190D-11 thru 13 as they are fast as any piston fighter and are armed like battleships. Channel/Normandy map is crucial though IMO as the planeset and scenario options open to infinity + 1.
  6. XIV would be fine but Typhoon would be better and Mosquito would waaaay better.
  7. Strange, I can easily blackout without stalling in FW.
  8. You have to go full throttle - if you are below 100% while in emergency power band you get "low pressure in injection system" message.
  9. It is incredibly frustrating. Some parts of the sim are so fun and realistic - and then you get picked out of the air by a 61K AAA gun from 3 kilometers away while in a 4G turn at 500kph. Really, "ace" level setting for any gunners should not exist in this sim. It should simply be done away with. It serves absolutely no useful purpose but to make an otherwise superb sim look silly.
  10. I wouldn't change much. Sure, it's (maybe?) not perfect but it's pretty damned good. It's been a revelation and a game changer. There is no going back from this, I could never go back. One thing I have noticed regarding AI following G-LOC - when they wake up they have instant awareness of your location it seems. I think it should take a moment at least for them to regain their bearings.
  11. CUJO_1970

    My Online

    That MG only kill on the Tempest with your last bits of ammo - nice. Some of these Allied guys are flying around so overconfident in their new rides...then BAM! death by G6 lol.
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