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  1. Haha - That video of you giving your Mrs a flight lesson is classic.......
  2. Haha - same here - just checked my paperwork from Cloud Imperium - dated 7/9/2013 - they've milked it for 7 years - not bad, not bad at all......
  3. I think 1CGS - the owner of both products - cares more about Caliber and their partnership with Wargaming.net then they do about either of their CFS. Otherwise, maybe the TF guys wouldn't still be part time after signing the papers 3 1/2 yrs ago, and the BOX guys wouldn't constantly be under the gun as a small team, even after 4 chapters of the title and a 5th on the way. But hey - I don't work there....
  4. Originally I don't think 1C had any preorder plans for this title - maybe that's changed but I haven't seen anything saying it has....
  5. Uhh - in order? B-Mustang, Mosquito, Typhoon, D-22, AR234, and not official BON, but the Hurricane as soon as it's ready....after that whatever comes.....
  6. Well - lol- if she's available I'd be way good with Comrade Captain Litovchenko...
  7. I asked a few times about this and Buzzsaw replied a few days ago with this... Hello - Scripted campaigns for the major aircraft types on the Tobruk map, as well as some new Channel map campaigns - Quick Missions for the Tobruk map and aircraft... plus some new Quick missions for the Channel maps to introduce the 1941 time period - Single Missions for various situation and aircraft No Quick Mission Builder changes yet... that is something we are still working on... hope to include in a later patch after release. We will be including mission templates which can be used by players to allow the quick building of missions using the Full Mission Builder. So these templates would come with particular map areas already having populated airfields... with stationary vehicles, hangers, objects, etc... plus as well as the towns and fortifications would be populated with stationary objects and vehicles. So if you want to create a mission in the Bardiya area, you could open the Bardiya template... and then just add your aircraft flights... plus any vehicle/ships with waypoints etc. as you want.
  8. gn728


    Yah - thanks @216th_LuseKofte - I checked some other places and saw that was in fact the issue. It's fine - I've waited 4 yrs - I can wait till its official - lol - we'll see if the 262 ever become a thing......
  9. gn728


    My access to the P-47 is based on being a backer of the WWII kickstarter 4 yrs ago. Yesterday the Backer Rewards page said it was ready to activate - I did, and it says license issued. If it has something to do with that its not clear........
  10. gn728


    Same here. However when I click on the install button nothing happens unless I close the small screen in the middle which has "close" "cancel" "update" when I close the middle screen and click on install immediate close back to desk top no error message no log. I have sent a ticket into DCS see what happens. BTW all my other modules work. Well - I activated it today and I have nothing, no icon for it module manager - nothing on the main menu, license page confirms all good sooo.....?
  11. @TaranTool I'm sure most guys translated your post - but I thought what the heck and posted it - it's good stuff and I hope you don't mind...... Thank you so much for your thanks to us! It is very nice that you support us at this difficult time. We always try to respond to your comments and offers as quickly as possible and improve our simulator with you at any slightest opportunity. Despite any global problems, we are constantly working on our project taking into account your feedback And wishes. At the same time we try to develop it in all aspects without losing pace. All the peaceful skies overhead, successful flights and a lot of victories in air battles! Thank you for being with us!
  12. @Buzzsaw Hey - Thanks for the reply -basically all I needed to hear for me and Mr Wallet....
  13. @ATAG_Pattle Greetings - I enjoy the stream of videos/screenshots of the new objects, AC, maps etc. I'm curious about the SP content of 5.0. Career, Scripted Campaigns, Single Missions for included AC, a QMB? Can you discuss any of that?
  14. this is what its called - its in with the mods [MOD] Mannable navigator position in A-20B By Murleen, August 17, 2018 in Mods Sorry I didn't copy the link properly, but that's what its called..
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