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  1. Here's my view through the windscreen after a friendly hit me. Only thing I could do was laugh because it was a squad mate!!
  2. Will purchase of Tobruk though 1C still require Steam to run it? EDIT, answered above sorry
  3. As I read more and more about VR having black screens due to cable problems, is there any VR unit that doesn't have this issue?
  4. And this bug has been present since 2015 and well documented to the devs.
  5. Good catch Snake. Please post the zipped track so the devs have it.
  6. Trying to get the zoom convergences working on my Pimax 8K so I don't need pp. Ran into a couple of things. The Alt-F9 menu screen is mostly off the screen to the right. I tried editing the location in "setting_helper.hlsl" for the lines #define DEST_BOX_UL_X and #define DEST_BOX_UL_Y but the menu didn't move. Also, after bringing up Alt-F9, the various keys for convergence don't seem to do anything. Had this same issues on the later versions of the old 3Dmigoto mod. Thoughts?
  7. I wanted to confirm that it wasn't IL-2 that was causing the issue so I started up the headset and went into a basic VR theater app. Everything was working good but then it did the same thing, black screen and back to Pimax default logo screen. What happened was SteamVR crashed (I don't use beta versions). I made a few changes including stopping an addon. Also made a few changes to Pitool including shutting off parallel projections. Went back into a few VR apps and no hiccups. Started IL-2 and remained up and running for quite a while as I tried to get settings the way I want. Did offline flying, etc. with no issues. So it could be a fluke it remained working this morning or maybe SteamVR was/is the issue. I have had my hopes dashed before so I don't want to get them to high. Time will tell.
  8. After months of letting it collect dust, I have started to try to use my Pimax 8K again. I never really had it working previously but with the game changes, etc. I thought I'd give it one more try. The main issue was the screen going black temporarily and then come back on which by then was too late. I always thought this was due to loss of tracking. I only had one base station, so I got another to see it it helped. Initially I seemed to help but now I'm not so sure. Currently, after I am in the game and spawn in, everything looks and works as it should. After a short period of time however the 8K screen goes black. I lift the HMD and see the game image is still on the monitor and operating properly. I try to get the image back on the HMD by moving it around which used to work. Now the game just crashes to desktop. At first I thought it had to do with accessing settings in the game or alt-tabbing out but it has been crashing even if I don't do these. Below is a link to a screenshot of USBLogView during the sequence of events. http://www.mediafire.com/view/1a9cblfvkkr1n2t/Pimax_8K_disconnect_annotated.jpg/file Not sure if there is some setting in the myriad of settings between Pitool, SteamVR, game, nVidia, etc., that could be causing the issue. When it works it's great. Just haven't been able to diagnose the problem. If anyone spots something that screams out as a potential cause of CTDs please let me know. Thanks. Here are my system settings, etc.: Windows 10 Home 64 bit CPU - Intel i7 6700K 4.00GHz Quad Core @ 4.6GHz RAM - 16GB DDR4 G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series (2 x 8GB) 3000MHz CAS 15 (15-15-15-35) XMP - Disabled Graphics - nVidia EVGA RTX 2080Ti Black, 11GB GDDR6 Motherboard - ASUS Z170-A ATX Power Supply - EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G2, 80+ GOLD 650W, Fully Modular SSD OS - 500GB SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal SSD Slave - 1TB SanDisk X400 SATA 2.5" 7mm Case - NZXT H440 Designed by Razer Monitor - BenQ ISP LCD Monitor 32" BL3200PT - 2560 X 1440 native resolution, 16:9 HMD - Pimax 8K Lighthouse - Vive 1.0 x2 (12ft apart, 72" high angled down at seat) Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 (wired) VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle VPC MongoosT-50 Joystick Base and BE Grip MFG Crosswind V2, firmware v5.05, Configurator v2.15 Joystick Gremlin v13.3 Discord Anti-virus/Firewall - Webroot Secure Secure Anywhere Complete v9.0.28.48 PiTools v1.0.1.249: IPD - 63 HMD: Lighthouse Tracking - ON Hidden Area Mask - ON Brightness - Normal IPD Offest - -2 Render Quality - 1.25 Contrast: Left - -1 Right - -1 Brightness: Left - 2 Right - 2 Brainwarp: Smart Smoothing - OFF Fixed Foveated Rendering - OFF Compatible with parallel projections - ON Field of View - Normal Refresh Rate - 72Hz SteamVR: Application - Normal 72% Video SS: Normal 72% VREM v2.0 Activated nVidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - Driver 446.14 WHQL: Image sharpening - Use global setting (Off) Ambient Occlusion - Not Supported for this application Anisotropic filtering - 16x Antialiasing - FXAA - Use global setting (Off) Antialiasing - Gamma correction - Use global setting (On) Antialiasing - Mode - Application-controlled Antialiasing - Setting - Application-controlled Antialiasing - Transparency - Off CUDA - GPUs - Use global setting (All) Low Latency Mode - Use global setting (Off) Max Frame Rate - Use global setting (OFF) Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) - Use global setting (Off) OpenGL rendering GPU: GeForce RTX 2080Ti Power management mode - Prefer Maximum Performance Shader Cache - Use global setting (On) Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization - On Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias - Allow Texture filtering - Quality - Performance Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization - On Threaded optimization - Use global setting (Auto) Triple buffering - Use global setting (Off) Vertical sync - Use the 3D application setting Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames - Use the 3D application setting Virtual Reality - Variable Rate Super Sampling - Not Supported for this application IL-2 In-game settings: Setting: High Screen resolution: 1280 x 720 UI Scale: Auto Shadow quality: Medium Mirrors: Simple Distant landscape detail: x3 Horizon draw distance: 100km Landscape filter: Blurred Grass quality: Distant Clouds quality: High Target FPS: OFF Dynamic resolution factor: .5 Antialiasing: 2 Gamma correction: 1.1 Full screen: OFF Enable VR HMD: ON Multi GPU Support: OFF VSync: OFF SSAO: OFF HDR: OFF Sharpen: ON Use 4K Textures: ON Distant buildings: ON Camera: Default view - Centered quick view Head shake - ON Smoothness - 50 Instant Zoom speed - 100% Limited VR view - OFF EVGA PrecisionX1 v1.04: Memory: 0 @ 405MHz GPU Clock: 0 @ 300MHz Target Power: 100% Target GPU Temp: 84
  9. Here's an example of Reshade Off and On. Amazingly not everyone that uses Reshade cheats. It simply enhances the game, period. Comparisons to the older 3Dmigoto are apples and oranges. With Reshade you have to spend time learning what a myriad of shaders do and then figure out what parameters to change and how in order to make it a cheat. With the old 3Dmigoto you simply installed the mod, period, and the zoom levels were your immediate cheat in 2D, if you wanted them to be. Remember, 3Dmigoto was mainly for VR users who needed better zoom. The mod was never designed as a cheat. The choice for admins is not whether to allow Reshade or not. Their choice is whether to allow injectors or not. If they ban injectors, it not only affects Reshade but also VREM, which is the new mod for VR users. The devs had to cut off the old mod because of the issue with it. If servers all ban injectors VR users will be screwed a second time. +100 EDIT: To the best of my knowledge Reshade cannot increase the distance at which a plane can be spotted, e.g., ~10km. It can however enhance planes within that range. You are still going to see another plane once within your spotting distance. Even if you could be spotted 15km away by a cheat you will still see him as he approaches you. Any advantage is short lived. The ONE biggest threat to players on mp isn't the possible few people cheating, it is the RANDOM INVISIBLE PLANE BUG which has existed for years and needs to be fixed by the devs. No one knows when they are invisible and to whom. IMO this is more prevalent than people with cheats and there is no defense against it.
  10. Just a thought about a silver lining of server migration. If Reshade users (normal or cheaters) may be migrating here as other servers ban injectors, so will VR users that want the VREM experience.
  11. Thanks. Checked my BIOS and XMP is disabled. CPU is slightly OC'd at 15% though.
  12. The invisible plane bug has been around for several years but I have never seen this iteration of it.
  13. I dusted off my HMD and fired it up today. It may not be the best one out there but it brought back amazing feelings of flight again. With the zoom levels in the game I think I could give it a go on-line. I also downloaded VREM though I haven't messed with it yet. The only issue I seem to have are CTDs. It appears to happen when I attempt to go into settings or alt-tab. Has this been reported by others? Sorry, this is probably OT.
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