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  1. Hi! Yes! That feature has also been requested by other users and will be included in the next update.
  2. Thank your for your feedback! Most maps were provided to me by curiousGamblerr, the creator of IL-2 Mission Planner. But more recently I started to extract them from the game files using the same tool modders use.
  3. Hey Steven! Thank you for your feedback! Regarding the error, I can't find anything wrong with but app BUT I'm having problems accessing the platform where the server is hosted. So, they might be having some problems. I will ask you to try again and, if it still doesn't work, contact through PM so that we can sort that issue out. Regarding sharing routes with Missionplaner, I once briefly spoke of that idea with cirousGamblerr (also to have a common functionality that would allow missions to be loaded from multiplayer servers) but we went no further than that. And it won't likely happen. About saving missions, you can already do that. Once you have your mission laid out, you can click the menu button (the 3 dots on the corner of the screen) and click "Save route". However, you do need to have at least placed the airfield.
  4. I can add that, as well as the Arras map. But Flying Circus aircraft information won't be included just now. Tank mission planning (if that even makes sense) and tank information will take a long time to come.
  5. I have the map ready but unfortunately I have reached the maximum storage limit on the server. I will need to use another service for storage. I hope to have it ready by tomorrow or, at worst, Saturday.
  6. Exactly. Depending on the context, the differences can be significant. And if your metric is the number of speakers, PT-BR may be the way to go. Anyway, we can understand each other (most of the time :P)
  7. Native portuguese (from Portugal, not Brazil) here. Willing to help depending on the target dialect.
  8. Sign me up for the 25% off BoBp please! And thank for your this amazing gesture!
  9. Hi HammerCed! Do you have, by any chance, multiple network connections on your PC? For example, one using Wi-Fi and another one using cable. I remind you that both your Android device and your PC need to be connected to the same network. If you wish, we can keep solving this issue through private messaging.
  10. There's an option to enable permadeath called "Iron Man" (or something similar). It's disabled by default. If you die with that option enabled, you won't be able to progress any further in the career.
  11. There is indeed a problem that I found due to your feedback. I'll try to fix this problem in the next release. Another fix might be to force close the application.
  12. Had the same issue on 2 campaigns. This solved the problem for me. Both instances of this problem happened after the latest update (3.005).
  13. I understand that it's a bit confusing. No, this is not the same as Ankors GUI mod. The objective of this tool is to allow a deeper integration of third party tools with the game. This means that third party tools will be able to use the functionalities provided here in a standard way through a single access point. Currently the following features are available (both for the ingame Career and PWCG): - list campaigns - retrieve the route of the next sortie for a given campaign For a more concrete example of what this tool can do, you can look and the IL-2 Tactical Map for Android (linked inside the spoiler of the main post). The app uses this tool to load and display the routes of your campaigns in the map. Even though the feature set is quite limited, its very easy to extend and suggestions are always welcome.
  14. On my career, we had to relocate from Dugino to Migalovo. All was OK until after the mission I saw that I had to perform the same relocation but on a different sortie. This was not the flight rooster at the beginning of the day as I clearly remember that my pilot's name only appeared on the first sortie. Mission file and mission reports are attached. Screenshot: relocation_missionReport.zip relocation_gen.zip
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