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  1. I'm not knocking this idea at all, and I don't want to re-visit the whole "which one is better" debate but I will point this out. Just as your Sunday event competes with Vintage Mission in ROF for players, the only other weekly get together in ROF is the Thursday night fly-in hosted by JG1 and US103. you might want to consider another night.
  2. J5_Gamecock

    I'm glad I didn't resist.

    The Dr1, Spad and Camel all require you to adjust the fuel mixture. Set it to full rich when starting the engine, then lean it back to about 80% or so. There is no mixture adjustment on the Pfalz, but you will need to keep an eye on the temperature and adjust the radiator accordingly,(also in the Spad). Keep your radiator open to allow for proper cooling while climbing but once at altitude you will need to close it some to prevent it from running to cold. Over 2.5K , or when in a dive, you should close the radiator completely, just don't forget to reopen it. Hope this helps.
  3. Quick note about the AI on the Jasta 5 server. The AI on our server can be ignored, there are four "Drones" circling near each rear field that are only for target practice. They will not attack or interact with you at all. Strictly targets. The aggressive AI that GCF mentioned in his post will only spawn IF you enter the the patrol zones on the northern portion of the map. (and yes, they are aggressive!) If you stay out of that area, you can fly for the entire hour without triggering them. Mentioned before... the server is also listed on the IL2 site so you can check there to see if anyone is on before logging into the game. Enjoy!
  4. Maybe just a wee bit less coffee.....
  5. Yes.. Getting wounded is much like the old "Eye of Searon" from ROF. I haven't noticed any eng. oil yet. Didn't even realize it until you mentioned it here.
  6. Flew the PD3a exclusively for the last two weeks. It does do what you say, very good at defensive maneuvers but tough to go on the offense with it. Once on the deck about the best you can hope for is that you opponent is very green, and spins it in.
  7. J5_Gamecock

    Weekly Flying Circus Mass Dogfight Event

    Your mistaken if you think FC will not miss the ROF player base. IMO it is one player base that is going through a transformation. Once FC is a viable product the ROF base will be the FC base. FC is fun, but lets face it currently the "new" WWI experience has four planes and furballin.... thats it. ROF still has a great deal to offer, especially if you are looking for more than furballs. You need to also realize that JG1, (who hosts the server for said event) is one of the foremost squads in the "remnants of the sleepy old RoF community". When FIF starts up again at the end of the month, I'm guessing that many of them will be in ROF as well. This FC fly-in is a great idea. I was in there a few weeks back and had a great time flying with 25+. I also had a great time this past Sunday flying with 40 in VM. I think I'd have a great time if I could fly either of them with 60+. I think what most people are saying is that we should try to make the two exist side by side and not make us choose one over the other. FWIW, I don't believe that was GCF's intentions in the first place. *Edit* BTW... The J5 server is now running FC 24/7... and it's listed in IL-2 online. Any and all are welcome.
  8. J5_Gamecock

    Pfalz D.III discussion

    If they are taking the flight model right from ROF... it is. D3a is probably the only plane that I would follow a Spad into a dive in.
  9. J5_Gamecock

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    Found THIS online, here is a paragraph from the page... The Triplane tends to fly tail heavy and increasing speed requires lots of forward stick to hold the nose down~ It appears as if the effective center of drag is above the thrust line so the faster you go the more elevator correction is needed to hold the nose down. This is somewhat of an explanation for the familiar "tuck" position of the Triplane at high speed. The horizontal stabilizer is rigged at a plus 90 (leading edge high) but even with this forward stick pressure is needed as speed increases. The high lift wing airfoil shape really wants to pull the plane up. All the wings are rigged at 11/20 angle of incidence. The DR1,(and Camel), was always tail heavy in ROF. It does require more forward stick than most other aircraft. It can be a nuisance, (and yes ZF.. I have a Warthog 😉) but it's not a deal breaker IMO. There are an awful lot of guys who got very, very good with it. As for curves... I never really used them, but I see no problem with having them. They won't make a particular AC do something it couldn't... they just make it feel different to the guy who is using them, so any loss of "realism" would be his and not the community at large..
  10. J5_Gamecock

    Skins, in case you missed it

    What format of the file are you using? Can you edit the dds files?
  11. J5_Gamecock

    Skins, in case you missed it

    I've been told that the ROF skins look better if you lighten the Alpha layer by %30 or so.... Would like to see results from someone who has tried this.
  12. Fritz is correct..... When you enter you promo code it will automatically apply either the $5, $10 or $15 dollar amount. That's what you will save on top of the $10 EA savings.
  13. I stopped buying the X52 for the very same reason, they just didn't hold up. In the end I figured it was worth it to lay out the extra cash for ,(what I hope will be), something more dependable. So far.. So good... (knock wood) Thanks for the reply! S!
  14. Just curious really, what is wrong with the Warthog in your opinion? I've been using it for a couple of years now. While I admit it's more stick than you need for a WWI sim, but I really have no issues and I'm very comfortable with it.
  15. J5_Gamecock

    Plane you are looking forward to the most?

    OK... Now I can say that's the one I'm LEAST looking forward to! 😱