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  1. Does the tanks have a realistic damage module? like the planes, or is it simpler?
  2. I must say this is pretty amazing. WT have talked about combining there Tank and Airplane maps during a long time but have failed to deliver on that promise. Now put in some trucks, and supply that needs to be moved to the airfields for the airplane to have any fuel and ammunition, then we really start to have some interesting line of supply breaking objectives! =) Also ground captures for tanks.
  3. Fern it is the same for me. Just try to fokus on learning something new everytime. I myself is an expert of lurking in a good position for a single target and make a drop on him that leads to him killing me...
  4. Found a poll from earlier this autumn, about that they want to make this kind of multiplayer experience. Anywhere to follow the development of that? Anywhere I can read more about this?
  5. I am so onboad with this! Even post about a similiar idé today! http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/18394-some-ideas-multiplayer-campaign/
  6. I must really say I lowe this game it is a great air combat simulation. But as a former Battleground Europes player I always have problem with short games that have "no" or small meaning. This game would really shine if it would support some kind of an ungoing Multiplayer campaign. For example, a ongoing campaign that will last for maybe a week or a month. And have people sign in for a specific side for that whole campaign. Or if that feels to strict for people who want to fly both sides, a downtime timer of some hours or so before you can join the other faction. This would mean that the frontline will move back and forth on the whole big map. Depending on how advnaced you would like it to be there is alot of things you can intergrate. For example supply planes who fly in and drop of essential suppy to the more frontline airfields, or even drop parachut cases over your own troops. More airplanes gets available and can be flown in from HQ's far away from the more frontline based airfields. Tank regiment and infantry regiment moves on the map and engage the other nation, and can get supported from pilots. This would work even bether if you have one or a few assigned HQ/quartermaster on each side that choose all the big tactical decision, where to order in extra planes, when and where to moce with tanks or infantry, assigning objectives etc etc. I know this engine is not really supported for this but it would make it such a more rich experince (its already a very rich experience), but its always more intriguing to have some "bigger" things to fight for!
  7. I play on realistic. I have only been flyin Bf 109 so I have not had the problem handling the pitching. But now when I want to learn Junker, I need to map those keys, and I have tried almost all buttons on the keyboard and none work!
  8. Hello Tried to take of with the Junker today was not able to get enough speed. Someone told med I need to fiddle with the Pitch when flying Junker. Okey so I guess I have to do some key mapping. But this game is really really terrible when it comes to key mapping. It doesent say if does buttom are already used somewhere else. And even if they are not and I map them to something 70% of all the times it doesent work. I have tried to key map the trimming buttoms with 4 different combination and none work, not even the default one. So I was not suprised when the key mapping for Junkers pitch dident work. I tried several different keys, and aI tried on the (1st engine high prop /low prop) and on the / pitch up pitch down). It is getting really really frustrating. Really need some help here!
  9. Hello I just started playing and wonder little about what the difference are between Normal and Expert mode. What I can understadn is that u need to to all the engine startup procedure with expert and in normal you just press "E" But what about flight physics and things like that? Is their aim assisstance and similiar things?
  10. Hello I just started playing the game and found that the patrol mission (only navigation) was very very fun! I wonder if someone here have made more of these kind of mission? Like some easier and then harder and harder? It was very nice end evolving to just try to navigate using landmarks and compass. I would be very greatful if someone want to make or show me where I can get some!
  11. Hmm I need to see in to this. Good to know which buttons is for modifiers, and that its not possible with an axis movement. That webcam tracker seems intresting, dont have a cam at the moment
  12. That sounds to be about the same time window I have to play in. Do you have steam?
  13. Hello I dont have a track IR so I have to solve the head movement in another way. Any good solutions? right now I can look around on the cookpit with my mouse, but Im not able to move from side to side, up and down or forward backwards. Doesent seem to be able to attach that to the mouse. I wanted for example hold left mouse, move it forward = so that the camera in the cockpit starts moving forward. the same but from side to side. But it doesent seem to reckognize that command in the game.
  14. Hello Im a new player at this from sweden. Very limited experience in flying games. Looking for someone to fly with that want to share their knowledge! Please respond here or with pm =)
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