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  1. It might be to many buttons for liking to be honest but always wanted to try a GVL throttle.. I fly in vr and have most of what I need on my gladiator stick. If it doesnt work out I can resell to you for same price. Should know within the week.
  2. Probably plays a part. I cant help but think the longer map rotation period coupled with the dynamic war feel. Also the combined arms element doesnt hurt.
  3. Im not sure whats going on but trust me the headset felt like it was going into melt down at 200% ss. I am going to try again to see what happens. I use ac or a fan in the summer. Its cool enough this time a year where I am.
  4. You guys all bring up good points. I can see what Chili is getting at with the pictures even though I would say the best way to really see the difference is by experience. I never noticed that the g2 has a smaller fov and while this is something to consider the most important thing for me is clarity for sure. I find myself focus on specific things so fov isnt a major concern but I would guess the wider it is the better the experience. My thought on leaning towards the g2 comes from the idea of the screens + the low weight of the headset. Not sure how b
  5. Chili they all pretty good to me from those pics the worst looking might actually be the pro lol. I might have to give the index or g2 a try and maybe return if I dont like. Fenris I did the lens mod years ago and yes it makes a big difference. I already super sample pretty high with the 1080 it will be interesting what steam recommends on the 3080. At 140% with the 1080 I dont use AA there is no need from what I can tell.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. The images of the grey contrast on the index killed it for me. Ended up upgrading from a 1080ti to 3080. Even though I would have to say the 1080 still put out a consistent 90fps. Kind of had to part with the dead pixels, scratched lenses and disguarded headphones at this point but was willing to explore my options. Sounds like the pro is still a front runner even after years. The G2 looks promising maybe I will give one a go once they are available again.
  7. Anyone have experience with the two? I have been using a pro with gear vr lenses for about 3 years. Would the index be an upgrade at this point?
  8. You have the right idea. You need to gradually increase your climb to burn off your opponents energy while slowly initiating a turn. Its a slow process. This will draw them into a stall as they try to pull the nose up in a tighter turn. Depending on the 109 I want to say you can do this as slow as 230 maybe even slower. The objective is to get them to stall before you do so you can roll over and attack or fly off. Theres virtual no way to retain your energy through the maneuver.
  9. Hate to jump in here. To lazy to read all the way back through the tread, whats the general conciseness on this head set? Yay or Nay? My vive pro is falling apart and looking to replace.
  10. Well then come on over to the dev diary discussion board to help us crack this weeks secret coded message. The encrypted key works for the week are: Amusing and Pringles
  11. This is no doubt a secret encrypted message at this point. Jason mentioned Hans keeps stealing his Pringles. The best I can do at the moment is some people might say Pringles come in a "JUG" Could it possibly be that so time in the near future they might add a Jug to the plane set? Keep working on it im sure you guys will figure it out at some point.
  12. Ya I gave the motion smoothing all of 10min offline before going back to 388. something and steamvr hotfix. Even though the vive pro is overpriced it is a major upgrade. I setup my vive the other night and was amazed at how much better the pro really is. When I made the upgrade originally I took for granted the image on the pro and how much clearer it is. It took me going back after 6 months for this to be appreciated in full. I was holding out hopes for the new fov headsets but not looking so good at the moment.
  13. At some point its going to have to be addressed. At least as we lose the older driver support and as steam keeps requiring us to update, theres going to be a lot of people with problems. I would image the issue is something rather complex. You on the pro as well? Suck though basically gave up on caring about my stats this month with all the vr issues adding up. Lucky to get 2 sorties in before something happens.
  14. I reported this as a bug last night. This is on the game side as far as I know.
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