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  1. Todays mission was a draw.... But we got beat up pretty bad.
  2. That's OK Talbot... you can fly as either one. Your choice.
  3. LOL... I think this was from "Goodfellas", but I remember those commercials as a kid.
  4. I would suggest searching through past posts by J5_Rumey and/or The Dude. The issue on the starboard side of the Alb. has come up before. Seems like I recall one of them coming up with a fix or work around for it. Found it!...
  5. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight! Stay safe everyone.
  6. And hope its tail doesn't fall off.
  7. At least ROF had a few good years before it was killed..... I don't think FC will survive another update.
  8. S! to the Reds for a well fought Phase A...... Looking forward to next week.
  9. I'm guessing at 2-3, but hey some folks do like to live on the edge.
  10. OK.... who else sat through this entire video.
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