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  1. Great pics Sim. A shame I just couldn´t join this time around. Next time though...
  2. "The Russian winter is a myth..." I'm Grace of Monaco.
  3. Vulching is allowed. And strafing ground targets.
  4. The forum is a wonderfull thing for consumer guidande. Merry Christmas btw!
  5. Also, don't forget to scroll all the way down in the skin list. :-)
  6. Yes, it was down, but it should be up again.
  7. Dave, I think your idea deserves a thread of it's own. It's a good one!
  8. Descolada asked people to please try and even the teams on Syndicate server. I think it's a decent enough request. What they do on DED servers are beyond our reach.
  9. Why should we give you anything? We run the server as our squadron see fit and try different things out in the missions. Missions and their layout change whenever the guys making missions in the squad have the time to do it. Besides BoS is not in beta.
  10. Haven't had the time to test yet, but fired up the first mission for a quick look and it was great. Looking forward to play it! Thx for your hard work guys.
  11. My God, when ever on this earth did that apply? Lol
  12. What principle would that be?
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