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  1. @216th_Jordan I haven't had time to do any recording. But what you're saying, the game repeating some frames makes really sense to me. My humble opinion is that that would explain why reported frame rate doesn't match with the feeling of smoothness. If the game engine itself pushes again the frame t-1 because it couldn't prepare the frame t on time, I guess it would trick any external fps counter. This might also explain why any external fps limiter isn't efficient in smoothing out the micro stutters. In comparison, in DCS, I have much more significant fps drops than in IL2 but when it reports 120 fps it really feels like 120 and 50 fps really feels like 50. In IL2, 120 fps feels like 120 only if you have no AI action around. Otherwise, it will still report 120 but will barely feel like 50. I'm not pretending that I know how IL2 engine works. This is just an idea based on my experience. Many people say that they don't have any micro stutters. What I can't figure out is if they really don't have any stutters at all or if they don"t notice or maybe they do but it doesn't bother them at all. Unfortunately, I'm too sensible to micro stutter and can't enjoy the game no matter how hard I try to ignore them.
  2. I have the same problem but it's nothing new for me. I'm almost only flying quick missions because they are mainly my testing playground. I've spent almost half of my playtime trying to improve the smoothness of the game. I have everything maxed out (except for AA, I'm at fxaa 4x on 1080ti 8600k@4.8ghz). The game is beautiful and reportedly running very fast, almost never below 100 fps and around 130 fps most of the time. In solo flights, it's perfectly smooth. In a full dogfight however (16 planes, ground units etc.) it feels like 130 micro stutters per second. As for the track ir stutter, I have the same problem too. In Elite Dangerous I had a similar problem when running at 144fps (on 144hz freesync monitor). Setting the ingame framerate cap to 120fps totally solved the problem (which matches trackir's report rate 120hz). Looking around with Trackir became perfectly smooth. Unfortunately, the same solution doesn't work for IL2. It's still stuttery no matter where the ingame fps cap is set.
  3. Interesting discovery there. The new update 4.007 broke my freesync when in game vsync is on. But having: - In game vsync off - FXAA 4x - Nvidia Low Latency Mode ON (not Ultra) - In game FPS target at 100 (not 80 not 120) gives me much better experience. ---> Why the FPS cap 80 gives me more micro stutters than 100 is a real mystery. Maybe it made my monitor go back and forth under the half refresh rate 72hz? And 120 was just too high for my CPU even though the fps goes easily higher (around 130-135) when I disable the cap? Everything else was cranked up to max. I didn't try the shader cache (which was on in my test). I have no idea why this happens but I feel definitely an improvement. Was it just luck giving me the perfect combination in my given test mission load, I don't know. Thank you Jordan.
  4. I think the micro stutters I experience are definitely related to the AI/physics/ballistics calculations. A full quick mission with 8 fighters 8 bombers runs at around 130 fps with constant micro stutters (with freesync enabled). It's playable of course but doesn't feel smooth at all, feels like a fluctuating 50 fps. A solo flight however is smooth like butter. The difference is night and day. The problem IMHO is that the AI and physics calculations are impacting the frame pacing heavily. Whenever a new update arrives, this is the first thing I check, if the micro stutters are gone. No luck until now but I remain positive as I know that the dev team has achieved so much since the first launch of the game and at some point this problem will be something of the past too. For me IL2 is already great but if this problem is solved it will be simply PERFECT!
  5. I'm wondering how the same principle applied to ASW would feel. 90 fps at the center, interpolated 45 at the peripheral... Not sure if it's feasible though.
  6. Here's my experience with traditional vsync (no free or g-sync). I don't know, maybe other people are experiencing the same. Free flight: -> 60 fps locked, feels perfectly smooth. Quick mission (fully populated with fighters, heavy bombers, ground units): -> still 60 fps locked but feels like 60 micro stutters per second. I might seem to be a little perfectionist here but I can clearly see the difference in smoothness between the two vsynced 60 fps. I can't explain why this happens. Maybe frame time inconsistency ?
  7. In order to make controller combos, you have to create different joystick configurations in JTK and assign controller buttons to activate them. Then in the assigned joystick configuration, you can assign any controller button to any keyboard button/combos. Are you trying to do the mapping in the game ? The game won't allow controller button combos directly. You may still do it manually in the game's binding files but it's not very easy either. I recommend you to spend some time with JoyToKey. It allows a huge number of combos easily once you understood how it works. Thank you AeroAce. I really like VR flying from my couch and I'm happy I found a way to do it.
  8. Sorry guys. I didn't have time to create the document yet (I'll do it as soon as I can). But I'm posting my new config file anyway. Each assignment has a description in the config file that you can see in JoyToKey. Please disregard the bindings in my first post. This one is totally new and works much better for me. This config assumes that you have the default key bindings in the game. Just set the left stick to roll/pitch axis and the right stick to rudder axis. Make sure that the 'K' key is left unassigned in the game. Set 'Y' to Reset VR. I'm still using my mouse in game menus. The left trigger is assigned to 'Home' key for zoom with 3Dmigoto mod. You need to change or disable the assignments involving the 'K' key in the mod. Please note that I've never tried sending this to anyone before. You might have some issues getting it to work. We'll try to figure them out together. Enjoy! Il-2 v2.zip
  9. I have improved it a little bit since my first post actually. But I haven't generated the layout document yet. I'll try to do it this weekend and post here. 😉
  10. I really don't hope so. IL2 GB is a great quality sim and there is still too much we could do with it. I think the business model is changing for many games nowadays. What would be the purpose of a new IL2, a new Warthunder or a new Elite Dangerous ? These games are kind of releasing their own successors every year already.
  11. For me, understanding what I hear is vital for immersion. I love the attention to realism of this game but a pilot who doesn't understand the radio is not realistic either. There is an english radio mod on the works by the way. I'm playing with that on right now but it can only send what the game triggers. You'll still hear the same things over and over.
  12. I replaced my old ryzen with a 8600k yesterday, oc'ed it to 4.8 ghz, reinstalled windows and everything, launched IL2 and thought immediately, wow what a nice boost!. But I hadn't realized that the game was updated meanwhile with some performance improvements as well. Well, 8600k improved the game a lot I'm sure, but I'll never know by how much. It's sad...
  13. I don't know. Maybe coding ambitious flight physics and damage model into a standard engine like that is not an easy task? I don't recall many games with those engines with extreme physics, ballistic and damage modeling. Also, you have to know how to handle all this on a very big map with limited consumer hardware ressources. Can anyone remind me?
  14. I've just ordered a 8600k. I chose this over the 8700k because of the big price difference. Do you know if there's any difference in performance when both are oc'ed to 5ghz ?
  15. What thread? Single thread? ... my apologies, it had to come out. Don't hit me, english is my third language. Seriously though, when you guys say it's smooth because good fps, what does it mean really? Here what I observe on my rig in a QMB mission, fps never goes below 45 but - Free flight: 45 fps ASW on: smooth - Free flight: 45 fps ASW off: smooth but blurry - Dogfight: 45 fps ASW on: micro stutters - Dogfight: 45 fps ASW off: micro stutters and blurry My humble conclusion: AI => micro stutters ASW off => blur I'm on a Ryzen 1700@3.8ghz. I ordered a 8600k, a MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon and a Kraken X62 cooler. I hope I'll be able to get it to 5ghz and it will change the experience. Otherwise, I will just have thrown 600 euros out of the window as I was quite happy with every other game already.
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