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  1. Thanks for the heads up Gambit21! It makes me wonder, though, when and if the long-rumored "Masters of the Air" - sort of a "Band of Brothers" miniseries about an 8th Air Force B-17 bomber crew - will ever come out on HBO?
  2. A big SALUTE and merci beaucoup to MarcoPegase44 for his files and assistance in helping me with his Yak-7B and Yak-1B mods to make those aircraft flyable options in a Battle of Stalingrad VVS campaign. The key was correctly placing the "14" and "scripts" files extracted from his download into the IL2/data/scg folder.
  3. OK! Thanks. I understand now why the Yak-7B isn't in Battle of Stalingrad. Given the developers' workload, time, business plan, and motivation I still think it would be great to have an earlier version of the Yak-7 in Battle of Stalingrad someday. In the meantime I'll continue to enjoy the outstanding, constantly improving IL-2: Great Battles Series as is.
  4. Yes I have Battle of Kuban and enjoy flying the Yak-7B in it. I should have mentioned that. I guess I was trying to say it would be great to have the Yak-7B in Battle of Kuban AND Battle of Stalingrad similar to how you can fly the MiG-3 in the historically correct months it was available in the Battles of Moscow, Stalingrad, and Kuban.
  5. Salute! I think adding a Yak-7B Battle of Stalingrad career option would make an excellent enhancement to the game. Currently only the Yak-1 Series 69 is present. The Yak-1 is a good aircraft, but it's challenging to go up in it against Bf-109G2s. The Yak-7B with its better speed, handling, and firepower would make for a more even fight. Yak-7Bs were certainly present in the Battle of Stalingrad as noted from these excerpts from Yakovlev Fighters of World War Two by Yefim Gordon, Sergey Komissarov, and Dmitrity Komissarov: (Quote) Large numbers of Yak-7B fighters were committed to action at the Stalingrad Front. One of the regiments taking part in combat activities in that area was the newly formed 910thIAP (Special Mission Fighter Regiment) which flew combat missions from August 1942. Later it won the Guards title and was renumbered, becoming the 148thGuards Fighter Aviation Regiment) on 9thOctober 1943. Yak-7B fighters were used by the first group in the Red Army Air Force formed especially for ‘free chase’ missions. One of the pilots of this groups was Aleksey K. Ryazanov, a well-known ace (31 individual and 16 shared ‘kills’). April 1942 saw the emergence of the 434thIAP, which was destined to gain fame later. This was an elite air unit composed of hand-picked highly skilled pilots. During the summer of 1942 this regiment equipped with Yak-1 fighters downed some 90 enemy aircraft while operating in the vicinity of Stalingrad. In September 1942 the Yak-1s were superseded by Yak-7Bs. In all, while operating in the Stalingrad area, the pilots of the 434thIAP shot down 163 enemy aircraft. The regiment was commanded by Ivan I. Kleshcov, one of the most successful Soviet fighter pilots. In August 1942 the 288thFighter Aviation Division fully equipped with Yak-7Bs was committed to action in the Stalingrad area. On 27thSeptember 1942 twelve Yak-7Bs, led by the division’s commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel S. F. Konovalov encountered a group of Junkers Ju-88 bombers escorted by 22 Messerschmitt Bf-109s. In the first attack the Soviet pilots shot down two bombers and sent the rest of them scattering all directions; a few minutes later four of the German escort fighters were downed. Information on Soviet losses in this episode is not available. (End Quote) Yak-7Bs, their regiments, and airfield locations were listed in the Stalingrad Air Order of Battle Excel document in the 2016 Career Assistance thread in answer to Jason Williams' thread seeking information on VVS units and where they fought and served in that epic struggle. Unfortunately the Yak-7B did not "make the cut" when it came to setting up the various options for Battle of Stalingrad career mode. I realize this falls in the "nice to do" category and that it would take a lot of time to research and implement adding the Yak-7B to Battle of Stalingrad career mode. The career with its options is fine now as is. No doubt the developers have much more pressing priorities now as Bodenplatte, Tank Crew, and Flying Circus move forward. But retroactively adding the Yak-7B would add more historical realism and make for better game play for players like me who prefer VVS aircraft. Thanks for your time and consideration of this suggestion. Swoose
  6. You're welcome. I agree: the RS-82 rockets are harder to aim and get hits with. I usually only select them when flying LaGG-3, MiG-3, or Yak-1 bomber intercept missions in which they're useful against He-111s. When flying the IL-2 I only use BRS-132 heavy rockets with 400m convergence and explode-on-contact settings. Here's a recent video Requiem put out. Maybe it will help too.
  7. Salute! Check out this YouTube video by Cannon Fodder:
  8. Salute! How do you get to fly the Lavochkin La-5FN in Battle of Kuban single player career mode? Background: I purchased the La-5FN as a collector plane and am able to fly it in Quick Missions. I want to fly it in career mode. So I went through the steps of trying to set up a career flying it in a Battle of Kuban campaign. In career mode, on the career mode unit and aircraft selection map, I filtered out all planes except for the La-5FN in the "Calm Before The Storm" phase 6 August - 9 September 1943. The only unit showing availability for flying the La-5FN was the 249th IAP based at Dneprovskaya. When you hover the cursor over the 249th IAP symbol it shows the pictures of the aircraft with which the unit is equipped: the LaGG-3 and La-5FN. So I selected the 249th IAP and did the next/final step to select a pilot personality and picture. I started the campaign and am now 14 missions into it. Unfortunately I've only been able to fly the LaGG-3 because that's the only aircraft that comes up with each day and associated missions. Does the La-5FN appear later in "Calm Before The Storm"? Or is there some kind of glitch or bug involved and it's not possible to fly an La-5FN in career mode? For what it's worth, I've flown a number of IL-2 careers in different phases of Battle of Kuban. The ShAP unit symbols always show both IL-2 mod 1942 and IL-2 mod 1943 aircraft being present. And indeed they are: in some missions you fly a mod 1942 and in others a mod 1943. But the 249th IAP, although it shows having both LaGG-3s and La-5FNs, so far has only had LaGG-3s available for missions. The unit history for the 249th, on the tab with the unit battle flag, indicates that the 249th IAP did not convert to La-5s until July 1944. Not a huge deal, but I'd like to be able to fly the La-5FN in BoK career mode. Any thoughts/advice/assistance appreciated. Spaseebo! Swoose
  9. Please post some pictures of the get-together!
  10. Totally agree! That's the song I used as menu background music for IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946. Wish there was a way to that in Great Battles.
  11. Thank you Jason Williams and the 1CGS Development Team for the outstanding IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles and the terrific 3.007 update!😀
  12. Outstanding! Thanks for sharing! It's a credit to the devs that, if the footage was colorized, it would look a lot like the sim (or vice versa). I thought it was interesting that one group of IL-2 mod 1943s basically level-bombed the Luftwaffe airfield instead of being in a shallow dive.
  13. S! MultiDoc: Watch this excellent tutorial by Requiem. It should answer many of your questions.
  14. Terrific Update! Thanks Jason, Han, and the Dev Team for your hard work and efforts to improve the IL-2: Great Battles series! Suggestion: I don't know if the U-2 will be initially AI only and, perhaps, later on, flyable? If it will be flyable at some point, it would be great if Black_Six could create a short, scripted campaign for it along the lines of Sea Dragons that he did with the IL-2 mod 1943 for Battle of Kuban? Even better would be if the campaign could revolve around the exploits of the famous "Night Witches" of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, later redesignated the 46th "Taman" Guards Night Bomber Regiment.
  15. S! e_r, I'd strongly recommend watching these You Tube videos made by CannonFodder5: How to: IL-2 Dive Bombing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJdFFuaz_GE&t=4s How to: IL-2 Rockets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZBUDtW42Ww&t=3s I still can't hit squat with rockets, but the dive bombing techniques video helped me improve my skills a lot and rack up some ground kills.
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