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  1. WOW, what a Christmas Present! Thanks again to the crew and Happiest Of Holidays to you and yours.
  2. I cant wait to try the 110 out too ... I had so much damn fun in IL2 with the beast. Overall its coming along quite nicely. Mouse control: I don't care what it takes ... as long as my hand is on a stick, its WWII and a 'warmer weather' option might be on the horizon!
  3. All great news ... you guys are right on the mark! Thank you
  4. Downloaded and flying since I got off work ... this is beautiful guys ... really a work of art. The lighting and contrast with just enough detail. Very fine craftsmanship, I very much respect that.
  5. I house sit at times so I move around A LOT. Started doing this right as BOS came out. I drag minimal around ... box, controllers and monitor. I use clients mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. So I've played with speakers (2:1, 5:1, 7:1) and headphones (cans, buds, you name it) ... in this sim since day one (and similarly all flight sims since 95). In BOS I hear every single hit and my hits when in REAL close. All has been fine. That said I think im a lucky one. I have, as we all have, seen/heard of SO many incidents of this in this forum and other forums, heck in this sim and others too. I wonder if it just boils down to an individuals hardware/software configurations and a small percentage are unluckily experiencing no hit sounds or combination there of. The only thing of slight difference ... no off the shelf boxes. I bought my last computer in 1993, built every system since. Sound cards or onboard ... used them all. Either way I hope everyone can get sorted out someway someday. I feel the devs did a great job on what Im hearing and hope to keep on hearing. I like that Finkeren ... lag! Makes much better sense.
  6. Wow, very nice ... I cant wait, next week here we come!
  7. Used FRAPS for long, long time. Shadow Play and EVGA Precision for 5. I get roughly a 3-5 FPS hit, 47 down to 43 FPS in BOS at Ultra. Never 50% though. Not in IL2, DCS, ROF, Warships, SH5-4. Sorry to hear, that's a big hit. ( similar i7/16GB/ASUS X79-D, running a GTX790 though)
  8. Thank you so much guys, I've been waiting for this!!! Been flying for a couple of hours and the P-40 is everything EVERYONE else said .... and MORE!
  9. She'll fly like a date with Sophia Loren.
  10. Man, Id love to be back in the Pacific … I think if we do see it like many have said it will be way down the road … but most of us have been very supportive and patient overall since 2001. Speaking of supportive, why reply "What's with the disdain of the Pacific Theater? People just don't like water? :("? The replies prior and after had and have been positive. Wait, missed one "I know some of you don't like Pacific Theater of Operations".
  11. Eyesight .... FPS ..... ???? You know, you might want to un-tick "cinematic effect". Brain/Midbrain/Pons/Medulla Oblongata/Cinematic Effect
  12. Me too ... cant wait! GREAT shot on the purchase page! What's all that brown stuff behind the planes?
  13. THANK YOU so very much! Wow, been flying for only 30 mins and what a difference so far!!! Great update guys
  14. Oh, this is just great guys ... Thanks!
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