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  1. Bonne année à tous, je vous souhaite plein de bonne chose .
  2. Salut, connecte toi au teamspeak officiel de bos j'y suis assez souvent connecter ou au pire on se donne une heure fixe pour t'aidez un peu, je suis loin d'etre un super formateur et d'autres pourrons peut etre plus t'aidez, mais je peux passez un peu de temps pour t'expliquer les bases .
  3. I'm going crazy, strongly that the updates are coming. Thank you to the whole team this game is really great.
  4. I have supported the team so far and I hope that the career mode will arrive quickly. On the other hand I hope that you will continue to develop the game on the eastern front ( Koursk, Leningrad) or in europe (countryside of poland, countryside of france, ) Is the development of games in the Pacific after BOK is sure ? After I understand very well that the team is heading towards which will sell the most. But I was a little disappointed by the planes of Bok (has little thing the same planes that Bos and Bom and many American plane whereas in reality they had to be little represent ) I would have liked to see real new aircraft such as the Dornier or Bf 109G6 with a 30mm gunAnd large hood bumps and for Russian the Sukhoi Su2, The Tupolev SB2 and Tupolev TB3 or the Polikarpov I15 ( Tchaika ) . Sorry for my English .
  5. Salut, beau projet et très bon travail . hate de telecharger tes skins de cette fameuse unités .
  6. For lutwaffe http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/EinrichtungenLuftwaffe/Fliegerhorste/Gliederung.htm and if you want i can find the order of battle for somes dates as 22 juin 1941
  7. +1 I discovered this because I am passionate games of the Eastern Front and the Great Patriotic War and more specially the opertation barbarossa, I presume that be difficult to please all players, each player has a front preferring another . But Leningrad card would be interesting. thank you
  8. Magnifique, vivement le travail terminé ,
  9. Salut tes skins sont magnifiques, ou en ai tu dans la constitution de l'escadrille ?
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