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  1. Do not give me anything. Just for lulz.
  2. Looks like problem is solved. Maybe somebody could find it useful, if i share my experience here. First of all, i have to say, that index is my second HMD. The first one was Odyssey+. Maybe it matters, because i did not change any settings before start using Index. After detection of “short shutdowns issue” i tried to make some changes in SteamVR, reseat cables and reinstall SteamVR. Nothing helped. Solution for me was an option “Remove all SteamVR USB-devices” in developer tab of SteamVR. Full description of this procedure might be found on the internet. After performing this there was no more shutdowns at all. And the issue with pixel shimmering (you can find some related videos ion youtube) disappeared too.
  3. The same thing to me: totally no overweight feeling. But i think i just got used to have some additional weight on my head because of playing hockey in helmet with metal cage for many years. By the way, ChiliWil i want to thank you - your Pimax/Index comparison was one of the main reason for me to buy Index. If you will have a free minute, could you please share your SteamVR and ingame settings here? My system is similar to yours (6700К 4.5GHz and 1080ti), but with SS 140 playing multiplayer is uncomfortable because of ~40 FPS during hard scenes and near the ground.
  4. Thank you for reply. Changing and reseating cables was the first thing I did. Index supplies with power from power adapter. Today I tried to uninstall all VR drivers in SteamVR. After this I played more than an hour without any trouble. Need to spent a bit more time to check if this helped completely.
  5. Hi, guys! Just got my Index. I really like it, but there is a problem: sometimes it reboots right during the flight. In the helmet it feels like power gets off and then comes back in a second. The game in this moments does not crash and I continue flight after this short “reboot”, but without in-game sound (speakers stay on and I can hear systems sounds, eg if I check windows sound slider). Any thoughts?
  6. Excuse me for disturbing, but i cannot find graphic preset for Rift CV1 and Vive/VivePro anymore. Will it be added back to the topic?
  7. Here’s short guide. Go this algorithm: «НАСТРОЙКИ» «ИГРА» And there in the middle left block: «Язык* русский» click “русский” and change to “english”. hope it will help you And do not forget to restart the game!
  8. My 1/6 Scale DAK Luftwaffe pilot figure. Modified version of old BBI figure “Otto Schulz”.
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