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  1. WOW, what a Christmas Present! Thanks again to the crew and Happiest Of Holidays to you and yours.
  2. I cant wait to try the 110 out too ... I had so much damn fun in IL2 with the beast. Overall its coming along quite nicely. Mouse control: I don't care what it takes ... as long as my hand is on a stick, its WWII and a 'warmer weather' option might be on the horizon!
  3. All great news ... you guys are right on the mark! Thank you
  4. Downloaded and flying since I got off work ... this is beautiful guys ... really a work of art. The lighting and contrast with just enough detail. Very fine craftsmanship, I very much respect that.
  5. I house sit at times so I move around A LOT. Started doing this right as BOS came out. I drag minimal around ... box, controllers and monitor. I use clients mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. So I've played with speakers (2:1, 5:1, 7:1) and headphones (cans, buds, you name it) ... in this sim since day one (and similarly all flight sims since 95). In BOS I hear every single hit and my hits when in REAL close. All has been fine. That said I think im a lucky one. I have, as we all have, seen/heard of SO many incidents of this in this forum and other forums, heck in this sim and others too. I wonder if it just boils down to an individuals hardware/software configurations and a small percentage are unluckily experiencing no hit sounds or combination there of. The only thing of slight difference ... no off the shelf boxes. I bought my last computer in 1993, built every system since. Sound cards or onboard ... used them all. Either way I hope everyone can get sorted out someway someday. I feel the devs did a great job on what Im hearing and hope to keep on hearing. I like that Finkeren ... lag! Makes much better sense.
  6. Wow, very nice ... I cant wait, next week here we come!
  7. Used FRAPS for long, long time. Shadow Play and EVGA Precision for 5. I get roughly a 3-5 FPS hit, 47 down to 43 FPS in BOS at Ultra. Never 50% though. Not in IL2, DCS, ROF, Warships, SH5-4. Sorry to hear, that's a big hit. ( similar i7/16GB/ASUS X79-D, running a GTX790 though)
  8. Thank you so much guys, I've been waiting for this!!! Been flying for a couple of hours and the P-40 is everything EVERYONE else said .... and MORE!
  9. She'll fly like a date with Sophia Loren.
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