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  1. I will say yes. Last three deaths ended by me getting wounded, and then watching black screen helplessly as my plane crashed to the earth. Once from about 2K, was out for a full 32 seconds when my plane hit the ground. Second time I wasn't wounded, but blacked out in DVIIF while I did a wing over bounce on an SE5. I THINK I must have collided with it but I at that point I was wounded and never regained consciousness. I died 21 seconds later when I hit the dirt. This was between 1-1.5K Last one was me getting bounced by a spad at about 7-800m. After getting wounded, I was blacked out for 14 seconds while my plane went down. If this is the new norm, I don't expect I'll be spending too much time in FC.
  2. Very sorry to hear this Lucas, I flew with him on numerous occasions in ROF.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that previously Jason had said that multiplayer represented just a small percentage, ( IIRC 20-25%?) of players in ROF. I'm not sure that current MP numbers, especially in FC's present state, are any kind of indicators for sales. I've mentioned this before, in his post on Sept.9th, Jason did refer to it as FC 1. I'll take this as an indication that another volume is at least planned.
  4. Oorpii In a word, no. The icon that we had in ROF was a 3rd party program. It will not work in FC, (at least that's what I've heard) On the J5 maps I believe Matthias has put in subtitles that tell you when you are in the area, and when you have the pictures completed.
  5. Yep. Right up to the axles. I was able to err...land, but forget about taking off again.
  6. According to latest DD, Arras map WILL be in the next update!
  7. Oliver88 Bender has it correct, land at your home field, re fly immediately. Anywhere else in friendly territory, 5 minutes. Anywhere in enemy territory, or killed, 20 minutes. Also, next week penalties on re flight will be enforced by the server. You will be unable to fly until your time is up. Talisman The info is at the beginning of this thread, The event runs Saturdays from 1700 UTC - 2000 UTC. You are more than welcome to join us. Just jump onto J5 Teamspeak, (jasta5.teamspeak3.com), around 1630 to get a slot and the server password. (It WILL be in place this week).
  8. The AAA over the field is no joke either!
  9. I don't think that they will be necessary, or even feasible for this go-round. It's all new and untried so I don't know if we will be getting as deep and competitive as our previous campaigns. There may be some players who will be flying different sides on different weeks, depending on numbers. I believe that's why we had no sign up sheet, no team pages , no side commanders ,etc. Baeumer will correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe that's the idea.
  10. Go back to the 1st page of this thread and read Baeumers complete post under the poll. Pretty self explanatory as well as a d/l of the rules. If you still have questions, feel free to PM me here. GC
  11. Today I was able to take out all the bridges on one sortie using the Cl2 with 3 50kg bombs, 1 for each bridge. The 12kg bombs will work on the pontoon bridges but the RR bridge needs to be hit with the 50kg.
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