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  1. II./JG77_Kemp

    Russian alphabet question

    Probably means Donbass. So, the letter is D.
  2. II./JG77_Kemp

    Tactical Air War

    Yes, I understand your point; I was just mostly surprised that there was an immediate ban with no warnings to a pilot that does not seem to have any previous violations and without hearing his side of story. Looking at the link, his first pass on the enemy came over 20 seconds after a friendly had attacked it (not exactly shoulder shooting), when the enemy plane had less than 5% damage (over 50% shortly after his pass). Then, once engaged, followed up with another pass 17 seconds later (even if Riksen had also hit the enemy 5 seconds earlier). So, maybe it was kill stealing ... but maybe cocho perceived the situation totally differently. In that sense the immediate ban without hearing him was surprising. Who knows, maybe he was trying to make sure that the pilot gets killed (he survived) that is kind of encouraged on this server. Anyway, keep up the good work with this dynamic war!
  3. II./JG77_Kemp

    Tactical Air War

    Seriously? Did you ban Blakhart, too? https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=1177&name==TBAS=Madn0ss
  4. II./JG77_Kemp

    How to be a good escort?

    I don't really agree with that, especially when thinking of early war. I think that early Luftwaffe was actually more flexible and more open to new ideas than other major air forces. As it was created from scratch, people that demonstrated their skills and abilities got promoted to positions that otherwise could have been occupied by "old guard" officers. When Luftwaffe updated it's fighter tactics, based on Spanish Civil War, it was done by people that had proven their abilities in action, like Lützow (notoriously anti-nazi) and Mölders. Another big name from these times, Adolf Galland, had huguenot ancestry and French mother, so definitely not a nazi-ideal. What comes to the change to close escort tactics during BoB, then Luftwaffe bomber losses actually went down a bit, but fighter losses grew a lot, while RAF fighter losses went down. So the loss ratio became worse for Luftwaffe, but bomber crews felt better. Luftwaffe actually tried lots of other things, from free hunts to using smaller decoy bomber flights, to lure brits to combat, where Luftwaffe fighters could use their strengths, but RAF Fighter Command was able to manage these things quite well.
  5. II./JG77_Kemp

    How is DCS WWII?

    Seriously? BoBP, which will have detailed map of the area around Operation Bodenplatte and aircraft that were most numerous during that mentioned operation, reminds you of the WWII DCS state, which has four WWII fighters from different historical years, one of which never flew over Normandy? "Currently" BoBP is in early access, which is well known, but there is no reason to doubt that the promised map with matching aircraft will be released during this year.
  6. II./JG77_Kemp

    Learning P-47 Thunderbolt acrobatics?

    Are you sure of that? It has a 30 minute limit for combat power, so are you saying that in the game it "recharges" combat timer, when you use 2800 RPM, 1.8 ata (emergency power) instead of 2600 RPM 1.45 ata (combat power)?
  7. II./JG77_Kemp

    Steam Launch Option to Start in VR

    Did you find out that you can add these parameters directly to launch shortcut, like a path to '"...\il-2.exe" --or_enable=1' or you need to swap the startup.cfg files before launching the game?
  8. II./JG77_Kemp

    VR Tips and Tricks

    Is there a way to decide at game launch, if you want to launch it in VR mode or without VR? I recall that this question was asked before (coconut?) and even answered (Sneaksie?), but can't find it.
  9. II./JG77_Kemp

    DCS news

    Maybe 8-10 years, then.
  10. II./JG77_Kemp

    Your Tiger I costs too much dude.

    Still waste of resources, you could have two Panzer I's for the price of Stug. And actually, lots of motorcycles for the price of Panzer I. Just that Panzer I could not fill the role that Stug was meant for and Stug could not fill the role that Tiger was meant for.
  11. That looks like a good read indeed. The heading "Strategy for Defeat" raised some doubts that it is another of these forum-armchair-general articles of how Luftwaffe "would-have, should-have" done things to win the war, but reading through the conclusions of the chapters, it looks like this one actually has an analytical and realistic approach to Luftwaffe and WWII air war over Europe in general.
  12. II./JG77_Kemp

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    You probably never had IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946? Kind of unbelievable that somebody seriously claims that IL-2 game series never made it out of Eastern Front. One of their titles was "Pacific fighters" after all.
  13. That is a two-folded question. About ground looping, the technique is more important than which control device you have. I don't have a Spit in this game, but for example for Mig 3 you have (or at least had to during previous patches) "dance on the pedals" to avoid looping. So, small corrections all the time with rudder left-right. Also, in CloD (don't know if it is the same in BoX) it was useful to have a bit of throttle when slowing down, so propeller would still move air over your control surfaces, but you could still stop your plane with brakes. What comes to pedals vs stick, the main "benefit" of the pedals is the more authentic feel when flying, because real planes also had pedals. From game "ability" point of view I don't think there are big differences. Twist-stick could even have some benefits, because twisting your fist is physically definitely faster than moving your legs. Pedals have the benefit of separating rudder control from stick, as mentioned before, so you do not unintentionally use other controls than you want to. On top of that, one very capable pilot in my squad just uses buttons to control rudder and is very efficient with that approach, too.
  14. II./JG77_Kemp

    Dunkirk Movie - Thoughts?

    An old thread, but I finally saw the movie. Almost wish I did not. The only thing that amazed me about it, was how that kind of crap was able to get so positive reviews.
  15. II./JG77_Kemp

    Before IL-2 Pacific, IL-2 Battle of the Meditteranean?

    As people are putting their bets here and it is not too late yet for the traditional new year predictions, horoscopes or tin casting, here is what I see from my crystal ball... When it became clear that Il2 GB was not ready for Pacific, they looked into alternative European theaters. Bodenplatte and Italy/Mediterranean were both strong candidates, but they wanted to leave that Italy/Med route open for CloD for now, because the progression from North Africa to there is very natural. So they picked Bodenplatte, but also made it clear that if TF 5.0 was not successful, then the holding place for Italy would not stay there forever. If IL2 GB has solved it's gaps related to Pacific, it will go there next. TF 5.0 will be released during first half of 2019. Depending on it's success, it will be given a green light to go to Med/Italy or go to graveyard. That will also affect which routes Il2 GB might take after, or instead, of Pacific. While CloD is actually a quite good game, especially if bugs would be honed out, I don't think it would sell very well. Player base has mostly moved on from it already and pace of new content, especially when compared to IL2 GB, is just too slow for bigger masses to want to go back to CloD or to have totally new simmers pick up an "old" sim. Italy/Mediterranean will be open market in 2020.