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  1. gn728

    Any Chance At All Of A P-51 B/C?

    Who knows what the next plane set after BP is going to be, but sure why not. Or, if CliffsOfTobruk does ok and those guys move on to CliffsOfSalerno you might see one there...
  2. gn728

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Bought the 486 - paid $400 xtra to go from a 14" monitor to a 17". Installed Chuck Yeager's AC, Aces of The Pacific, and B17 Flying Fortress all at the same time. Boot Disk?! WTF is that....🤔...
  3. Hey Sokol1 - thanks for the reply - earlier I found a link to SVMapper, (from a thread of yours ), figured out how to use it. For '46 I just had to program like 8 toggles on the new throttle and for that it worked fine - all good...
  4. Hey all - My new GVL throttle works fine in BOX assigning all the buttons, but I still fly '46 as well. For that I guess I need a program for it to recognize all switches/buttons. I've seen discussion of SV Mapper? Are there others/favorites? Thanx..
  5. Hey all - just another thumbs up/endorse for GVL. Throttle arrived yesterday - well packed, safe & sound, works great - all good...
  6. gn728

    idea - il2 1948: Berlin airlift gone hot?

    You'll have better luck just going to modded version of the old sim...tons of stuff like that there...
  7. Well I guess I'm up next in the que. Vitalij sent me a schematic yesterday to make sure everything was as discussed before starting. It's the basic Sturmovik model but I asked if some of the toggles could be turned 90` to operate left/right instead of front/back. Those will be roll and yaw trim. That plus re-labeling some of the other toggles....very excited...
  8. Agreed - and - a pretty cool trailer from you as well....
  9. gn728

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    Purchased! - and I heard there was a game trailer - but it's not at 1C/YouTube yet....
  10. If you want a paved runway...try the northern most field on the Moscow map..
  11. Yaah - what you bought was early access to BOBP. It's not finished yet. Whatever content is available for it at this time you have.
  12. gn728

    Who lives in London, England???

    Hey - not sure which tube station you're near but if its' Gloucester Rd the Stanhope is right across the street. But quiet, yah, you might want to branch a ways away from Kensington for that. Might be quieter in Dec though...
  13. gn728

    P-47 D Skins

    Greetings - I've got an "Eileen" question for the skinners. I've got one decal sheet showing it in RAF Dark Green and Sky, and another showing OD and Neutral Gray. I realize it's different AC, but still the 78th FG/84thFS, and they're both the same time frame. I'm guessing it's most likely OD and Gray. Just curious what you think....
  14. gn728

    Who lives in London, England???

    Haha - actually hanging out with you is a blast...so there...