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  1. Now I have to decide if that's good news or bad.
  2. Yes... I know that some people are more optimistic than others.
  3. He was a lot of fun, and one of my best "go to" guys for special missions in FIF. I was concerned, had not seen him since BS.... He will be missed. I wish his family all the best.
  4. This. Twice this month I have been killed by an over-zealous friendly who dove into an engagement I was already in. Almost happend again yesterday as my wing and I engaged a couple of Camels. About this same time I saw the guys that jumped into our fight jump into another where there were already 3 guys on 1 Bristol making it 5 to 1. Then the complaining starts about friendly fire...... Is it really necessary?
  5. Player for sure, don't think it applies to AI... but who knows?
  6. That was funny... Also- "What's on the telly?" "Looks like a penguin." "In 5 seconds your penguin will explode."
  7. May explain why I'm never invisible, I bet I cock my guns every 30 seconds or so whether I need to or not. Old habit I guess... could also explain poor accuracy rating. (yeah, that's it)
  8. I've yet to see an invisible plane. In your video, what was 2nd DVIIF firing at? Looked like he was just shooting randomly as he flew away.
  9. Are you setting up the planes while you are making the mission selection? When you select "Your Plane" or "EnemyPlane" you can set the load out, (as well as skin), at the same time. That way it will be set whenever you start that mission. Also pretty sure if you just select "restart mission" before the mission ends, it will restart with whatever load out you started with. You can also just pause the mission at anytime, and set up key bindings in mid flight.
  10. Unfortunately, I can't usually make the Thursday night events, so I can't guarantee there will be anyone on. You are more than welcome to use it if you want to join up with someone however.
  11. Always has been and probably always will be the Alb. Even as a kid I just liked that plane. Unfortunately, it's just this side of useless in FC, but at least they gave us parachutes.
  12. Always welcome on our TS or Discord channel Talisman. There are channels for both Central and Entente pilots.
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