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  1. I just started Flying Circus. Flying the Sopwith Camel I am experiencing engine failures. I don't know why. I adjust the mixture, (lowering as altitude is gained) am I leaning the mixture to much and is this causing to much engine heating? I don't know, any thoughts?
  2. I use CH Products Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, and Pro Pedals, combined, 3 modes. Many axis, many buttons, any tips on mapping?
  3. I've correctly set up the the Flight Record in the startup.cfg. , when hit the key for the Tracking Camera, nothing happens, the view remains the same. The flights record fine, but I can't get that view from behind the aircraft, while in flight. Does that have to be enabled in the startup.cfg or some place in the main menu.
  4. I launch in Steam a message says the game needs to be updated, on the game screen. No update, is there a fix Never mind, just had to verify the files.
  5. I can't seem to keep up with the rest of my flight in the IL-2, in career mode. It seems when I try to catch up the engine gets to hot, then open the radiators and lose speed. There is something I'm missing, can anyone tell me? The planes are all fully loaded, but I'm the one being left in the dust.
  6. I would assume, it's best to buy content here, is that true? I've purchased Flying Circus, Battle of Moscow, the P-38J through Steam, all others, pretty much everything here, at this site. Can't seem to locate the codes for the content on Steam. The option to view these code seems not to be available, in the context menus I can access.
  7. I'm using CH Products FighterStick Pro Throttle, and Pedals, the software is fine, I have access to three modes plus the buttons on the throttle. What I want to do is bring my "Fighter Profile" in from the CH Products software. Program the axis and buttons, in game, for, if not each, some of the different aircraft, save that configuration, then create a different configuration for a different set of aircraft. I could then quickly switch between the different configurations. I've created two profiles so far and saved then using the above method, it works, so far, but I to have leave, then come
  8. The way I use different controller configurations is to copy the input folder found in the data folder. Created a folder in the main directory named saved configs, then create folders by aircraft model and save the input folder to that folder. Before launching the game I copy the input folder for the aircraft I plan to fly and copy it to the data folder. There has to be a better way. It would just be so much better, of course, to be able to switch in game. Is there mod I don't know about that does this?
  9. Yes, Yogiflight, you are correct, thanks. I was overacting to the warning. Testing the limits you are correct, leaning heavy on combat power does present problems, but normal use of combat power is safe. Thanks again.
  10. I'll leave it in auto and see how it goes. I only take it out of auto when I get a warning about my temp.. This is only a problem in the F-2. I might be overreacting to this warning.
  11. I don't know, this isn't happening for me. Yes, I take off with it in auto mode. In mission condition I'll change to manual when the temperature rises. Yes, it does drop the temperature quickly. I'll look again how I have the control mapped. The automatic system seems to work well in combat situations.
  12. I know there are two conditions, auto and full open. I use complex engine control. At the start of the mission the condition is auto. I take it off auto, this increases my drag. I try to put it back into the auto condition, but the control fails to do it. I have the control mapped correctly, because auto is disengaged. Am I missing something?
  13. I have found that it is an overlay, Overwolf, which I find useless, running and when I turned this off an ASUS AI Suite, it doesn't happen. All other friends had an overlay, of some sort, when disabled it doesn't happen. This problem never happen each time I launched, it was intermittent.
  14. Someone has suggested since I'm running in SLI, this is causing the problem. Every one of my friends runs in SLI. This could be the issue. It only happens once in a while. Today, nothing.[edited]
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