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  1. Ya, where did that come from? The way I see it, Expert is too short (~10km) and Alternative is too far (>=40km). I think 25km would be a good distance for aircraft spotting in perfect conditions and would deteriorate from there based on haze, etc. The other problem is that when you spot something and zoom in it disappears. Maybe it shouldn't resolve it better at far distance when zoomed but the plane should never disappear.
  2. Date: 10/11/19 at ~2200 EDT Server: Combat Box Map: Rhineland, clear, few clouds Aircraft: Spitfire IX, standard wing, mirror, full fuel Issue: Loss of vertical stabilizer Details: While taking off the vertical stabilizer broke off. About 8 seconds into the track. Link to track: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgzpugaqz35ioxv/Tracks.zip?dl=0
  3. If you have already mentioned this, please disregard. As you contemplate changes to the missions, you may want to consider placing the target objectives further apart from one another.
  4. Going to me closer to 7:00 - 8:00 on the track will jump to me as the first friendly. Not the first at the beginning of the track.
  5. Have a track. This is taken from another plane. Going to the first friendly aircraft (LShift-F2) should put you on my Spit. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ff-nExrmJSKjyHiee4i07OytIRs2XCtH/view At 8:06 there are a couple of wingtip vortices for what it is worth: At 8:46 the stabilizer comes off:
  6. Well the trails can stop anytime as they aren't working out too well.
  7. Another day... another stabilizer. Date: 10/5/19 at ~2230 EDT Server: Combat Box Map: Kuban, clear, medium clouds Aircraft: Spitfire IX, clipped wing, mirror, full fuel Issue: Loss of vertical stabilizer There may be a track of this from a squad member that witnessed it. If there is I'll post it. Note: It has not happened to me on sp which I have tested quite a bit. Link to sortie: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/109927/?tour=14
  8. Date: 10/4/19 at ~2200 EDT Server: Combat Box Map: Rhineland, clear, few clouds Aircraft: Spitfire IX, clipped wing, mirror, full fuel Issue: Loss of vertical stabilizer Details: Sortie 1 (8 minutes): Took off and climbed. While flying just at the cloud base I noticed my plane would not turn properly and would nose up regardless of rudder input. Entered a spin that I could not recover from. After bailing I noticed the vertical stabilizer was missing. I thought maybe the canopy hit it when bailing. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/107243/?tour=14 Sortie 2 (12 minutes): Took off and climbed. Just when I reached the cloud base I checked my six and saw the vertical stabilizer break off and fall away. Had to bail. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/107286/?tour=14 Sortie 3 (1 minute): Took off and climbed. Anticipating that the cloud base may have something to do with the issue, I thought I would see if I could replicate it. I was not even close to the clouds when shortly after takeoff, again, the vertical stabilizer broke off and had to bail. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/107330/?tour=14 Sortie 4 (16 minutes): Took off and climbed. This time I was determined to document the issue so I started a track. Flew at all altitudes, through clouds, etc. without anything happening. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/107351/?tour=14 Although nothing happened and this mission ended In-flight, it indicates 100% damage. In all cases the loss of the vertical stabilizer registered as 53% damage. Other info: During all of these sorties the plane was never in a high speed dive, most of the time I was in level flight or climbing. It is possible the engine was in combat mode.
  9. I've done some testing of "Normal" (new visibility per v3.201b, Alternate view ON) and "Expert" (old visibility per v3.102, Alternative view OFF)). Please note that neither of these modes is per v3.201. Both only relate to aircraft spotting. I find only a slight difference between Normal and Expert. With Normal mode the planes appear a little larger and can be seen a little longer beyond the 9.5km range that registers with object markers than can the Expert size and range. Considering anecdotal evidence from WWII pilots (who spoke of seeing aircraft at 30+km), to me the Normal view distance (Alternative view ON) would be a better choice for the server and, IMO, even that seems short of what it should be.
  10. Aircraft visibility in pre-update v3.102 was ~10km. I'm not sure if the 100km visibility mentioned by devs applied to aircraft visibility in v3.201 but it was very far, maybe 50km. IMO I thought it looked too far. If I remember from readings, there were accounts of people seeing bogeys at altitude at ~20 miles (~32km). This was someone who could see something that others in the flight could not. How exactly they knew how far they were seeing is questionable. No idea the view distance under v3.201b but it is much closer to v3.102. I would think a visibility of aircraft of something like 25km would be a a compromise worth trying.
  11. Sad. Fatalities reported. Six were transported to hospitals. I caught the breaking news of the crash showing the burning plane but did not realize it was 909. https://www.wfsb.com/news/b--wwii-plane-crash-at-bradley-airport-was-deadly/article_d514bd24-e51d-11e9-b6ac-47e02ec67428.html I flew on her a while ago.
  12. Now that I have had some time to try the new planes, fly mp and experience many of the new features including the new distance view I would like to say this to the devs: Best update EVER!!!
  13. My pit. I choose a smaller square photo as these were more typical of photos taken at the time with a Brownie camera.
  14. Followed all the sizing etc. and still received right and bottom being cutoff. Loaded the in game custom_photo as a layer to check it and the image size was the same. Finally shrank the image to the left hand corner with a matching mask and got it to work. Sorry, but this was anything but easy. Swallow, you sure that's not Bonnie?
  15. I've done my time skinning. I put up a 1024x1024 photo but it was cutting off the right side. I then made it an 8x12 aspect and moved it left. No dice, still cutting off the right side. I shrank it quite a bit. Nope, won't work. It's like older versions are stuck in cache and won't clear. I give up.
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