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  1. I'm wondering how the same principle applied to ASW would feel. 90 fps at the center, interpolated 45 at the peripheral... Not sure if it's feasible though.
  2. Here's my experience with traditional vsync (no free or g-sync). I don't know, maybe other people are experiencing the same. Free flight: -> 60 fps locked, feels perfectly smooth. Quick mission (fully populated with fighters, heavy bombers, ground units): -> still 60 fps locked but feels like 60 micro stutters per second. I might seem to be a little perfectionist here but I can clearly see the difference in smoothness between the two vsynced 60 fps. I can't explain why this happens. Maybe frame time inconsistency ?
  3. In order to make controller combos, you have to create different joystick configurations in JTK and assign controller buttons to activate them. Then in the assigned joystick configuration, you can assign any controller button to any keyboard button/combos. Are you trying to do the mapping in the game ? The game won't allow controller button combos directly. You may still do it manually in the game's binding files but it's not very easy either. I recommend you to spend some time with JoyToKey. It allows a huge number of combos easily once you understood how it works. Thank you AeroAce. I really like VR flying from my couch and I'm happy I found a way to do it.
  4. Sorry guys. I didn't have time to create the document yet (I'll do it as soon as I can). But I'm posting my new config file anyway. Each assignment has a description in the config file that you can see in JoyToKey. Please disregard the bindings in my first post. This one is totally new and works much better for me. This config assumes that you have the default key bindings in the game. Just set the left stick to roll/pitch axis and the right stick to rudder axis. Make sure that the 'K' key is left unassigned in the game. Set 'Y' to Reset VR. I'm still using my mouse in game menus. The left trigger is assigned to 'Home' key for zoom with 3Dmigoto mod. You need to change or disable the assignments involving the 'K' key in the mod. Please note that I've never tried sending this to anyone before. You might have some issues getting it to work. We'll try to figure them out together. Enjoy! Il-2 v2.zip
  5. I have improved it a little bit since my first post actually. But I haven't generated the layout document yet. I'll try to do it this weekend and post here. 😉
  6. I really don't hope so. IL2 GB is a great quality sim and there is still too much we could do with it. I think the business model is changing for many games nowadays. What would be the purpose of a new IL2, a new Warthunder or a new Elite Dangerous ? These games are kind of releasing their own successors every year already.
  7. For me, understanding what I hear is vital for immersion. I love the attention to realism of this game but a pilot who doesn't understand the radio is not realistic either. There is an english radio mod on the works by the way. I'm playing with that on right now but it can only send what the game triggers. You'll still hear the same things over and over.
  8. I replaced my old ryzen with a 8600k yesterday, oc'ed it to 4.8 ghz, reinstalled windows and everything, launched IL2 and thought immediately, wow what a nice boost!. But I hadn't realized that the game was updated meanwhile with some performance improvements as well. Well, 8600k improved the game a lot I'm sure, but I'll never know by how much. It's sad...
  9. I don't know. Maybe coding ambitious flight physics and damage model into a standard engine like that is not an easy task? I don't recall many games with those engines with extreme physics, ballistic and damage modeling. Also, you have to know how to handle all this on a very big map with limited consumer hardware ressources. Can anyone remind me?
  10. I've just ordered a 8600k. I chose this over the 8700k because of the big price difference. Do you know if there's any difference in performance when both are oc'ed to 5ghz ?
  11. What thread? Single thread? ... my apologies, it had to come out. Don't hit me, english is my third language. Seriously though, when you guys say it's smooth because good fps, what does it mean really? Here what I observe on my rig in a QMB mission, fps never goes below 45 but - Free flight: 45 fps ASW on: smooth - Free flight: 45 fps ASW off: smooth but blurry - Dogfight: 45 fps ASW on: micro stutters - Dogfight: 45 fps ASW off: micro stutters and blurry My humble conclusion: AI => micro stutters ASW off => blur I'm on a Ryzen 1700@3.8ghz. I ordered a 8600k, a MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon and a Kraken X62 cooler. I hope I'll be able to get it to 5ghz and it will change the experience. Otherwise, I will just have thrown 600 euros out of the window as I was quite happy with every other game already.
  12. I have recently spent some time with JoyToKey mapping tool and found out that you can do awesome things for IL-2 with an xbox one or any other controller that doesn't have many buttons. I'm not sure if many people would like to use this kind of simple controllers for this game but it worked for me and I'm happy with it. So I wanted to share. The best thing is that it needed almost no modification at all to the default key mappings of the game. If anyone is interested, I can send my config file. Here is a quick guide to my layout. I haven't done some advanced bomber functions and camera controls yet (I fly in VR). But there is still room for many other mappings.
  13. Yes but only partially. I recommend you to look at JoyToKey. It's an awesome controller mapping tool that allows to do anything you want. You could map your controller to an entire keyboard with it.
  14. Interesting article : https://medium.com/@alen.ladavac/the-elusive-frame-timing-168f899aec92
  15. Thank you Alonzo. I appreciate your help. After a couple of hours of testing with the Oculus performance hud as my gunsight, here are my conclusions: - The stuttering in the form of small freezes happens more or less whatever the conditions are. That must be because of some new assets being loaded into the scene which is acceptable and doesn't bother me that much. This is the only case the CPU render time goes beyond 22ms and the flat yellow bar in the Oculus performance hud goes under 45. This is very clear and makes sense. - The almost constant "micro" stuttering however looks like it's linked to the number of AI in the mission, whether those are in the visible scene or not. These micro stutters happen without any variation in the cpu render time. I play at 45fps with ASW forced on and the yellow bar in the hud is perfectly flat at 45fps. The cpu render time varies in general between 10 and 18ms. If no AI, then no micro stuttering at all. I have no clue what's causing this. The cpu renders the frame on time easily. Increasing the pre rendered frame count in nvidia control panel seems to smoothen those out by a tiny bit. They're still very much there but happening, let's say, more smoothly. I'm going to try a little bit of multiplayer as soon as I can. Assuming the physics and AI calculations are performed by the server, it might give me a path to understand why this is happening. Thank you very much.
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