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  1. Woah i didnt know you could close oculus home while using the rift?!
  2. Odd, i have a 1080 and the hud definitely drops my FPS by a solid 20 frames it seems. Most of the time, although not always. Also do you fly multiplayer over any cities, or with a large number of planes? I get frame drops all the time even with my settings turned down pretty low. So im wondering what im doing wrong...
  3. Good question and it is unclear at this time as far as I know. The boundaries don't seem to align entirely with the cockpits. That or our virtual heads are really a bit too large so we hit it on things when we are still quite a ways away.
  4. Are you using VR? I have tried to swivel but I inevitably trigger the bump sound. I have flown in VR in BOX for around 10 hours so far and I still can't figure out reliably hte confines of the cockpit (as they don't match the actual cockpit as displayed). It's a bit of a guessing game for me that requires some pretty unique and impractical body positions to check my six without triggering the bump (if it is even possible in the plane I'm flying... some just aren't). In reality, you should be able to press your head right up against the glass if you need to. We should also be able to lean forward as far as the physical cockpit allows so you can look backwards. The artificial restriction when moving forward is perhaps the most frustrating for me. Still, loving me some VR in BOX nonetheless.
  5. Yes. Thanks for putting this so eloquently. To worry about VR users having an edge on TIR users is really much ado about nothing. Whether you restrict head movement or not, nobody whose desire is to be the most competitive MP pilot will be using VR anytime soon, I can assure you that. Let's not overly analyze the application of VR and restrict it so early. After all, there is nothing realistic about turning your head 3 degrees to the left and moving 2 millimeters to the left and being able to check your six as the TIR boys can do. Yet we don't enforce maximum rotation speeds on users of TIR. It would be unheard of because it severely hamstrings the hardware. Essentially pushing VR users into these very slim confines (much narrower than the cockpits themselves) does the very same.
  6. I find both spotting and IDing much easier in this sim than DCS. I have a tough time tracking targets during a dogfight due to the cockpit view restrictions, but I still think my situational awareness is significantly better than a monitor. More often that not when I manuever with a blind angle on my opponent, they end up coming out where I am watching for them. VR makes so much more spatial sense than flat simming. Your angles, speeds, the geometry at large just follows your natural intuitions. This makes gunnery, precision flying like formation stuff, and landing so much easier as well. I think you can be plenty competitive in VR. But I think competition can't be your main priority. Instead, prioritize immersion, feeling, and the experience. That way you'll enjoy your time simming even as you Hop out of your burning wreck for the fourth time that day.
  7. Have purchased everything they've made except for the JU (that's next). I enjoyed BOS until I got my rift, but I couldn't get back into monitor simming after experiencing VR, so I was making due with DCS and war thunder. Both lack in terms of a decent multiplayer experience. there is nothing at all for single player. Il-2 knocks it out of the park and I think it being so good at the early stages of VR will really help Jason and crew once VR starts really taking off next year or two. As of now, this is the sim I recommend for anyone and everyone looking for combat, ambiance, immersion, and a more holistic package versus the piece meal approaches of DCS war thunder. Price wise it's a great deal whether u buy during a sale or not (certainly a lot cheaper than DCS). I do miss clickable cockpits sometimes, but it's really not as big of a deal for WW2 planes anyhow.
  8. What folks are not understanding here is VR movement must be 1 to 1. Once you try be you will understand why. Any such acceleration or exaggeration of the actual motion of your head relative to what your eyes see on the screen will cause discomfort if not nausea for most people. even with my very well established VR legs, something like this would get to me before too long. VR is much more physical and yes it is a disadvantage when compared to the speed and ease of trackir. Choosing VR is about immersion not competition. I fly VR online knowing I may lose dog fights more often. It's so worth it. However, I still hope some servers will consider allowing us to turn off the cockpit restrictions. I don't want to stick my head out the cockpit, I just want to have the actual full range of motion I would in real life. As it is currently there are artificial restrictions that don't appear to correspond to the canopy or cockpit itself (for instance leaning forward I hit a wall, or also when the canopy is open I still hit the wall). Anything else but full range of motion breaks immersion and dampens the only true advantage to VR.
  9. Oddly enough even when you open the cockpit the restrictions remain. That if nothing else needs to be addressed because you are at that point thumping your head on thin air. I also experience this odd movement when you contact the canopy. It's as if the game is trying to Auto center your view. Guessing a bug of some sort.
  10. I definitely wouldn't go so far as to call this implementation a gimmick. It's really damn good. That's why this one issue sticks out like a sore thumb. I think anybody saying it's not an issue either doesn't fly VR, or doesn't fly multiplayer in fighters because it is damn near impossible to clear your six, or even as you say tricky to look left and right sometimes. Everything else is amazing!
  11. Good feedback I think. To be clear I don't get motion sick/VR sick as I've been using VR for over a year now. Those days are behind me. Im more concerned for simmers who are just starting out and are most susecptible to it and may not realize it's just the motion disparity that causes it, not VR in general. Glad to hear you are getting used to it. I've taken to flying the i-16 and avoiding the yaks as they seem to exhibit a particular propensity for the THUMP! The i-16 keeps me free as a bird.
  12. Son? Really? Think you were looking for the word medium by the way. But yeah definitely thread locking time. Unfortunate but it is what it is.
  13. It is very well optimized compared to other sims so I don't think you will struggle. However, you may need to turn the HUD off to keep FPS at 90 (as VR needs). Multiplayer population is decent. The main server typically has 50+ people in it.
  14. Unfortunately in VR artificially restricting movement of the head is a big nono. It introduces a disconnect between perceived motion and actual motion which causes discomfort at best and VR sickness at worst. Whether the devs want to address it or not, this is an issue that will not go away as it is a fundamentally physiological issue.
  15. But unfortunately not in multiplayer as it is a server side setting.
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