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  1. ^ this!! I'm glad to be part of this ride. One of the best digital products that I own, plus the communication is top notch. Eventhough I don't find much time playing these days. cheers
  2. awesome! The map + drawing distance takes this to another level indeed. Looking forward to the weekend
  3. @ShamrockOneFive if you need participants in that trailer hit me up with a pm!
  4. Deep down I was hoping that there would be a new dd with the release waiting for us after the maintenance. Well, one can hope O:)
  5. will try this on the weekend, or at least I'll try to make some room for it. Thanks a lot and a belated happy new year to you samson!
  6. Hey mate, I just saw this and did a quick look on the forum. Found this here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/3439-hohenmesser-fl-22320/ hope this will help you
  7. Finkeren, what do you mean by complicated controls? Cowls and radiator settings? Or are there additionally hidden complications that I haven't encountered yet? For me it just starts lacking performance above the 2k line. It's a bit more tuning compared to laggs and yaks but that it's so far for me. cheers
  8. great stuff mate! Next time I'll make sure to join your guys to hunt those pesky 109's :D
  9. looks very promising! Thank you for this beautiful sim, it came a long way
  10. awesome news, looking forward to the improved performance!
  11. awesome news guys. Thanks for all the effort!
  12. I think that the LG guys made the rules clear, eventhough everyone should act according to his/hers code of conduct. Speaking for myself, I would never shot down a pilot hanging on a chute. Now you can call me naive and all, but I just think there is something like mercy in every human. There are plenty of stories from horrible things that happend during the war, but at the same time there were moments of respect and grace, especially among pilots. cheers
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