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  1. Fictional: Tailspin Real: Stearman. Some training planes would be cool.
  2. Give them 150 octane, but in exchange move tempest to a rear airfield. Or 150 octane planes to rear. Common planes on the front airbases, not so common on rear airbases. Better loadouts to the rear?
  3. Agreed. No to time outs. Dont touch anything else. I don't want another TAW. The server is fine. Keep doing what you're doing. Just give the Allies their 150 octane and be done with it if it's historically accurate.
  4. Godamn, you must be a Saudi Prince. Thanks. Fern +BoN
  5. Nice. What was the last filter you used?
  6. Sorry you didn't like it. Obviously I wasn't shooting for historical accuracy. Some people didn't accept Pablo Picasso's or Vincent Van Gogh's styles with open arms either. (Not comparing myself to them at all lol). I guess that's art for you.
  7. Haha yeah she's nice. I heard this song and I thought how awesome it would be for portraying a WWII pilot going into combat, thinking would he ever see his mistress again? I think that's flynvrtd and RS Shaneo in the formation and bombing run. Shaneo lead the flight.
  8. Lol really? Where else you gonna play BoB maps? This is the only North American server. Go start your own server if it's so bad. Wings of Liberty has been giving everyone the middle finger with their loadouts and it's still kicking. Did the Germans ever get their 1000 Everyone should be happy Alonzo is even in here talking and considering anyone's inputs at all.
  9. If you think yak-7bs are bad, wait until you have to deal with those tempests in a 190a8.
  10. I downloaded it about a month back and haven't touched it. Am I suppose to update to another version?
  11. I dont have all the fancy cooling fans in my case. Not sure I would want to OC it.
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