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  1. If you don't have Panelfinder you may want to have it available. It is a jpg you load as a layer in any template to generate a dds with colors and numbers to ID various parts of the plane in Skinviewer. You place it as the first visible layer of the template and generate a dds. This is the 4K version. http://www.mediafire.com/view/8g8y1guu4185vjl/Panel_Finder_by_Tom_2_4096x4096.jpg/file
  2. For devs: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/
  3. I found and fixed some misaligned green camo on the tail control surfaces and made some other small adjustments. Download link to revised skin in post above. Sorry, just me being shoddy. 😉
  4. 😉 LOL, with my luck it wasn't easy to get ANY white to show. Thanks for taking a look and your comments.
  5. This is an update of a skin I did in 2017 for Black 3 which is a historic aircraft. I updated the weathering and paint. Thanks to ICDP for his template. Background: Black 3 is only one of two fully restored model A3s still in existence. It is currently on display in the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø Norway. The plane was built in 1942 at the AGO factory in Ochersleben, with the serial number 0132219. The original factory marking was KI+GX. In 1943 the marking was changed to "Black 3" to replace "Black 3" no. 0132102 of 14(J) JG 5 which was lost to flak in the Soviet Union on 22 May 1943. In 1943 the Staffel and the aircraft were transferred to Petsamo in North Finland. Here "Black 3" took part in the attacks on Russia as part of 14 Staffel, JG5 Jabo. On 5 October 1943, pilot Hans Gunther Kleemann from 14 Staffel in JG5 Eismeerjager took off in Black 3 from Petsamo, but ran out of fuel over Kongsfjord after losing his way in heavy snow showers. Kleenmann had to bail out, escaping with just a foot injury. The aircraft crashed on the mountain Div´gacærro in Kongsfjord. In 1986 what was left of the wreck was taken down from the mountain for restoration. It was finally put on display in 2013. When originally placed on display it had no wheel fairings and there are photos of it that way. The fairings were added at a later date and it is assumed it is accurately displayed at this time. Photo of restored aircraft versus the skin. Skin contains a hakenkreuz. Download link (revised Oct 24, 2020): http://www.mediafire.com/file/9y471ozinqzev4l/FW190a3_Black3.dds/file Note: The older 2017 skin was named FW190a3_Black3_4K.
  6. We're all flying around in planes that don't really exist trying to find air or ground targets, that also don't really exist, trying to KILL them. I think we all qualify. 😉
  7. Great write up, thanks for the detailed work, quality checks and information.
  8. Here's my best interpretation of a historic skin for Eberhard von Boremski's Yellow 4. Skin contains a hakenkreuz. There is an official skin for this plane. If you like this skin and fly with mods on you can have this skin show in place of the official skin by renaming this skin to "Bf109F4_skin_03.dds". Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kgj6xe4t5ufqvym/Bf109F4_Von_Boremski_Yellow4.dds/file Thanks to BlackHellHound1 for his template.
  9. The fact is many of the aircraft are now officially 4K with the 4K Normalmaps built in. The whole mod pack of historical skins are outdated as it is a mixed bag of 2K and 4K skins. I did the default & white skins in 4K from non-official templates. There has been much evolution since then in terms of template quality. The whole thing should be revisited. FYI, A Normalmap (NM) is the "skin" under the skin that gives the skin texture and lighting reflection qualities. A 4K skin can use a 2K NM but the skin will lose some of its definition. It is also possible that the 4K NM and skin have corrected position of items of the 2K NM on the aircraft by small amounts, so a 4k skin used with a 2K NM can lead to small anomalies. I uninstalled the mod a while ago due to these various issues. At this point I don't even remember which historic skins are 2K and which are 4K. It's possible the mod will be wrapping a 2K skin around an official 4K NM. If you do use it make sure to turn Mods On in game to see them and check use 4K textures in the graphics settings. Cheers!
  10. Prior to this change and announcement I had deactivated Reshade and made adjustments on my monitor as a test to see how close I could get the visuals to what I was using. The fact is it looked pretty damn good. Although not using VR, I had VREM activated to use the sun halo and reticle portions. I also deactivated this. To my surprise I gained about 20fps in certain situations. I found out about the ban when flying on CB when someone mentioned it. I have been a Reshade user for years and a defender of its use for coloration enhancement. The recent update to the game for spotting however really helped to make the game fairer. As far as I am concerned, and others in my squad I have spoken with that used Reshade, at this point there is very little being given up not having Reshade. I completely understand the reason behind the ban and support it and think this will help people feel safe from the jerks that could not resist using Reshade as a cheat tool. I know there are still people with medical conditions, etc. that may be affected more by not having it and I hope they find a different avenue to help get back some of what they may have lost.
  11. I held off making a comment until I thought about it a little. Basically I like all the new toys. This one however did take me by surprise. I can see where they have potential in a number of scenarios. I think a good pairing would be manable anti-tank guns.
  12. Brief description: Right arm and hand of gunner comes through fuselage on Bf-110G2 Detailed description, conditions: This occurred on Combat Box. The plane was not in combat. It is present during the entire 2:30 minutes of a track (available). I was not able to replicate it on QMB. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): See Signature
  13. 👍👍 Good job on the visibility change. This will help equalize the playing field in mp. The changes to haze and dawn/dusk fog will be a great addition for mp servers as well. If I had another thumb, you'd get that one too.
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