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  1. my wife would do the arabic translation, if that is ok
  2. Hi me and at least two sqad mates from =69.GIAP= would be willing to help you with Flying Circus testing. =69.GIAP=VLADI
  3. What exactly do I Need to modify to get "ALT"-key combinations running? Thx, VLADI
  4. Thanks for this surprise! I have much better framerates in VR! However in VR I have a small issue, the left wing seems to be Closer to the Ground than the right wing, especially in the U-2. Otherwhise, the new GUI enhancements for VR are just GREAT! Thx S! VLADI
  5. Hi ArturDCS I use your Software as well, and I have exactly the same issue. If I would donate a bos key, could you please have a look at it? Your Software was the reason to add those panels again into my "homecockpit setup" S! VLADI
  6. This is wonderfull news! Really looking forward to this, this will boost mp experience a lot! Thanks for all your work, dedication and endurance! S!
  7. Personally, I use height and speed to get a safe margin... As an expample I tend to use 2000 feet and I try to be well above minimum speed and when approaching the highest point of the pass I do that never straight, but in a 45 degree approach to give me an easy turn back when experiencing a downwind. That was once very important when I was in train to fly arround the Matterhorn when downwinds caught my plane with 15m/s downwards...
  8. Today a Ju-52 of Ju-Air crashed while beeing on a scenic flight trough the south eastern part of switzerland. So far it is not clear if someone survived... The plane belongs to Ju-Air, www.ju-air.ch, it is said to be the plane with the registration number HB-HOT. Here are some pics: all from www.20min.ch All pics from www.20min.ch Today it was extremly hot with temperatures up to 37 degrees celsius. That resulted in a very high density altitude and makes flying in the swiss alps a real challenge. I can tell this as I am a swiss PPL(A) holder and fly regularly in these areas... Salute! =69.GIAP=VLADI
  9. Happy Victory Day from neutral Switzerland!
  10. For me the update works very well! I am impressed on how good it looks now, also in VR it is stunning! Thank you devs!
  11. Let's hope for some news :-) Anyway, I get used to press F5...
  12. We tested as well on our 69.GIAP Server and for us it worked with no problems at all.Maybe it helps if you post your sds file
  13. Hi Emil You need to do it from your account as the dedicated server needs a responsible holder ...then you will get an email with key and further instructions
  14. it does work for us, but we are still waiting for the ded server key :-) same firewall and router settings as for ROF
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