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  1. I'll happily spend $1k on a good piece of FFB kit if it is supported by IL2. Certainly the implementation in Condor (soaring simulator) made getting my license much easier. So nice for feeling like the real thing in non-FBW aircraft.
  2. I just added the Valve Index to my simpit and the difference between it and the OG Vive is night and day. I can read ALL. OF. THE. GAUGES. I can look with my eyes, not just my head. I can check my six without contorting my entire body around. Finally I can fly in VR without any of the HUD turned on. Sure, it's not perfect and the blacks could be blacker, but I'm still grinning like a little kid just flying around, even when not in combat. However, I do fly real life sailplanes, so perhaps there's something to what @=475FG=DAWGER was saying about the joy of VR being somewhat related to IRL pilots recapturing the joy of actually being in the seat.
  3. Don't listen to the naysayers, Jason. This is honestly a dream come true for some of us. Being able to fly these old kites in VR is going to be the highlight of my year. I will continue to try to drum up support in the hopes that the beloved career mode makes an appearance at some point! Cheers!
  4. Looks great Jason! Honestly, I've sold the most copies of IL2 by putting friends in my VR simpit and loading up the beautiful Kuban map. That's all it takes, and they are often looking for a bill of materials to build their own and pricing out a Vive before they leave my house. Hopefully you create some hype and bring more people into our awesome hobby!
  5. Just to throw another hat into the ring... I've also had the constant steamVR/ lighthouse freezes. I haven't been able to nail down what causes them but it's absolutely not happening in any VR title except for IL2. I will roll back Nvidia drivers this weekend but like others have said I have a sneaking suspicion it's something in the game's code that's different. I had no issues before the 3.xx update. Also, Wolf, I'm in your exact situation. Built a very nice custom water cooled PC for this game in VR and I'm pretty disappointed with the current performance. There is no better hardware than what I currently have...
  6. Looks great! Can't wait to cruise above it in my P-38
  7. As much as I love WWII aviation, RoF was always my favorite. I'm so freaking happy that I'll be able to fly those old kites in VR! I immediately pre-ordered BoB and snagged the La-5FN in support. Here's hoping they re-make the career mode for RoF as well! Would be a dream come true.
  8. Jason, I think you made the right call. It must have been extremely difficult. However, the superb VR support and continuing to deliver on promised features will keep me a loyal fan and supporter for years. It also helps that Rise of Flight is my favorite sim of all time and I absolutely can't wait to jump into my beloved Camel in VR
  9. RoF in VR? My prayers have been answered! Hold on, currently throwing money at the screen.
  10. Thank you devs! The dedication to realism means so much. You will forever have my support.
  11. Looking great! Can't wait for career mode!
  12. Just want to add another voice to the "I cannot play without it anymore" crowd. Every single person who I've sat down in my simpit with VR and IL2 have been absolutely blown away and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Some of them are RL pilots and some of them are terrified of airplanes. Every one comes away convinced this is the most awesome thing to ever happen to gaming. People will always resist change when there's a disruptive technology, and to be fair this is the early adopter phase to be sure. Time will tell what the future of the tech is, but I'm having far too much fun to even care about those petty squabbles.
  13. Thanks devs for everything! I'm happy that optimization passes are still happening. Really helps for those of us with sub-optimal hardware. Keep it up!
  14. Radek I'm in a similar boat to where you were. Had an i7 930, decided to double down and pick up a used x5675 hexacore and OC to 4.3ghz to tide me over, currently paired with a 390x. I only play in VR and I do zero editing/workstation tasks. I'm sitting on the money to finally put the old LGA 1366 system to bed once and for all but I don't see any great options. I am going with a custom water loop because I want to and already have the res/pump/radiator. I feel like the best bet for me with what is out right now is to get a delid 7700k from silicon lottery, paired with a 1080ti (seahawk ek x). The issue is that there's no upgrade path as 1151 is likely at the end of its life. I'd love to support AMD and go for a ryzen build but I feel like I'd be gimping myself since my number one use is VR gaming, and almost exclusively this sim and Elite dangerous. I suppose AM4 will likely support zen2 so there's a possibility that going with a relatively cheap 1600x now and then swapping in the future would be a good route but that's not guaranteed and I'm not sure if the 1600x at 4ghz would hold the watercooled and overclocked 1080ti back. (I know I don't need the GPU power now for IL2 but waterblocks are expensive and I want the GPU to last a good while). Any advice? Sorry if this is a little off-topic. Basically the question is: if you had a very high budget and wanted to build the best computer possible for IL2 VR...what would you build? I don't want to wait for cannonlake!
  15. As a fellow glider pilot I'd also love to see it but it makes about zero sense for the devs to spend a minute of time on. More than anything I just hope a flight sim title with as great of a VR implementation as this one comes along that supports gliders. The devs have just done such a great job with the VR that even the civilian sims are lagging behind. Aerofly FS2 has a couple gliders but does not yet simulate the aero-tow which is one thing I'd love to have if nothing else than just for keeping my skills sharp during the winter. Anyway, none of that is relevant to IL2 other than for me to say thank you to the devs for what they have produced. It really is the pinnacle of aviation simulation for me and nothing else comes close.
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