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  1. Just bought! Great job, Gambit. I'm low on money, so the U-2 should wait till next year, but this campaign will keep me busy in the meantime 😁 Fazer.
  2. Hi Mike, You can find my PDF about the Stalingrad Campaign here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/18366-campaign-awards-info/?do=findComment&comment=288092 I never managed to make a PDF for the Moscow Campaign, but I think I got all the awards. You can check them on my Campaign profile: https://il2sturmovik.com/stats/campaign/77266-fazer_beam/ Regards, Fazer.
  3. The snapviews are in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad/data/LuaScripts/snapviews. If You have the Steam version, the main folder may be named differently, just find the "data" folder, then. Fazer.
  4. Guys, are You really sure this is an unlock bug? In my opinion, it's more a icon/visualization bug. Let me explain... Excluding the servers where payloads are limited by choice, in MP and Quick Mission I can choose any payload I want. Problem is only in Campaign. But even before the last patch, some payloads were forbidden for some mission type in Campaign. For example I cannot select the 37mm cannons for the Ju-87 on a bombing mission. And on a 109, I can choose the 4x50 OR 1x250 kg bomb, but not both. And neither on an intercept mission. But before the patch, the banned options wer
  5. Hi, that is a laptop, not exactly the best PC to run a flight simulator Anyway, be sure that You are using the nvidia graphic card and NOT the integrated intel one. After that, try to lower the resolution in game, the default QHD one is high demanding even with a top tier desktop graphic card, with a mobile version things are worse. Low fps in the menu is "normal" even with high performance PC, don't sweat over that, but try to have a decent fps in flight. Fazer.
  6. As far as I know, there aren't squadron specific skins in the base game. Only the base (green/grey) one, and ten more skins for each plane that should be unlocked in the SP campaign to be used in the game. And these are aces or peculiar ones. The community "skinners" have created many squadron themed skins, but most are for online squadrons or personal preferences, and these have to be downloaded and added manually. I think You could ask them for a "base" skin for each squadron, or maybe ask Jason to handle this. You are doing much for the community, I think they will help. Unfortunately I
  7. My same impression, but for one thing: aim. Mouse aiming is quite useless in a dogfight, but I find the "auto" stabilization an advantage against ground targets or bombers. Sure, I have no rudder pedals, so the twichiness of joystick rudder is a factor, but my aim is much better with mouse against a stationary (or straight flying) target. Imagine a MP scenery with mouse controlled 110 escorted by joystick 109, against bomber or attack planes. Anyway, I think We are overreacting a little. Time will tell. Fazer.
  8. Pat, I reached November 1st, flying with JG51, FW190. The map is the winter one, snow everywere, but the AI skins remained the standard summer/autumn ones. Is something You have still to add, or I stumped in a bug of sort? Anyway, thank You for PWCG! Fazer.
  9. Mastiff, I think they refer to GigaByte ram, maybe Go is the abbreviation in their language (in case it's not English). I found no trace of a GoRam software on the net. Fazer.
  10. I flow other two missions, the first was normal, the second blue. I looked at them in the editor, but I didn't was able to find the difference. Both had the cloud type missing. Selecting any one in the editor fix the color. Attached is the blue one. Fazer. mission_blue.zip
  11. Hi Pat, Yes, it's related to the clouds. See here: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17699-blue-game-running-dserver/ I also had my first mission with JG53/BF109G2 on blue shadow. I opened the mission with the editor, put a cloud type in and resaved. Once reloaded, the colours were normal. I'm sorry, but didn't have the original mission file.. Anyway, I created another mission, and this one has no blue problem, but in the editor there is no cloud type already selected, so there should be some other issue conflicting here. Zavi mission (posted in the other thread) also ha
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