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  1. Actually the MiG vs 109 F2 is super nice with MiG being the better plane for me:) The real pain will be the F4.
  2. Can someone exactly say what he did expect landing in enemy territory? Is there something I'm missing?
  3. By no means I think this is good behaviour, but having some experience in game dev I'm 100% there will be someone who will do this sooner or later. If we treat TAW as a product, we need to make it fool proof. The stuff he pulls off now is nothing compared to last campaign and he didn't get banned then. Again, this is my personal opinion and it is very possible that someone has less tolerance for this:)
  4. Guys, just relax. This is not worth derailing the topic into the same old mess we know;) Okay, I agree Jammer's actions last TAW were very questionable from an ethical and gameplay point of view, but in the end it helped us improve TAW a tiny little bit. Accusing someone of cheating isn't nice, especially without proof. In the end there will be always someone trying to exploit, it's unavoidable. Jammer at least openly communicates with us, he is on our TS, everyone can reach him. These changes needed to be done anyway. This is really a minor problem compared to a 40:1 (:D) team balance. Right now? All i see is determination to take out vital red targets in a way that can be easily countered when the other team is organised. This is nothing on the level we had last campaign and I believe Jammer knows he pushed the limits then. And trust me, the banhammer glows strong in the darkness, I'm sure it will be used when needed, but let's not go crazy:) TAW has balance issues and this is the main problem right now, let's work as a community to change this. This is one of the few things my boy Kathon (<3) can't do, this is in your hands! Embrace the I-16 coffin, learn to love the brick P-40 and take your blue only squadron for a wild ride. Oh I promise you it will be painful, but I can also promise you that you emerge stronger than ever from this experience. And in moments of doubt, when you cry, your nails are bleeding and you smash your joystick into the wall, you can always put some chill music, ride the Peshka and get 3 kills just flying straight and laughing at these funny MG FF hits as comfort for all the pain you had to suffer (or you will loose both your engines to some spraying weirdo lol, but at this point you will be used to dying anyway so no biggie).
  5. It's nothing official, but Kathon mentioned to me, that it may be possible to "manually" trigger an explosion when the tank is destroyed. Of course this needs testing and I'm pretty sure Kathon will inform you guys cause he is the god of TAW:) We know that the current situation is suboptimal but be sure that the guys are working hard to provide you the best experience possible!
  6. Thanks to everyone for a great campaign! Despite painting the Volga red with blood of our enemies (more than 1000 kills for LG!) in the end it was a deserved draw! Well played and see you soon!
  7. Amazing formation and nice drops. Also big thumbs up for the massive Peshka formations attacking Gromoslavka/nearby tanks yesterday late evening (EU time). It was a sight to behold!
  8. Adding the to discussion about numbers, I think it is a bit too early to judge. The first map is always BLUE heavy as many don't like the I-16. It usually starts with the Mig that we get a bigger RED presence. Looking how long we are on map#1 it's really much better than in some previous campaigns.
  9. I just wanted to remind you guys, that personal insults got this thread closed a while back. Thank you Haza for not going down that road.
  10. Of course, more meat to die in the grinder. Especially that we have the flying coffin aka I-16. They even modelled pilot tears when flying it. Oh wait, it was raining.
  11. Okay, okay, I know most of you are already past this stage but maybe you have some friends who ask questions. I think this games deserves more players (for us to shoot down before they become aces themselves:P) so maybe this helps. Enjoy!
  12. The amount of written content is really amazing and adds a lot to the immersion. Thank you for your contribution! Thanks for watching, they did a really good job with this patch!
  13. Just a quick look at the new career mode. Maybe some of you guys are still stuck somewhere and didn't have a chance to check it out!
  14. First look at the Career Mode, for those who can't play yet and are interested: Thanks for this patch and enjoy guys!
  15. Guys, just chill out grab a beer and enjoy the incoming holiday. It was a great campaign and I'm sure that while TAW aims to be realistic, the guys take your feedback into account as well. No need to fight over it now, I'm pretty sure the next one will even be better. In the end we all want the same - to have good (and realistic) fun.
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