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  1. Some people just have too much free time on their hands. Looks great Larner.
  2. Well... I just became a great-granddad today. I guess I'm an old geezer already!
  3. I'm inclined to agree with Waggaz. It looks to me like you tried to force the shot @ 0:25. Better to stay high and keep over the top till you have a real advantage IMO.
  4. Exactly right. Great resource for (some) colors. You're correct Dude, "Lake Red" would be on the orange side of red in the Methuen index. I only looked at it after reading Dudleys post on the subject.
  5. Methuen 9C8, "Lake Red" 9D8 would be a shade darker. How does that compare to Krapplak?
  6. You might find This Thread from the Aerodrome interesting. It is written by the same author that posted the photos used in your OP. (and oddly enough, the same piece of wood is in two photos.One looks much more red than the other, obviously due to lighting as has been suggested.) In it, he gives his theory for how 425/17 came to be painted. Much information there.
  7. Not quite sure that this helps... but I found it interesting. https://www.aeroconservancy.com/fokker-dr-i-425-17-fabric-richthofe
  8. Yes I read that also, and even sampled that. Still, there's so much conflicting info, (including statements from Hans Von Hipple), that I'm not quite ready to say "That's it". Lets say I appreciate what you're going through.๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. For what it's worth.... https://www.droolingbulldog.com/products/kraplak/ This also lines up with the Alizarin argument. Now, anyone care to take a stab at J5's "Greentail" green?
  10. I think the keyword is "Onscreen" instruments... wouldn't have them on the engines of the day either. ๐Ÿ˜€
  11. I agree w/Unreasonable. Lacquer or varnish yellows terribly. I know I've read that the 5 color lozenge fabric was often given a good coat of varnish to "tone it down".
  12. For the next few weeks, the J5 server will be running a practice mission for Bloody April in ROF. For some reason, the server is still showing up on the IL-2 online web page. Sorry for the confusion. The server will still be available for FC on Sundays AFAIK. GC
  13. Maybe not, but I think multipurpose death platform / wholesale Albatros butcher sums it up quite nicely.
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