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  1. ACG_No111_Kondor

    Vkb gunfighter questions

    Thanks, Sokol, however I seem not to comprehend your reply. Redribbon was asking about Gunfighter, the 'uberVKBstick', yet you direct him to the answer to a question about Gladiator mk2's availability. As for the queries aboug the ordering of Gunfighter by EU pilots- this post might share some light on the matter: http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2519&p=25342#p25341 As far as I understand that, batches for both Uorth America and Europa were shipped already, however it takes longer for EU transport to arrive to its destination. Alrighty, but the reply by UIV does not state when the ordering will be possible in Europe, though. Better subscribe to the newsletter and stay frosty.
  2. ACG_No111_Kondor

    How to bring new players in and teach them.

    That's what single player options are there for, I believe. The sim itself cannot be held responsible for keeping players offline until they can handle given type of a/c properly. A sensible person would stick to Quick Mission option until taking off and landing (at least) are performed with satisfactory rate of success, I guess.
  3. ACG_No111_Kondor

    Developer Diary, Part 132 - Discussion

    For me this is the most important part of the message Han gave us. That means that multiple teams have some schedule/ milestones assigned, they have resources and funds to do their work. They not only make plans, they have already started working to make them happen. Don't get me wrong, I'm as hyped about the single player's campaign feats as many of you are, but I know how much of putting the puzzle pieces together it takes to get the project on track and keep it there. Especially a big project, like the BoK is. You know what, Guys? It's thanks to the flight sim community gathered on this and other forum boards, appreciating the hard work devs/ modders do, sometimes maybe disagreeing on some issues, still trying to keep the genre up and running. Let's keep it up and running! Regardless of the actual sim we play currently. Salute to you all, pilots and devs/ modders!
  4. ACG_No111_Kondor

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    Roger that, thanks a million!
  5. ACG_No111_Kondor

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    Excellent initiative with this school, MrX. There is one thing that worries me, though: if I wanted to register, paid the fee etc., I understand some kind of encrypting soft will be placed on my PC, correct? If so, how can I be sure this soft will not prove to be malicious, data gathering thingy? Please understand, I don't want to insult you or diminish your efforts for the Community, in fact you deserve highest praises possible. However, in the times of constant phishing and data stealing, one can never be too cautious. Also, Guys, please don't bash me if this question turns out to be somewhat silly. I just know little or none of these things, thus I decide to ask first. Any explanations will be greatly appreciated. Best regards.
  6. I'm putting up for sale the set of mentioned rudder pedals. It was bought mid- October last year (EU warranty still applies) for ~€240 (s&h included). The pedals are in perfect working condition, no sign of mechanical damage to any of their parts, no wear, no nothing. They were dusted once a week (yep, I'm that kind of a guy) so they function perfectly and precisely. They are great for RAF planes in CoD and VVS planes in BoS, also some DCS a/c may be flown using these. Well, basically, every single virtual aircraft may be flown using their input, however lack of toe brakes would require to tinker a bit with key mapping to trigger left/ right brake somehow. VKB seems to be working on solution to that- some software to emulate indepenedent braking system to T-Rudders. Pics shall be provided upon request. I believe €160 + shipping is fair for used set of VKB T-Rudders. It is negotiable, though, so don't hesitate to drop me a PM if you feel you have some valid points to lower the price stated above. Cheers. EDIT: Sold.