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  1. Normandy is in early access - only early access items are available right now - full game is at least a year away....
  2. Lol - well at close to 300 I should consider myself maxed out...buuut,,,,😂
  3. Thanks...Sokol...lol..I can always count on you to help navigate this thing.........
  4. Is this the most up to date keyboard map, or is there something newer? CLoD Key Commands v1.0
  5. Totally scrap the current GUI and create a new one - including a new QMB. Create some type of career system....
  6. It looks like in the ME something simple like any AC on any field is done the same way as was in the old sim - I'll do that...
  7. @Sokol1 Hey - thanks for the detailed response. I didn't realize it was more like a scripted campaign type thing, rather than plugging any AC of choice into any of the five missions. The buggy menu made it unclear to me.....
  8. In the 5 training missions are you supposed to be able to pick your AC or not? Mine - sometimes it's Tiger Moth and sometime it's Hurricane, but it's random and the screen might show one but the mission starts with the other. Sometimes it shows Beaufighter, but never starts with that - Im assuming your not supposed to pick your AC and the screens are just being glitchy?
  9. Just wanted to check out the Wellington - then tried other bombers - all quick mission - didn't think of realism settings - will check it...... Yup - thanks - should have thought of that - the default is cannot switch positions....
  10. Those are the defaults according to controls - I tried mapping one of those commands to a throttle button - no luck - if those are incorrect what is the proper command for changing positions?
  11. In multi crew changing position is Ctrl/C, or C, or Alt/numbers? I'm missing something obviously because nothings happening when I try to move....
  12. I can't recall for DCS, because I haven't run it for some time. I forgot in Blitz F10 and middle mouse toggles the camera to pan view in cockpit which is my preference. I just looked in DCS and didn't see anything that allows toggle to pan view in cockpit - but - lol- I could have missed it - there are a lot of view commands......
  13. Is it possible to turn it off if you don't want it - in either Blitz or DCS?
  14. Ah - I did not - thanks for the heads up....👍
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