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  1. And hope its tail doesn't fall off.
  2. At least ROF had a few good years before it was killed..... I don't think FC will survive another update.
  3. S! to the Reds for a well fought Phase A...... Looking forward to next week.
  4. I'm guessing at 2-3, but hey some folks do like to live on the edge.
  5. OK.... who else sat through this entire video.
  6. This was an issue for a few today.
  7. You took a total of 1% damage from the AI MG at 19:54. The damage shown at 20:11 was the point where your wings gave way. I can't say whether or not any of this is realistic, but I can agree that it will definitely effect game play in a negative way. It also leads me to think that chances of a Vol.2 are very slim. Seeing as how the more "robust" aircraft of 1918 are affected, I can't imagine what it would be like trying to fly a Fokker EIII or a DH2. I'm kinda bummed.
  8. Adam had it.... look familiar? Got me too.
  9. Aint but one rooster here, an that would be me. (bright boy but he got the attention span of a firecracker)
  10. I might suggest.. 4) Take some time and give it a good run through before reporting something you don't like.
  11. Once seen, some things just can't be unseen......
  12. Please let us know what was decided... My skins are such a mess I'm about to delete 'em all and start over.
  13. There was nothing in your comment about fair or unfair, it was just funny.
  14. Husar, I don't know if you flew in Targetwares, "Richthofen Skies" but Lucas will recall I'm sure. We were able to load our own belts. You could have AP, AP, Tracer, Ball or Ball, Tracer, Ball, Tracer etc. I wish we did have that ability. *edit* Just realized after posting that this thread is almost 2 yrs old!!!
  15. Unless it has been changed, Gunners get no credit or points for kills in FC.
  16. I read that as well. I wouldn't take it as a "maximum" speed, but the way it was stated leads me to think it was extraordinary all the same.
  17. This was true of all DVII's not just "F" .. sorted out rather quickly. You left out the relative part here.. " My rage at this bunch knew no bounds".
  18. Thanks for the vid, I'm envious. Closest I've ever been is a 30 minute flight in this New Standard D25
  19. You don't think "Flying Circus" Flugpark is sufficient? Not trying to be smart, please don't take it so.... just curious.
  20. It is not. On the parser you will get 50 points for a fighter, 100 points for a 2 seater no matter which side you fly on.
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