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  1. Have had a pair of MFG Crosswinds since 2015. At first I used velcro to hold them down to a piece of plywood without any issue. I have since moved them to a Wheel Stand which allows horizontal adjustment and they fit perfectly. Love the pedals, very sturdy.
  2. Stats not updating. EDIT: This morning I flew a P-38 from the air start and attacked German artillery, returned to the recovery landing area. Never updated in the stats.
  3. My suggestion is to make things simple but it probably falls within the context that, "for every difficult and complicated question there is an answer that is simple, easily understood and wrong."
  4. @-=-THERION Thanks for your comment. Your suggestion isn't an issue for me, nor others I am sure, to implement however my suggestion is to make the game play seamless without the need for editing ini's, reboots, etc. Not everyone buying the game wants to get into these workarounds, reboots, etc., they just want to play without interruptions.
  5. Type of improvement: Ease of Use Explanation of proposals: Currently the setting Enable Mods has to be turned on and off depending on what mode you are playing. If you want mods on for sp play, you have to go into settings and activate it and reboot the game. If you then want to go into a mp server, in order to even see the servers available where most do not allow mods, you have to go back into settings and deactivate mods and reboot again. If you make a track within mp and want to take screenshots or make a video with mods on you have to make a change in game settings and reboot the game once again. This may sound like a only minor inconvenience but I don't understand why it exists at all. There are a couple of settings which, if they are selected, will show in all sp play but will not show in mp if the server does not allow it. You do not have to deactivate these settings nor reboot the game to switch from sp to mp. One setting is for the 2D instrument panel and the other is the mini-map. With either activated you can still see all mp servers available. My suggestion is to treat Enable Mods the same. You set it once. It will be on for all your sp play. If you want to go to an mp server, you will still see all servers available. If the server does not allow mods, which most have already have it set to, you simply won't see mods while playing in that server in the same fashion you won't see the full 2D instrument panel or the mini-map if you have these selected. Benefits: The benefit of this suggestion is it will make the game change between modes of play between sp and mp invisible for those who use the Enable Mods setting by eliminating required changes in game settings and game reboots in the same fashion as a couple other existing settings.
  6. @The-Doctor I don't need anything, just wanted to say this is a very generous gesture. Tip of the hat to you sir.
  7. @sniperton I used to have an MSFFB2 and had the issue of loss of FFB when I alt-tab'd. The solution at the time while still flying was to go into settings, then key mapping screen, then escape out. Some times it worked the first time, other times it took more than once. This is an old work around and may no longer work. Either way it's a pain in the butt.
  8. I used to hear the disconnect/reconnect OS sounds but now my sound mixer keeps resetting System Sounds to 0%, so unless I remember to increase it I don't hear them, thus USBLogView. I have one of the first 80 v2's produced which had a problem with many disconnection issues. This was due to a board not handling low voltage issues (if I remember correctly). Milan sent me a new board and after installing it and doing the firmware install the disconnect/reconnects happens rarely. I really don't think the MFGs had anything to do with this most recent in-game rudder issue. Keep in mind, my change to the in-game noise filter to .4 could be what caused the new problem. 😉
  9. The other night I was flying and I lost the use of my rudder. After about a minute or so I got use back. This was very similar to an issue I have had related to a USB disconnecting and then reconnecting. When I checked my USBLogView however there were no devices that had disconnected/reconnected. So this event seems similar to what you describe. Note about previous issue: I have had the issue over time of a USB device disconnecting/reconnecting while flying. I use Joystick Gremlin and when this happens it in turn causes my current profile to deactivate, affecting all key commands to be effected. When this occurs I have to Alt-Tab to reactivate it. In order to find out the culprit I installed USBLogView. Once it did occur again the log showed it was my MFG rudder pedals. The one change I have made recently was to increase the in-game noise filter from .2 to .4. The reason I did this was Jason indicated that device noise was found to be the culprit behind the loss of vertical stabilizers on some aircraft. Like I said the recent loss of rudder did not occur during the temporary disconnect of the USB rudder pedals and was different as the profile in Joystick Gremlin remained active. Link to USBLogView: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_log_view.html
  10. I have reported previously that the Spitfire IX's vertical stabilizer breaks off with no cause and provided several tracks of this happening. The Devs responded they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix for many aircraft. Apparently this has to do with noise from input devices. I came across something similar today. Date: January 9, 2020 at ~1400 EDT Server: Combat Box Map: Rhineland, clear Aircraft: Tempest Mk.V Issue: Loss of end of right wing. Details: I made 2 passes on a Me-110. While making the 2nd pass, and after firing a short burst, the end of my right wing separated (at 18:41:10 in the sortie log). I don't see how this could be stress related as I was not close to even graying out. I had not been hit by the Me-110 or anything else. Link to sortie: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/299411/?tour=17 Track available.
  11. Here's a log example of the pilot kill vs kill credit issue. It even says Snake shotdown the plane. I came in after and put in a few rounds and got the credit. (Not the same issue of kill credit based on hits on plane.) EDIT: Disregard.
  12. Noticed something a couple of times and thought I would ask about it. Have seen a pilot get killed by one pilot yet the kill goes to another pilot that got hits on the aircraft. Is this the way it's supposed to be?
  13. @c6_lefuneste To get back to you on this. I am using an 8K on Normal. I have adjusted variables in setting_helper.hlsl to bring in most of the menu to the forefront. Still not perfect but good enough for now. Thanks for your help. The adjusted values are: #define DEST_BOX_UL_X 0.09 #define DEST_BOX_UL_Y 0.18 The problem is the text is too large and the menu flows off the bottom of the screen. Are there variables that control the text size that I can change to make them smaller?
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