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  1. Same base motor (BMWD2 F 600), but whereas the G8 had C3 fuel "wet" boost (fuel injected into supercharger) in first stage only - the A8 had a different "dry" boost system (used air rather than fuel) available for both high and low blower stages. A8 also had high performance fuel pump required to deliver higher fuel loads and 1.65ata in the 2nd blower stage. The FW190A-8 used improvements from BMW801F research engine, and this motor was re-designated BMW801TU. This included the different injection system and higher performance fuel pump and also included higher strength drive components. The ultimate serial production motor was the 2250 hp BMW801TS and new model designation to FW190A-9. The 801F under development never entered serial production but would have pushed 2400hp on C3 fuel.
  2. They could have saved themselves some grief by making this announcement a long time ago. Simmers are not intimidated by seeing how the sausage is made. Two years is a long damn time.
  3. Can’t be damage from 109 as we clearly see penetration all over the 111. German cannon rounds would mostly bounce off and explode harmlessly outside 😀
  4. ^^That's filthy 🙂 - Video should be rated R.
  5. German pilots in the West flying FW190A learned very early that two 20mm and two mg were more than enough against any Allied aircraft, even for bombers. This was well before the D-9 ever showed up with 2 MG151 and two heavy hitting 13mm all placed close to the center-line. A rookie pilot with JG26 asked why his FW190A didn't have the outer guns installed, he was told "you don't need them". An MG151/20mm cannon round hitting whatever aircraft you are sitting in is very bad news. Especially if it's a mine round. I've read so many accounts of what these rounds do to humans after they penetrate a B-17 or B-24 air frame - blowing arms and legs off, decapitating etc. It's awful. It was heavy enough armament for any Allied fighter, including the P-47. The 30mm MK-108 is another level of destruction altogether. A JG/7 pilot said aircraft hit by it would "burst like a balloon". As for the Ta-152...it was an extreme altitude fighter, built for performance at altitudes even P-47s had trouble breathing. Up there they were obscenely fast and the long glider-like wings meant they were highly maneuverable in the thinner air up there. They were not optimized for dogfights on the deck (slow on the deck by late-war standards), yet the war situation placed the small number of them available there anyway. Ironically the huge wing made the aircraft a superb turner on the deck.
  6. So Red Tails at Sea? I wonder if the German sub captain will refer to Tom Hanks as Pretty Boy?
  7. Subscription? Of course I will pay for the subscription. I intend to inject this sim directly into my veins.
  8. Change the accents and that dude's from West Georgia. The only real tragedy I saw in this vid was the dude wearing a Jack Daniels T-Shirt - surely the good folks of Brisbane know that real American booze come from Kentucky and not those wannabes in Tennessee?
  9. That is a 30mm US Army dummy practice round on the left.
  10. Great video, loved the music - well done.
  11. There shouldn't be any finger crossing required for /AS or MW50 mods. These are just typical and historic variants of the G6 Late.
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