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  1. I fully agree with this, and will add my +1. As a server admin myself, I would very much like the addition of this option.
  2. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Tactical Air War

    That's what I was thinking, or at least along those lines.
  3. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Tactical Air War

    It only means that there is a severe weak point in Blue columns i.e. the rear. Meaning you are much less likely to be damaged or shotdown when attacking like that as red. Therefore there's obviously a pretty significant imbalance between attacking blue or red columns. Surely you do not think this should continue to be the case?
  4. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Tactical Air War

    LG said that they were going for a more historical planeset rather than balanced. The F-4 was present at the time. Maybe not in this particular configuration, but it was there. It's not single-handedly going to win the entire campaign for blue.
  5. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Tactical Air War

    ACG will fly red again this campaign in an effort to balance the ratio out a bit.
  6. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Tactical Air War

    Is the pre registration going to be up again?
  7. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    New Computer and New Install

    Excellent! That's just what I was looking for. Thank you gents!
  8. Hello guys, I am about to build a new computer, and I am looking to get a clean install of the game on a new hard drive. I don't want to loose all my mission, group, and config files. Is there a way to save all that, and import it all into a new installation? What folders or files need to be saved specifically? Some guidance on this would be much appreciated. Cheers! -Shadepiece
  9. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    ACG's Public Server

    Hello everyone, I have some unfortunate news, but nothing too terrible. We are currently in the process of relocating our server which means that it'll be down for a period of time. I do think that ultimately this will be a large improvement in the long run. Additionally, it should give us some time to get a few more missions done up, and prepared for the next server launch! I have been beyond busy in my real life with a very big move, so my work on the server has been put on hold. We were hoping to sort out at least one or two new missions, and be able to move the server location all seamlessly, but as real life often does, we are going to have to take the server down for now. More news to come. Cheers! -Shadepiece
  10. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Virpil shipping?

    Watching with a lot of anticipation as I have an order that I am waiting for as well. I ordered, and had it confirmed, but I haven't received a notification. I also submitted a support ticket for which I have not received an answer. Hoping that I hear something soon.
  11. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    The amazing Pe2 gunner strikes again!

    I understand that it is probably an extremely difficult problem to tackle, and is much more complex than would seem however, it has been documented beyond what should be necessary for the devs to take a look at. The gunners are broken. Period. They need to be adjusted.
  12. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Tactical Air War

    Yes... I mean some additional strategic value type targets that would be good targets gor level bombers. I still wholeheartedly believe that the AAA is much too severe in the server. It's definitely tje reason why I like to fly transport mission instead of ground attack when I'm not in a fighter.
  13. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Tactical Air War

    It's almost as if the Germans lost the war for some reason? Joking aside, the only thing that I would like to see is a reduction in the effectiveness of flak on TAW. I honestly never enjoy going near any flak because, too many times I've lost a good streak to the AAA on both side. BOTH sides have AAA that is too strong in my opinion. I would prefer more ground targets that need to be hit. Additionally, the inclusion of some wearhouse type target further back from the front would be a nice change of target that might also help 5he LW some.
  14. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Can we get a C-47!

    Interesting comments on the differences of the Li-2 and C-47. I would definitely prefer the specific C-47, but with proper modifications I'm sure you could make the convert. I think it's the perfect counterpart to the Tante.
  15. 7./JG26_Shadepiece

    Can we get a C-47!

    Ahha! The Russian licenced C-47. Well good, because that would be the most logical counterpart. I'd prefer the C-47 nomenclature though. Too classic to not have it in my humble opinion!