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  1. IIRC it used an SU carb. As far as I understand it you can only adjust it thorugh an adjustment screw on the carb itself. Might be wrong about that though. Also note that currently in game, the start up procedure already includes setting the cut out lever back to "Normal" after the engine starts running. So it's basically already at 50%. If you have mixture mapped to an axis, you will need to move it to roughly the middle position, if you have it on buttons, you don't need to touch it ever.
  2. In game, the mixture lever is modelled correctly. I'm not home right now, but from memory it goes as follow: - from 0% to 24%, mixture is in the cut out position - between 24% and 73%, it's in the normal position - from 74% up, it's in the start. So you don't have to fiddle with it, set it roughly around 50% and you're good to go. The only thing missing afaik is that setting the mixture in the start position should induce a throttle stop at the start-up value.
  3. Where did you get that 90? IIRC the only one stating so is the American test on JN729, which is an early Series I Tempest V, with the long-barrelled Hispano II protruding from the leading edge. Any other figuree I've ever read is either 87 or 85 mph. (btw, that american test explicitly confirms that what is considered "the stall" is indeed the aileron snatch)
  4. Here we enter the massively subjective realm of first hand accounts and feelings, but overall, most fighter pilot memoirs show that the pilots were living on the edge. They were sleeping very little, constantly exhausted, kept going by abusive amounts of drugs, obviously suffering from PTSD. Add to that the fact that while you as a pilot can concentrate on executing your aerobatics perfectly, they were pulling like mad with the very immediate fear of dying from a shell to the face. All in all, it seems very logical to me to have a WW2 pilot handling Gs like a very tired modern aerobatics pilot.
  5. But more importantly, the 150 octane discussion is totally irrelevant to the Tempest!
  6. Those are indeed bomb racks. The drop tanks usually didn't use bomb racks: they actually go pretty much where the rack would be, and contain their own attachment and (quite clever) release mechanism. (I say usually, because some drop tanks, of conventional form, were sometimes used. Those used the bomb racks, and could be dropped like bombs)
  7. At the very least the one I posted is in-game footage, so it's not always a track bug. Also has no clouds involved.
  8. Saw some occurences of this one evening on WoL as well. Posted a video of it here. (this happened after the last major update)
  9. Lol what? If you are being bombed, you might want to just not spawn there. As for the "DCS manual engine start", it's just not there. All that's asked of you is setting up two axes before pressing E, and even my grandmother could do that in less than two seconds. And she's been deceased for years.
  10. Agreed. On the other hand, though, let's be honest: for people having mapped RPM and mixture to physical axes, this doesn't change anything. And for the rest, it's still such a minor change I really fail to see what the fuss is all about. I mean, I assume this was added to make the 262's engine management possible. If it was not tied to that, then yeah, it's a weird design decisions, or at least it's a bit out of the blue.
  11. I'll just throw this here, I have a few other recordings but no time to upload them. Sadly I totally forgot to record a track yesterday. Yesterday evening (on WoL), I had two sorties with a lot of randomly appearing/isappearing planes, and I wondered if it had anything to do with patchnote 63. Here's an example:
  12. I used to consider a turn was 147°, but now I'm pretty sure it's definitely 213°. A swerve is definitely somewhere between 14 and 22°, though.
  13. Since I just found this thread and this has been bothering me for quite some time: every piece of information I can find on the internet gives a lethal blast radius between 2 and 6 meters for a 20mm HEI, in an open space. I think it'd be fair to say that for all intents and purposes, in game, 2 meters would be really conservative (you don't actually need to be dead to be useless at flying your aircraft, unconscious or paralyzed or whatever is enough).
  14. They were removed on some mods: A-5/U2, A-5/U-3 and A-5/U8. Those are all ground attack variants though.
  15. It's probably a legacy feature from the 190 A-0 and A-1. On those, all weapons were 7.92mm, so it'd make sense to have the prop-synchronized, non-subject to wing-bend weapons to fire all together in the same group. In any case, since iirc the synchronization system is electrical, ita kinda makes sense that the inboard weapons are on a different group from the outboard ones. Personally I pretty much never ran out of ammo in a 190, so I can't really see a point for uncoupling the MGs, whereas it makes complete sense in a 109.
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