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  1. Man, you don't need aerospace education to see your approach is flawed here. If wing's lift-capability was the only factor in affecting the rate of climb, why settle to 7 degree flaps and not full flaps? Rhetorical question. Classical high school level physics gets you far enough here. If plane is affected by the following forces: thrust, drag, lift and gravity, what is the sum vector of these? Flaps add lift and drag, what is the result vector now? I am pretty sure that over 99% of aircraft wings have been designed to get better rate of climb with higher speed, which also increase
  2. If I recall correctly, then there are different controls for "trim axis" and "trim" and my guess is that you have mapped "trim" and not "trim axis" controls. You can still map the axis to buttons, but it is a different row in controls.
  3. What trim are you trying to set there and with what plane did you test it? Does the trim work on other buttons than the hat switch? All the trims should be able to be mapped to hat switch, just be sure that you are assigning correct controls (for example stab trim axis for Bf-109 and not the elevator etc) and that the plane has that trim.
  4. The criteria was about number of missions. 20 missions for bronze, 60 missions for silver and 110 missions for gold. Pennants under the clasps for round numbers beyond that. The hour-part comes in that extra long missions could count as two sorties, but hours were not tracked separately for the criteria.
  5. He is going to buy a collector plane, because he already has essentually the same plane, which is not a collector plane? So, if now a Fw190 A5 collector plane without U17 mod was announced, then BoK owners would rush to buy it, because the A5 that they own is not a collector plane? I also don't know why this is hard to understand. The point is not that the collector G6 is relevant for 1944, but that it would be totally irrelevant for BoN owners, if they already had the plane. So, you already know which version of "late G6" we will have? Good for you. I ref
  6. Again, if a BoN owner already had a Kuban-compatible G6, why would he buy it again as a collector plane?
  7. Haha, seriously? 😁 That is truly remarkable, but from a normal customer point of view it just does not make sense, so it is not a very good way to do business. Let's imagine that someone likes to use excel a lot and he has Microsoft Office installed on his computer, which includes full version of excel ... but he likes excel so much that he also buys a stand-alone copy of excel, a version that does not include macros, so he can use that for workbooks that do not contain macros.
  8. If it is different enough, for example different frame or engine (tail, AS etc), I can understand the difference. But if it is a G6 late, as the same as G6 collector + additional options, like lockable MW50 for example, how would it not fit Kuban map? Let's take a different example, we have a Fw190 A5 in game as part of a BoK. Would you buy a collector plane of "earlier" Fw190 A5, which is otherwise the same plane, but does not have the U17 strike modification, because it does not fit a certain period or map? Well, if I was in a business of selling virtual planes, I might consi
  9. Yes, I understand that. Now, if somebody buys BoN and he also gets practically the same plane to use over Kuban and Prokhorovka, why would he buy it again as a collector plane? Of course, if the BoN G6 did not have a 30mm cannon option or some other options that the collector plane has, then buying the collector plane would bring at least something new to him.
  10. I just wonder, if they do a late G6 in BoN, which is the same as collector G6 + additional extras, what would be the point of buying the collector plane after that? In that sense doing the G6/AS would make more sense, to at least differentiate from the collector plane. In a way I understand if BoN and BoBp 109G's were practically identical, as buying BoN and BoBp would give you lots of different content in other areas, but if someone buys BoN then what would be the point of buying also a collector plane that is identical to the plane you already have, just with less options? If they don't do A
  11. Even if this game is called Battle of Normandy, it will actually offer gameplay possibilities over the Channel starting from 1941/1942. We have the German planes from BoM and BoS; we will get Hurricane Mk.II, we have Spitfire VB, Spitfire IX, A-20. We will get (hopefully flyable later on) B-26 and B-25, probably not exactly correct variants, but still. Also, just a one step away from Battle of Britain. I guess the inability to handle large bomber formations does not make the game very suitable for BoB, though.
  12. Well, here you can see what the price of BoS was six years ago, when money was actually more valuable than today. The price dropped during summer of 2015, so it seems we were able to get this product at a reduced price for many years.
  13. There is a famous saying "In God we trust, all others must bring data". I showed you data from WoL stats website and at the moment I consider that data superior to your "long gone video".
  14. Looking at WoL stats: November: Count has over 30 hours of flight time, 2 disconnects. Rip has 26 hours of flight time, 0 disconnects. October: Count has 1 disconnect, Rip has 0 disconnects. September: Count 0 disconnects, Rip 0 disconnects. August: Count 2 disconnects, Rip 1 disconnect (both over 60 hours of flight time).
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