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  1. According to the source, he flew it home 700 miles.
  2. Since it is February now, everyone knows it's Black History Month. In commemoration of Lollipoop II and the pilot that flew it, I think it would be neat to see an actual pilot model of 1st Lt. Spurgeon Ellington in the P-51. Seeing a white guy in the cockpit doesnt seem right in Lollipoop. It would be awesome to see and to honor these guys for the barriers they broke. Just change the skin color and add that mustache quickly.
  3. When do you start your holiday?
  4. K-4 tonight. P-51 was down in 2 secs easy. Mk108s. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/345379/?tour=17
  5. I had this idea awhile back. Bomber Intercept Mode. AI Allied bombers spawn in at high altitude and randomly go towards 1 of 3 objectives. Luftwaffe have to decide which objective to defend. Allies have one original spawn. You die, you spawn again at original and have to catch back up again to flight of bombers. Also if you didn't want to fly back, you could just spawn in as a gunner in a bomber. Axis have two spawns. Airfield or a further airspawn of equal distance as Allied Airspawn. Airfield spawn forces you to climb back to altitude. Some sort of balance would be ne
  6. Haha I'm surprised I even lasted that long. 24 seconds of evasive maneuvers. I must be getting better....
  7. Do you have a different ingame name? I'm looking at stats and dont see your name from last night.
  8. Fly Allies for a bit and tell how you think. You'll change your mind about the p51.
  9. "Description - The elevator is made in one panel and is attached to the horizontal stabilizer by ball bearing hinges. The operating cables actuate a torque tube in each empennage boom. The torque tubes are fastened to the elevator by screws." P38 Manual 03 https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/p-38-erection-and-maintenance-pages.20445/
  10. I dont think it's isolated to the P38. 30mm is a death cannon to all the allied planes. You're either PKing or the plane is losing a control surface, blacking out, falling to your death. Maybe they could model destruction of control surfaces better instead of them just falling off. Japanese 40mm hit
  11. This is up 310th_crazyivano1's alley. The man knows his P47.
  12. You're right about the music. I'm wrong. I dont feel like arguing over this. I was just using the song to help portray a WWII pilot's experience going into combat as if he would never see his woman again. I never said you liked Picasso. I was using his work as an example of people's styles and what's acceptable of the times. Clearly you weren't acceptable of my style. You're a traditional guy it seems. I did take your criticism into consideration. I started to listen to 1940s music with you in mind; if I were ever to make another vid. I wont share anything
  13. Fictional: Tailspin Real: Stearman. Some training planes would be cool.
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