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  1. ^ This. Exactly what I'm saying. Personally I dont like these type of punishments because this system cannot differenciate between player trying to play fair and failing (sometimes you just get shot down) and yolo flyouts. If you get kicked regardless what's the point trying?
  2. Yes, that's why I see this as only an example of what could happen. Instead of shitting on xjammer we should persuade mission designer to prevent this so what you're saying won't happen
  3. Just to clarify, what did you expect? You saw the AF being under attack so you wanted to die on runway, not in hangar or wherever? I can see how this was a dick move by xJammer but at the same time you took the risk spawning there. Yes it may be bad manners but it is not worthy of a ban. Just patch it befor this becomes common behawior and forget about it, duh. It's only a game, why you heff to be mad?
  4. Will we get Schürzen as an option to the Pz. IV? If yes, will it be a mesh or solid steel plates?
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