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  1. gn728

    London Calling...

    Again fellas - thanks for all the help...πŸ˜€
  2. gn728

    London Calling...

    Oh - I can tell - it looks like you could stay there a month - hit a different museum every day and not see them all - I think the Natural History museum is like 3 blocks from where I'm staying...😎 @unreasonable - thanks very much for the link - that should do it - also, the HMS Belfast is on the river nearby?
  3. gn728

    London Calling...

    Greetings UK! - Next week I'm going, on my 1st ever trip to London (very excited), I'm staying in Kensington and it looks like the RAF Museum is about 6 or 7 miles North of me. I can't tell if there is a train station near there from looking at Google Map, but I assume a bus or train from Kensington to Hendon is doable? Any advice /help would be greatly appreciated...
  4. gn728

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Haha.. that Z Chromate is blown out a little because of the flash, but ya, different brands, different shades - and some things I have say - at least the wheel wells were Yellow Z Chromate not Green...
  5. gn728

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Excellent work - haha - will now start using yours for reference - mine now looks a little anemic...
  6. gn728

    Actual Spitfire.

    Was years ago - I got a ride in this guy from Van Nuys airport to the Pt. Mugu airshow. That was very cool - and loud. Haha manning the bombsight over Tarzana was way fun...
  7. gn728

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    I'm basically in agreement concerning the SP. I get TF is mainly concerned with re-coding/bug squashing/new hardware, and they have nothing to do with pricing 5.0. If 1C decides on full price I'd hope there's some significant tweak to what I think is a pretty anemic SP environment. You can dumpster that goofy QMB whenever you like. Maybe in the Sept update Bonkin can touch on the SP. Haha - all that being said - might be hard for me to pass on P-40 C/E and Martlet no matter what.....
  8. Hah - I'm sure 1C would be happy to keep the budget flowing on a 12 month stand down on the things that drive their income stream....
  9. gn728

    Model Pilot

    Hey - there's my Viper! Didn't know there was a model forum here - will definitely post some pics...😎...It was great fun hanging out with you in that blast furnace of Phoenix. Glad I talked you in to going - now start working on your Trumpeter P-40...πŸ˜€..
  10. gn728

    Sturmovik GB by Froogle

    Hits all the bases - lays it all out just right - good job...
  11. gn728

    On the fence for FC?

    Here's a concept - you feel like giving away $70 you get to do it however you want...
  12. gn728

    Scripted campaigns ?

    You're very welcome...😎
  13. gn728

    Scripted campaigns ?

    You can wait for fixes from the authors - or try this - open the editor, click on Tools, click "Resave All Missions in Folder", browse the folder you want. It takes a few minutes for the folder to resave. Three clicks - no deletes. The editor lives in IL2/bin folder..,..
  14. gn728


    Hah! - CYAC - you look at the old stuff now and it looks so primitive - but man - I remember some real sweaty moments...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jg346R5wbk...
  15. gn728

    Interview at FS Expo with Jason

    Well done - to the point - that was a fun weekend....