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  1. help me troubleshoot my crash problem... . im trying to deal with the old nvidia780 crash problem... i dont last very long on the WOL server before i get "connection to server lost" and booted out of the server. after reading some advice on the forum thread about how to deal with the nvidia problem, i installed "reshade" (seems to be some pgm to adjust graphics settings)... is WOL ok with this pgm? am i being booted because of it?
  2. I really hope the "oily goggles" goes away, or is greatly diminished at least.
  3. heh heh. congrats to the eagles...saw 'some' of the game (it was on tv while I was playing BoS)....my real regret was missing the ads...I was prepared to turn the tv off if I saw one of those spoiled out-of-place America hater 'protesters'. well, I left the tv on, but had already committed to getting my butt kicked in the multiplayer servers on BoS. anyways, the end result was the same as Jason - I broke even. . ps...I didn't bet anything (never do).
  4. waited to post for a couple more days of experiments/checking...that was it ami, windows snuck up and updated the driver when I wasn't looking twice.
  5. installed 337.88 (ami7b5's link)...no crashes one day (some problems with lighted areas -runway,hangar,yak cockpit) ....today constant crashes 5-10mins in. sheesh.
  6. if I buy it, will I get to play it? something has happened since the last time I played (couple months ago) and game crashes 5-15mins. kinda worried about that. yeah I have the 780 card, but so do a lot o f other folks. sure wish coders, whoever/wherever they are, would fix this.
  7. I could fly for a couple hours before crash UNTIL yesterday .... I've been away for (guessing) month or two, came back, saw the sale and BoBd announcement - went and added to cart (did not preorder yet - thought id make sure all is well 1st). ... now I get about 10 or 15 minutes before crash. D3D (same as render errors above mentioned), sometimes just no message. tried different power mgmnt settings, different nvidea graphics settings (according to a poster here on forums). still same -crashes. ROF works fine. ... 780gtx card. ...I could play with a 2 hour-before-crash window, but 10-15mi
  8. I was excited because of the excellent media reviews. I was not so excited after I saw it in IMAX. I give it a 6/10 rating. "meh". watch it again? - yes. liked it: yes. after theater feeling: "why am I feeling sort of underwhelmed?" . CONS: I don't understand the desire to make a realistic war movie, but avoid any blood, especially considering modern SFX methods. this was a haunting realization throughout the whole movie. it actually dissuaded much of the fear and immersion that was apparently trying to be conveyed. for instance, the opening scene when the soldier gets shot in the back
  9. There are many, like myself, that prefer MP to a great degree. personally, I would probably lose interest altogether without MP. ive flown SP for various reasons, but it eventually bores or frustrates me. real live human beings add a huge amount of dimension to the experience. . so, assuming MP is a given for this discussion,... . the lobby system is stark and really needs improvement. surely do hope its being worked on as mentioned. I hope it doesn't require a 3rd party tool (such as discord). would be nice to be able to have user-configurable notifications (text,email,screen,chat,?) at d
  10. . this is one of the great mysteries in life. . for the US (low ping), new wings wargrounds would be an excellent alternative, but it remains deserted every time I look at it. and it remains available still. I don't know what the ping of that server is outside the US, and maybe that is a part of the issue? many players are outside the US, and MP servers are liked when there are a lot of players involved. . this kind of game would really benefit from some sort of lobby system that would notify subscribers (email or text) about planned and currently active sessions/servers. gotta wonder how
  11. can I suggest dropping the 15sec delay when ending a flight? it takes long enough to start these planes...not sure why time is added...doesn't work same as rof.
  12. . whaaAAAAaa....?..?? . a..hem....<cough> goering<cough>
  13. . which is what Jason appears to be doing... (stall speed = max speed)
  14. sounds like its time for some VR 'environments' - like the full motion sim equipment. crud, just when I thought things were getting cheaper. ...of course, VR sickness is prolly bcause our brains have learned to coordinate the multiple sensory perceptions by experience - however, what if we raised a generation on VR from early on?!? eegads! we are prolly in for a nightmare of a generation of folks that cant even physically function in real life (even wosre than millenials)!
  15. heh heh...well, if you are from florida, you would worry if the pilot did NOT wear flipflops
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