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  1. Famed Soviet Aviator and record setter Valery Chkalov died testing a Polikarpov I-180, a predecessor of the I-185, in 1938. This led to Stalin's growing dissatisfaction with Polikarpov and Polikarpov's diminishing role in Soviet fighter design. I think that played a role in the decision not to put the I-185 into series production.
  2. Merry (Western tradition) Christmas and thanks for the great update! I know it's always subject to change, but that's terrific news you plan to have the flyable Typhoon ready by late Spring 2021. Can't wait to do some serious mud moving in it!
  3. World War One is not my thing but very happy for those who enjoy Flying Circus and have been waiting a long time for this announcement. Hope it will include a Single Player career mode for you. @ShamrockOneFive Colin, any chance you'll write an article about this or be able to interview Jason?
  4. Yes, unfortunately, at both Iliarnovsky and Davydovsky airfields all the Hurricanes seemed to crash into each other after the tower would call "Rook, cleared to taxi". My first work around was doing an air start, but I preferred the second: changing the start option in PWCG configuration to start with engine startup. Then the planes would be all correctly positioned and, after engine start, would taxi one by one to the runway for takeoff. Took a little longer to get airborne, but the immersion was nice and it avoided the crashing problem.
  5. I noticed the same problem (escorts assigned in the briefing but not present at the rendezvous point) with missions in 11.7. I switched back to 11.6 and escorts appeared at the rendezvous point again and escorted my flight to the target and then back to the egress point.
  6. Salute! @Noisemaker you may want to consider trying a Hurricane career using the excellent Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator (PWCG) 3rd party add-on. Maybe not as historically accurate as the stock career mode, but PWCG gives you all the Hurricane armament and engine options in a Battle of Moscow campaign from the get-go. I'm currently flying a PWCG Hurricane career with the 651st Fighter Aviation Regiment on the Stalingrad map. Very challenging but enjoyable.
  7. Wednesday, November 18th @ 7 pm EasternNormandie-Niémen: French Aviators on the Eastern FrontGuest Speaker: Colonel Benjamin Vinot Préfontaine, French Air Force, NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation Register at https://militaryaviationmuseum.org/webinar-archive/
  8. Salute Pat! When you get a chance, could you look at the placement of aircraft on the runway at Illarionovsky Airfield with the take off from runway option? Currently in career with 651st IAP flying the Hawker Hurricane using take off from runway setting. Unfortunately encounter problems if I select more than five aircraft. If I have more than that the flight lead, and usually the Number 2 and often the Number 3, receive the command from the tower "Rook cleared to taxi!". Then the flight lead (and others) proceed to go to the taxiway, curve around to the active runway, and proceed to crash into the rearmost planes. The crashed planes then proceed to disappear. Sometimes while the lead is taxiing tower gives the command "Rook cleared for takeoff!" and planes will take take off which sometimes prevent crashes. The work around is never to have a mission with more than five aircraft. Then things seem to go OK starting with the proper "Rook cleared for takeoff!" order from tower with lead responding "Rook taking off!". BTW I appreciate you setting up having a career for the Hurricane on the Stalingrad map. I don't understand why the developers didn't do something similar for career mode. (Break Break) Also, if time permits, could you take a look at destruction of facilities, like automobile bridges, not showing up in the debrief or getting credit for them? Attached mission file may show me destroying an automobile bridge, in the post-mission bomb damage assessment in the game, but no mention of or credit for it in PWCG. For a while in PWCG it seemed destruction of facilities was showing up but it hasn't for a long time. This would fall in the "nice-to-do" category. It's not a war-stopper. Battle of Stalingrad Hurricane202011161711507.zip Battle of Stalingrad Hurricane 1942-08-29.zip
  9. Yes indeed! And I'd like them to include the command I used the most in the old IL-2 Sturmovik 1946: "ANYONE HELP ME!!!" 😄
  10. True that! As I watched US election returns yesterday evening and news of the deadlock today I kept saying to myself, "At least the Hurricane is coming....At least the Hurricane is coming..."
  11. Just wanted to give a big thank you for the fixes you implemented in 11.4.1, especially AI properly attacking ground targets. Just flew a mission in my Stalingrad IL-2 mod 1942 campaign. It was great to hear the Gannet (A-20) formation lead call "Bombs Away!" and later see the results of that flight's bombing in the debrief. There must be a heck of a lot of moving parts to the IL-2 and PWCG codes. I really appreciate what you're able to do with the codes that helps make IL-2 such a better single player offline experience. Salute!
  12. Salute Pat! I'm using 11.4. Unfortunately enemy/Luftwaffe Ju-87 Stukas and Bf-109E Jabos are not attacking ground targets as they did in version 9.2. Attached .zip file includes MIS and ENG files along with ERROR REPORT although there really is no error per se. Seeing Luftwaffe formations is visually stunning with the new spotting, and, thanks to PWCG high aircraft activity setting, makes for a very immersive experience. You really feel that there is an air campaign being waged and that makes for a better environment. I just wish the enemy formations would attack something and I'd see the Bomb Damage Assessment reports as the debrief unfolds. Maybe it's because it's December 1942 over and around Stalingrad and the Luftwaffe was more in a defensive mode? If you could take a look I'd appreciate it. Keep up the great work with PWCG! 9 December 1942 IL-2 Mission.zip
  13. AFAIK in regular game career mode there is no way to opt into or out of a mission as it shows up on the screen. Yes, it can be frustrating at times. I would recommend you check out and possibly install Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator (PWCG). There's plenty of information on it in the 3rd Party Apps section. In PWCG you only fly one mission a day. One of the things I like about PWCG is it gives the player some say on which missions the player wants to fly. You can accept or "scrub" a mission to suit your needs.
  14. Yes, it's your lucky day: https://militaryaviationmuseum.org/webinar-archive/ The woman I spoke with at the Military Aviation Museum said it could take a few weeks to edit and archive tonight's presentation. In the meantime, check out some of the very interesting past Wednesday Webinars. A lot of great stuff if you're an aviation history buff.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/MilitaryAviationMuseum/photos/a.97204101796/10158542660706797/ Wednesday, 26 August 1700h Eastern Time/2100h GMT. For this week’s Wednesday Webinar we will be joined from Finland by Juha Virola, who will discuss Finnish aviation during the Winter War and Continuation War during his presentation, Raging Storm: Finnish Aviators in WWII. To register visit http://ow.ly/rfiK50ADk3a Please note that this Webinar will begin at 5pm Eastern Time to accommodate the time difference between Virginia Beach and Finland.
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