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  1. Zak, you have a poor sense of humour. Maybe the discussion about the FMB last week and skinning (a couple of weeks before that) was the same kind of DELETED joke that this is? Keep taking things from the original IL2 (we bought this for) DELETED that's real nice, thanks. Still boycotting this sim (here and every other forum I visit) until we see an "FMB". This is just my opinion, and no one can change it but the dev's, DELETED . EDIT BY FSM: DISAGREE ABOUT THE DIRECTION OF DEVELOPMENT, BUT DON'T BE RUDE ABOUT IT. IF NOTHING ELSE< IT DETRACTS FROM ANY POINT YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE.
  2. The 9th Staffel of JG54 is currently recruiting noobs . Come to think of it, this version is so new, we're all noobs. If you like flying for the Luftwaffe, check us out... http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/5329-cash-payout-new-pilots/
  3. Well please let us know (in big bold letters) when we can come back to this game. I haven't flow since hearing this second cluster-f&$ of bad news (the first cluster being skins). Not another penny or minute of time will be spent on this game by myself, and if I could take it back for a refund, it would have been already. Thanks for nothing but an empty flight sim with no soul.
  4. I have been a host at IL2 for over 10 years and not once did I EVER run into that problem. The OPTION of being able to have them would make both, YOU and I happy as well as everyone else. Tick or untick the box and your problem and mine could be solved.
  5. If someone is flying a skin with nudity or textures that someone doesn't want, the host or room boots that person, simple. @ Jaws... I couldnt have said it better myself.
  6. You forgot to ask if "players" means all players. I've made over 1000 missions for IL2 and spent my money on BOS to continue to do so. I can wait, but for how long? I can't invest any more time with this sim until I see one
  7. Well put mike.. When the single players as well as the multi players, all grow tired of the missions they've flown over and over, what will keep them here to buy the next aircraft or map? The community that keeps building missions and providing new skins ...almost daily. People WILL get bored if they can't add to the game on a very regular basis. If the "company" doesn't let the community participate like we're accustomed to, it's cutting off it's own foot imo.
  8. This poll doesn't have the option I would choose, and that would be, this game needs a user friendly mission builder. But if not user friendly, any mission builder would be better than none. It's absolutely ridiculous as with the choice about skinning to only allow a few to do it, and not give it to everyone to build or skin as they wish.
  9. @ Luke.. Sorry if I didn't word it right, I didn't mean the exact same FMB that Oleg made. A user friendly mission builder is all I meant. This should have been planned from the beginning imo, but it sounds as if they've just used the ROF's mission builder. @ Jedders.. I think you are mistaken.. As I read and re read Jason's post, it seems to me that this IS truly ROF we bought, and not IL2. There is a poll here at the forum asking which sim we come from.. It is IL2 that has the majority, yet all the perks of IL2 (skinning, and mission building) are way different, where as they seem to be the exact same as ROF. To sum it up in which will probably be my last post here, I feel like I've just lost about 30% of interest in this discussion about the FMB, and the sad part is I've already lost roughly 30% of my interest when I read a discussion about skins not too long ago. The 40% that I still appreciate? The sim looks great.. great clouds, nice reflections and effects. The only problem is, it's got no "soul". Two weeks ago I was thinking about buying a fellow squad mate BOS. Now I'm wishing I didn't even buy one for myself. I'm just one guy.. I realize that, but I am an IL2 veteran ("veteran" doesn't have anything to do with my skill level, just the amount of years I played ) , and if I feel this way, how many others do? (I don't need an actual answer to that question here, I just worry for the sim) Hoping things change sooner than later.
  10. ..and we can't have a "Full Mission Builder" like we do in the old IL2? The old IL2 now uses triggers that even a preschooler can figure out. I am so confused as to why we keep going backwards with the things we can do, ie skins, and now the FMB that the IL2 vets have enjoyed for over a decade. If this is truly "IL2", how could a "user friendly" FMB not be in the budget from the start? It's absolutely essential to the sim's longevity.
  11. No. I think Spektre flies it some, afaik.
  12. S~ DKsvejseko We understand that people have real life going on and that family comes first. There are no penalties if you can't make it for an event. We're just here to have fun and to have wingmen that we can trust are looking out for one another while we fly the unfriendly skies. Drop by our site and check us out if you'd like.. www.9-JG54.proboards.com ps.. I noticed our recruiting poster went down yesterday, Spektre will be by soon to fix that all up.
  13. After all these years, one would think to re-arm and re-fuel would be an easy thing to accomplish. I guess I (and whoever else thought this) was wrong. Thanks for letting us know at least.
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