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  1. For greater accuracy always use .5 micro tip on the ball point pen. Anything larger is uncivilized.
  2. We did before with 262 😂 The German side needs all the help they can get, but who knows - maybe I’ll take a few rides in the P-51 soon 😀
  3. Yep, keep trying to justify that team killing. I wondered why Allied side kicked you off the server, now it looks like just about everybody wants to kick you off the server 😀 It seems there is a common denominator here. You are an anomaly on the server. Is it solely because of your amazing flying skillz and deeper understanding of tactics? Or could there be another reason? As I told you this morning - I think it's at least partially because you have a chickenshat way of participating on the server (you are gaming the game) I looked at your stats over the last couple months and they are absurd...in the complete absence of anything other than 30% fuel 150 grade P-51 seal clubbing. Never any other airplane, never any ground attack/ground objectives for your team...just the seal clubbing for you. Before that it was the 262 and I think that's a reason many people on both sides don't like your methods. I took up for you at the time as I didn't see you breaking any rules. Now I understand why. Turns out we would have been better served cutting you loose and trying to protect the 262. The server adjusted to deal with you in the past, partially by Allied side kicking you off server - along with some innocent bystanders. What a legacy, lol.
  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you (I'm all out of like for today, but I will be back :-))
  5. Why didn’t more participate in that single battle on that one particular morning? Well, gosh Milo I would assume that since they had been produced already many months prior that day some had been lost, some unserviceable, some allocated to different units and fronts, and some they just couldn’t find enough German teenagers left from training units to round out their team. If you own, play and support this sim financially you know that Bodenplatte actually takes place in the time frames surrounding (that means before and after) January 1st 1945...and even more so with upcoming Normandy map area. That may also go a little ways to understanding your but but but counterpoint interjections. Do you own the sim, Milo?
  6. Please stop it. Nobody, not Kurfurst or anyone else has lobbied for the Spitfire XIV to be excluded from the sim - pointing out it's context in Normandy (along with other aircraft by the way) is not asking for it to be excluded. You know which plane people are actively and actually lobbying to be excluded from the sim though? Yep, certain 109G-6 variants - that's the plane people are actively fighting against - and it's absurd. FW190A-9/F-9 could have (should have) already been in Bodenplatte - it actually participated in that particular battle (unlike P-38 or any 150-grade P-51) and 910 of the damned things were built by 1945. Especially since every Allied precious with every boost pressure and fuel type imaginable were added to the sim. FW190A6 and A7 could then easily be in Normandy - with FW190A-8/F-8 paired with XIV as collector. It's also a more historical linear sequence. But, by all means let's exclude the A-9 and heaven forbid we get all the real/actual 109G-6 variants - that would just be awful.
  7. And that's probably what your problem is, you simply don't get it. There is absolutely no reason not to flesh out the entire G-6 series now, (including G-6/AS) with having both Normandy map along with Bodenplatte map. It makes absolutely no sense to charge people a third time for G-6 if/when they add a G-6/AS at another time for another map after we've already paid for G-6 and G-6Late. Do we not have high alt engine mod (M70) for Spit IX that was also rare? Were we charged 2-3 times for it? We will pay for another G-14 if they do a G-14/AS and we will pay for a G-10...asking the community to pay for a G-6 three times is unacceptable.
  8. But you already justified the inclusion of Ju-88C6 as not being only for Normandy map although it had minuscule use (what's that about relevance?) by it's use as a train buster on eastern front. Why apply a different standard to G-6/AS, and why follow up one questionable decision with a bad decision? It is a perfectly historic and relevant aircraft for both Normandy and Bodenplatte map areas. Maps have been used as an excuse too long to deny "certain" aircraft from being added to the sim - people went crazy when they thought the G-6 that was coming with Kuban might get (gasp!) an erla canopy. It was silly then and it's silly now.
  9. They are already giving a reason for Ju88C6 inclusion for BoN is that it was used on the eastern front for train busting and its not a collector aircraft.
  10. I heard it’s gonna have jets man, you’re gonna hate it 😀
  11. CUJO_1970

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    The stand-in we have now looks patently absurd - like a mustard stain on a clean white dress shirt. A blank space is a much more eloquent solution.
  12. For you to confine all your P-47 comments to this thread only.
  13. The Arado flew over all 5 beach heads and photographed the allied landing sites in Normandy in the summer (early August) of 1944. There were 214 built and Arados flew many recon and bombing missions in the last year of the war - it is perfectly relevant for the Normandy (and Ardennes) maps. No idea however, why the developers chose Ju88C-6 over the Ju-188.
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