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  1. Hate to jump in here. To lazy to read all the way back through the tread, whats the general conciseness on this head set? Yay or Nay? My vive pro is falling apart and looking to replace.
  2. Well then come on over to the dev diary discussion board to help us crack this weeks secret coded message. The encrypted key works for the week are: Amusing and Pringles
  3. This is no doubt a secret encrypted message at this point. Jason mentioned Hans keeps stealing his Pringles. The best I can do at the moment is some people might say Pringles come in a "JUG" Could it possibly be that so time in the near future they might add a Jug to the plane set? Keep working on it im sure you guys will figure it out at some point.
  4. Ya I gave the motion smoothing all of 10min offline before going back to 388. something and steamvr hotfix. Even though the vive pro is overpriced it is a major upgrade. I setup my vive the other night and was amazed at how much better the pro really is. When I made the upgrade originally I took for granted the image on the pro and how much clearer it is. It took me going back after 6 months for this to be appreciated in full. I was holding out hopes for the new fov headsets but not looking so good at the moment.
  5. At some point its going to have to be addressed. At least as we lose the older driver support and as steam keeps requiring us to update, theres going to be a lot of people with problems. I would image the issue is something rather complex. You on the pro as well? Suck though basically gave up on caring about my stats this month with all the vr issues adding up. Lucky to get 2 sorties in before something happens.
  6. I reported this as a bug last night. This is on the game side as far as I know.
  7. Exactly. Wasnt till I got on a kuban map on wings before I noticed how bad it was. Had to land imminently and turn asnyc back on. Had so much hope too cuz I had a solid 90fps up till then. Seems like using the oldest driver you can and using the hotfix version of Steamvr is the best its going to be for the foreseeable future. Performance is still ok at best with async repro on enabled. Just tried the update with the motion smoothing etc. Seems like its no different the just have Always On only or at least thats the case for me. Maybe even worse then taken into account I didnt even make it online before I was getting the crash stutter and massive random frame drops. At this point I want to say this month alone I spent 50% of my time trying to get the game to run right in vr and my 90fps. 50% of my time trying to play online without it crashing. 100% of my time realizing streamvr is a dumpster fire with no hope insight.
  8. There seems to be an issue with the newer gen of nvidia drivers and the game when using Vive and Vive pro. Anything post 397.64 ( 1080ti 64bit ) crashes the game after about an hour and a half of playing. With the most resent 2 drivers crashing the game and closing the app all together where as the previously it would just lock up your computer. This I have 99.99% confirmed over the last two months with the only thing inducing the crash being the installation of post 397.64 drivers. All prior drivers used with the game runs stable with 0 issues with the vive pro. From my research into the issue this seems to be an isolated issue having to do with IL2, Nvidia drivers. Steam Vr being the need for the updating in the first place. With SteamVr forcing the beta on everyone this becoming a more apparent problem. There beta is optimized to use the newer gpu drivers which when neglecting to update the driver is causing issues with steamvr itself ( separate from the game crashing). This might be something worth looking into seeing how we now being forced from the stable version of Steam vr into there newer nonbeta previously beta version. Besides the decrease in performance that has been documented with there newer version of the software which is disappointing in it own, the game can seem to run on the newer drivers that are needed for steamvr. Or at least not for long.
  9. Wraithzlt im 100% about the smoothness as well and could care less about gfx detail. Low presets 2x aa , med clouds. startconfig draw distance 0.10000, gamma .60 and grass 1.0000 During my troubleshooting I try my OG vive for the first time in 6 months. The only thing I noticed is that YOU NEED TO GET THE PRO or something equivalent. There was no difference in performance but the image is at least twice as good. Another thing is SS can go much higher then recommend with no loss. Steam recommends 1.4 for my pro 2.5 for my OG. I can go twice that without issues. The main bottleneck is either steamvr or cpu or both. I always was afraid to crank up the SS do to possible performance loss but thats not the case. Regardless im equally disappointing with the updates an about to go back to the monitor for now. If you figure out a work around please let me know cuz ive tried everything at this point.
  10. With always on only im getting uncontrollable stutter in demanding situations other then that its the best performer lol. Aysnc repro only has caused steamvr to crash 10+ times on me since the forced beta. I use to see ghosting no matter what the settings as soon as I went over 150% SS before the forced beta. Now I can go to 300% SS with the vive pro before I start to see it. Hopefully they give us the old stable non beta back or fix what evers wrong soon.
  11. Glad im not the only one that noticed this. I struggled with the new update till I randomly tried away on. Async repro is garbage now.
  12. Peregrine thanks for the tips. I do use prime95 to stress test and hwmonitor to track. temps at 100% optimization were stable at 73c after 30min.. Brought down the voltage from 127 to 125 and switched from adaptive to disabled. Ran again and everything stat's wise looks the same except a decrease voltage in temp down to 70c. Played for 2 hours tonight so far no issues. Pretty sure the adaptive voltage was my instability. Agreed on the physx. I knew it didnt have an affect on il2 but rendering seems soother with it uninstalled all together. Might all be in my head though. Alonzo thank for the help as well and thanks for the download. I surely will give it a read. Looks like Adaptive might have been my issue. Also I tried to run prime95 with enhanced turbo boost/mse on. Crashed instantly.. wouldnt recommend anyone even bother enabling that setting if have.
  13. Does anyone have problems playing longer then an hour at higher clock speeds . 8086k 4.8ghz I have to back out after each online sortie or my system crashes. The weird thing is my temps are in the mid 50's low 60's and everything is stable only running 1.21vcore, 44ring,adaptive -.04. If I push is to an hour and a half online my computer locks up. Also anyone tried benchmarking with enhanced turbo boost turned on? I enabled it last night just messing around and it seemed like my computer was going to grenade. Another thing is has anyone tried uninstalling the nvidia physx software? It might just be me but it feels like Im getting a clearer image with less shimmer with that uninstalled leaving just the gpu driver. Driver is 388.00, no performance gain measured.
  14. Alonzo I completely agree with you. I do overclock my 8086 and for the exact reasons you and chili have pointed out with your benchmarking. At 4.8 my set up flawless with no stutters 90fps 99% of the time in the most demanding situations. I do have all my settings bottomed out with the exception of clouds on med. and some start.confg tweaks. Any higher on the presets and I would be looking for that extra .2ghz etc like you mentioned. Personally I wouldnt trust a shop to set my overclock. Also for what ever reason got the impression redcloud wasnt interested in having to fine tune his rig.
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