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  1. We're alive, guys. Sorry that kept you waiting http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?p=287373
  2. Full news You're very welcome to subscribe for new videos here You can ask new questions in this thread
  3. 108 Hi Everybody! P-40 is coming really soon. The team is finalizing the textures and the flight model as this dev blog is being posted. The plane turns out to be pretty specific and definitely interesting to fly. And it's particularly notable for the armament - six Browning machine guns. Yes, it may not be enough to intercept a heavy bomber fast and easily, but a fighter won't last a moment against their massive firepower. The effectiveness of two .50 cal machine guns have been introduced to you in the previous update that featured another premium BOM fighter - MC.202. This time you're about to equip at least three times more of the firepower. At least - because the Brownings are also notably more advanced than the Bredas. Also you'll surely notice that P-40's dimensions are outstanding - it actually looks huge comparing to German and Soviet fighter planes. Maybe Americans just prefer everything big and comfy vehicles. On the one hand it gives the pilot some extra room and provides for more armored elements, on the other hand - these dimensions sure make you an easier target. So stay vigilant and check your six more often. You can discuss the news in this topic.
  4. 107 Hi Everybody! First news about Bf 110 has arrived. Our FM engineers started flying on it. This means that a big part of the job is done. But two-seaters and bigger planes are particularly difficult to develop for a flight sim. The way how the crew interacts and coordinates their tasks, specific features of gunner positions and other details are always quite original for every aircraft. So of course we faced several difficulties developing Bf 110. But still those odds won't get us out of the schedule, and the plane will be available for early access in time, in November 2015. Bf 110 turns out to be a really interesting machine. For instance, it had impressive armament similar to one that Pe-2 had on board. Also its cockpit was equipped various devices including the autopilot like on He 111. Another interesting design decision was the way MG FF were mounted. They were put in the center of the frame, they had magazine feed and were reloaded by the gunner/radio officer. In a word, Bf 110 is shaping up as a nice aircraft promising a lot fun for players. You can discuss the news in this topic.
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  6. There are more including huge barges
  7. 106 Fall is coming! The new seasonal map will soon be complete, and today we're finally ready to give you a sneak peek at what we've got. The rest of the development is going as planned, so let's keep fingers crossed for the BOS add-on to be published in time. That's up to us to make this possible, and everyone in the dev team is doing their best to make it happen. Also we've started to work on the Moscow map - right in time according to the project plan, so soon we'll be sharing some WIP screenshots from it as well. And today - a few fresh screenshots from the autumn Stalingrad. You can discuss the news in this topic.
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  9. 105 Hi Everybody! We really hope that you enjoy flying Macchi which was released a week ago. But there's still a lot to do, both for BOS and BOM, and here what we're working at now: - autumn map for the free add-on to Battle of Stalingrad. We'll be glad to show the WIP screenshots as soon as possible; - new Campaign mission for the Early Battle of Stalingrad which will be set in summer and autumn settings. A few days ago these missions entered the testing stage; - the engineers are working at flight models of MiG-3, Bf 110, Bf 109 E-7 and P-40; - our artist team is making 3D models for MiG-3, Bf 110, and P-40. Soon we'll be able to show you screenshots of Bf 110's cockpit since the model is almost ready; - all the vehicles need to have appropriate summer camo, so we're painting them green, brown, etc. Some of P-40 skins are also ready, and we'll present them later to you. - also we're making new Multiplayer modes but it's a bit too early to disclaim the details. Today, a few days after the version 1.102 release we're not ready to show any new planes, but we've got a lot of square kilometers of summer Stalingrad map - why not to share some of its images with you! You can discuss the news in this topic.
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  11. Zak

    Game Updates

    Version 1.102: Macchi in early access Earlier today the 1.1.02 update has been released. It's full content you can find below. The main features are Macchi in BOM's early access and a package of several specific improvements. 1. MC.202 series 8 is available to all players who pre-ordered premium edition of Battle of Moscow and is now participating in the early access; 2. A sound bug at all Bf 109’s was fixed, and engine should sound different when under stress load (at same revs but with different prop pitch; 3. Bomb release sequence changed for 50kg bombs used on German fighters; 4. “Distant landscape texture details” graphic option should be some more effective; 5. The fuel tank simulation was improved to predict correctly how much of the remaining fuel can be pumped to the engine before it falls into negative G; 6. Ground troops were taught how to use signal flares more adequately; 7. Aim assist feature should now work independently from the Bomb and Rocket sight option; 8. Bad ping limiter should work not only at start but also during a match, giving the user a chat warning and then removing them from the server); 9. The F2 camera was tuned properly not to let one zoom into the plane, or invert it when the plane’s parked; 10. The missing gun reloading sounds that were missing have been fixed. You can discuss the version in this thread
  12. Full news You can ask new questions in this thread
  13. 104 Hi Everybody, MC.202 entered the final stage of beta-testing. And it’s coming to the game really soon. Both visual and flight models are ready, and we’re testing them as a part of the version 1.102 release candidate. Speaking of the plane itself we can’t but share some of our observations, especially these five particularly interesting ones: Macchi is quite a well armed plane. It’s to high caliber machine guns are surely effective especially for taking down enemy fighters; A very good dive speed. The reference documents confirm that during flight tests the aircraft reached 765 km/h with no problem at all. This presumes that you can run this bird as fast as 850 km/h or even faster. Surprisingly its G-limit according to the original docs is 15.6; Impressive differences between specific planes within the same model and production series; Quite peculiar construction features such as: different wing size, reversed throttle controls, a designated marker drawn directly on the sight reflector and a fold-out metal back sight to be used with it, etc.. We hope you’ll like your first date with this Italian beauty. Here are a few pics with the Macchi for you, pilots. It’s coming really soon to Il-2 Strumovik: Battle of Moscow early access program. You can discuss the news in this topic.
  14. Full news You're very welcome to subscribe for new videos here You can ask new questions in this thread
  15. 103 Hi Everybody! Today's diary should be particularly interesting to those who tracks the Battle of Moscow development. As you already know MC.202 Series VIII is the next aircraft in our list of early access releases. I finally have a few fresh screenshots showing the plane's cockpit. It's almost complete, and the August is coming in a couple of weeks already, so you won't need to wait long to get to try it. Also we've started changing pilots' outfit. The German pilot already wears his summer gear. You can discuss the news in this thread
  16. Version 1.101 hotfix:s 1. Game crashes / dramatic performance drops when destroying ground target were fixed; 2. Some drawbacks of I-16 cockpit's 3D model were fixed; 3. Axis inverting option should be available when playing a mission; 4. Bomb sight's shaking when all bombs dropped was fixed; 5. Bomb sight should no longer pop up when reaching angle 63°; 6. Mission editor should no longer stutter/freeze when deleting objects.
  17. I suggest we move this topic to the off-topic section. What do you think?
  18. Yeah, something tells me that we're gonna skip today.. Upd.: Macchi's cockpit is not yet textured, and looking at a naked 3D model is not much fun.
  19. Please, don't speculate on draw distance basing on what I said. I mean that there's possibility for graphical improvements in the future. In general! But that'd be a biggie so I'd rather wait for a global announcement - whenever we make it
  20. I wouldn't deny it is possible in a perspective. As you can see the team keeps working on game's improvements. That's the way how a moderator rises it up. Paragraph 18 of the forum rules has been violated - and the infraction was registered. There's a special and specifically looked after thread for FM discussion. We're gathering and examining your reports that are being posted there.
  21. 101 Hi Everybody! This diary, as many of you requested, is devoted to the new things coming to our game. Version 1.101 will bring a lot of cool features along with important fixes for the old ones. You've asked for some of them pretty eloquently. We are listening. We do care. Version 1.101 is the major preparation to the Early access program for Battle of Moscow. So, here's what we're preparing for you and what out testers will get to check first in a couple of days (or even less): Features: 1. I-16 fighter is now available to pilots who preordered Battle of Moscow. Players who don’t have it will be able to fight with it; 2. HDR can be turned off; 3. SSAO can be turned off; 4. Terrain Texture Draw distance can now be increased with a dedicated setting option; 5. New Choose plane screen added to Quick Mission builder; 6. F11 free camera is now available; 7. Your plane's camera should be shaking because of explosions nearby in external view with Cinematic Camera turned on; 8. Improved sun visuals on dusk and dawn; 9. More precise (realistic) calculation of the earth's curvature; 10. Max number of players per server increased to 64; 11. An automated chat warning about insufficient server performance capabilities added; 12. Variations of bomb aerodynamics added for more realistic bomb spread; 13. Bombs can now ricochet if dropped at a low angle; 14. Snap view settings can now be reset with the Reset user settings option; 15. Bombing tips added to the bombsight mode, press “?” to show them; 16. Ammo counter for the hand signal pistol added to GUI; 17. The following rules are now applied to server names: first 3 letters of the name must be latin; first 3 letters cannot be a single letter repeated 3 times; names that include text from the config file are prohibited; names that consist of latin letters, numbers, spaces and ( ) - / . , : = only are allowed; a letter cannot be repeated more than 3 times in a row (aaa - okay, aaaa - not okay); names can be not longer than 128 symbols; symbols (not letters or numbers) can be repeated 2 times in a row max (== - okay, === - not okay) 18. Added cameras attachable to objects: call in the currently selected object - LAlt + F2; customisable configs are available here: \data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\fixcameras Take a break from reading for a second: And we proceed with the list of Fixes: 19. Watching game recordings should no longer cause game crashes; 20. Abrupt lightning changes at sunset time were fixed; 21. The issue with the camera jumping to a map corner instead of showing the player’s plane when crashed was fixed; 22. Wind correction setting for bombsights was changes. Now, when all settings are correct the target should not move in the sight when the wind is blowing; 23. The issue with bomb falling through the ground with no explosion fixed; 24. Heavy AA guns will be using contact fuses when shooting ground targets with HE rounds; 25. Pilots gestures in MP fixed; 26. Pilot’s heavy breathing should no longer be heard on the external cameras; 27. Incorrect drag caused by bomb holders on Fw 190 was fixed (thanks to the report submitted by Ze_Hairy); 28. Config files responsible for weather settings was changed (they are now divided adequately to different seasons. Missions that were made before this update must be reconfigured using the new weather config structure; 29. Airfield choice should no longer be instantly reset with a click on the map in Campaign; 30. Server list will not shake when scrolling it; 31. A rare issue with text lines in the list of scenarios only showing when under the mouse cursor was fixed; 32. The issue with the Start button unavailable for some time after entering an MP match as a gunner was fixed; 33. The gunner icon was fixed in MP; 34. The distance controlling element of the He 111 bombsight was fixed (it doesn’t jump anymore); 35. The bubble is moving smoother now in the Pe-2 bombsight (partially because we have one similar device in the office); 36. Spontaneous bomb release in Auto and Scope bombsight modes on He 11 fixed; 37. The issue with NaN values shown on the dashboard right after a start in MP fixed; 38. The bug with chat message colors in MP fixed; 39. The 3d marker showing the center of an attack zone was fixed (swords instead of a yellow border); 40. The exploit of avoiding navigation markers with a map on/off trick in MP was fixed; 41. Resetting control settings should also reset inverted axis; 42. Several bugs related to inverting axis (including those bound to mouse) were fixed; 43. Scroll bars in the GUI are now working in a more traditional way. You can discuss the news in this thread
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