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  1. I did something that made the graphics better, but it runs like crap. Atleast I finally know what the game is suppose to look like. Planes were clear, but still ghosting. Blur gone though. I checked marked ultra settings...if I didnt have to restart the game everytime a setting is changed, this wouldnt be a huge pain in the ass.
  2. Anyone know if ASW 2.0 from Oculus will be implemented? I wonder if this will help with the planes ghosting.
  3. I updated my AMD drivers yesterday. I was on 19.5.1 and updated to 19.10.1. I've been trying to fix the blurriness and ghosting in VR, but now I've introduced the stutters.
  4. Sorry, I gotta bring up an old post I did a while back with some noseart I made that led me to make a video lol. This is why I'm excited for American plane noseart: and my video. Probably the dumbest freaking thing ever, but I got a kick out of it:
  5. The A8 nose guns kind of resembled boobs...(zoom in)
  6. Just some geewiz info here: I flew the P-38 and while I had a 109 on my six, I was using the rear view mirror to view it. The 109 was almost clear as day in the mirror versus looking to my rear and actually looking at it. Weird. Just thought about it, maybe it's clearer because objects in mirror are 2d instead of 3d? Otherwise, enemy planes still blurred and double vision. I also tried these settings in startup per this thread for my Rift S using SteamVR with IL2 set with a custom res of 136%(each eye at 1736x1864): https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34266-copypaste-settings-plus-zoom-for-best-spotting-and-id-odyssey-pimax5k-rift-s-rift/
  7. Same. I'll probably go back to Trackir. We should post something in technical issues and bug reports. My specs: AMD ryzen 5 2600 RX 580 8GB 16 GB ram Rift S MSFFB2 joystick Crossing fingers for a fix.
  8. I have the Rift S and running a Ryzen 5 2600 also, but with a RX 580. Oculus games look great. I'm having trouble optimizing this game though. Cockpit looks great, but enemy contacts are blurry unless directly on their six. I was wondering if a 2070 super would help me with my problems with the game being blurry. I've only tried VR post patch.
  9. I couldnt find file path either. I unchecked " enable advanced supersampling filter" , BUT I've been using opencomposite. Maybe not running steamvr with this setting is causing my blurriness.
  10. If you're using opencomposite, you shouldn't have to do to this right? But I'll try it anyways. I'll report back.
  11. Do the settings in SteamVR still apply when you use Opencomposite? I tried opencomposite along with oculus tool tray and didnt see much of an improvement (FPS / yes -- blurry contacts / no ).
  12. This is kind of funny really. Fenris Wolf might have a good point. I have a Rift S and have to have oculus app and steam app running to play game. Too many things to tweak. What a nightmare trying to setup VR. Devs tell us not to buy game on steam, yet this game's VR is dependent on SteamVR...
  13. I know my specs arent great, but I'm impressed with this score...I would of thought it wouldn't look so bad. https://www.3dmark.com/vrm/40030417? I changed some settings somewhere, I cant remember if it was in SteamVR, Oculus Home, OTT, or Opencomposite. But I changed some display to "Both Eyes - Right Eye Dominant". I want to change it back, but i cant find where I did that.
  14. Thread on their forums. Not much going on there. Looks like you'll have to repair it yourself. https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/81005/where-can-i-get-replacement-hdmi-cable-for-the-rift
  15. I messed with the IPD correction and didnt notice any difference in quality. It goes from -30 to +30. Whatever that means. I set my PD to 64 according to my gas mask specs from military in Oculus app. Cockpit looks great, but planes are still double vision and blurry. FPS at 39. I guess my ryzen 5 2600 and rx 580 are not suited for VR in this game.
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