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  1. Juste une petite correction concernant le turbocompresseur : les gaz d'échappement ne sont pas réinjectés dans le moteur. Ces gaz servent juste à entrainer un compresseur qui, lui, est alimenté par de l'air ambiant. La pression des gaz d'échappement sert d'énergie pour faire tourner le compresseur. Le radiateur du turbo permet de faire descendre un peu plus la température de l'air ambiant compressé par le turbo. Cela permet d'avoir une densité d'oxygène un peu plus grande dans le mélange injecté par l'admission. C'est un principe de la physique : plus l'air est froid plus il est dense en molécule (dont celles d'oxygène).
  2. You have to put mixture to 100% and 10-20% of throttle just before the starting procedure.
  3. Non alt vision, as Devs have explained, is influenced by light conditions and angle of view. Alt vision is an assisted spotting vision. Non alt is obviously more difficult to use but it's, at the same time, more immersive to me.
  4. Personal feedback : I have a TrackIR 3 bought in 2004, regularly used and I never had any problem with it. There are some basic precautions with it (no sunlight reflections behind the player, IR reflectors always visible for the TIR...) but nothing impossible. I am not a Natural Point employee or whatever you think... Just pointing out that I am well satisfied of those 120€ spent 15 years ago. My brother is in the same situation with a TIR4 bought in the early 2010's.
  5. I have played some good battles on Tank warfare : Tunisia 1943 from the same studio (Graviteam Tactics). When you get used to the controls UI, it is possible to control quite a few tactics for tanks, infantry and the very useful artillery (anti-tank guns are sometimes crucial in the outcome of such battles).
  6. I also have those freezes with From England with love and JG51 Over Velikie Luki. When I click the Start button on the briefing map, it freezes during 40s to 1 min. After initial start, it can heavily freeze to the point I cannot play those missions. Restarting the mission can help but it doesn't totally get rid of the problem.
  7. I had the same feeling in a P-40 during landing approach (low MP and medium-high RPM). but it's been also a long time since I last used this plane (maybe just a false impression).
  8. I can confirm the systematic crash on mission launch after the last update.
  9. It is more complicated than what you think : fragments damage just needs kinetic calculations when blast damage requires fluids mechanic calculations. Moreover those fluid mechanic calculations are higly influenced by the geometry of the part it has hit (and even more complicated when the blast is contained in a small box like a wing box).
  10. Of course it's ad hominem because I wanted you to realize that you are REALLY pissing off the same exact persons who try hard to entertain you with this game. My problem with what you encourage is not about the goal (having a better game) but the way : being that stubborn guy who can't stop knocking at the door when obviously it's closed and nobody will open it. Maybe try another door...
  11. And there are many other people who contribute to a better game experience without pissing off the developpers. I prefer those ones. I confirm about the childishness of several posters here...
  12. Une manière efficace de zig-zaguer en fondant sur une (des) DCA : zig-zaguer dans le plan vertical avec juste la profondeur, c'est plus réactif que de mettre un coup d'aileron et de la profondeur plus du pied. Mais ça n'enlève pas que l'exercice peut très rapidement se transformer en carnage.
  13. This is what I have observed in many games/simulations during the last 15 years. Without any value judgement, some persons tend to one side and some to the other. But what irks me, is this obsession from some people to turn one side against the other. Too many examples comes to my mind like Elite Dangerous multiplayers mocking the solo players with the gimmick "Muhh immersiooonnn" and solo players trying to find psychopatic traits in every multiplayer... Human nature and competitive mind is probably the reason.
  14. I have landed too on this small island. But I later crashed during take-off (too much holes made me hammer the nose into the ground...)
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