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  1. This update is going to be fantastic! Can't wait. Thanks for your continued efforts to make improvements. Just wondering about the concussion wave of a bomb. Although bomb fragments might not penetrate tank armor, its concussion wave could definitely affect exposed crew members, even fatally. Is this already modeled in the game? If not, is it part of the changes coming?
  2. Another example. This occurred during a multi-squad event. There were two sets of 11 or 12 B-25s in V formation. Some members of our squad could see the bombers while others could not. One person said he could see them initially, then they disappeared, then reappeared later. I could not see them at all during my first track (not attached) and they appeared beneath me during the 2nd track (link below). I would estimate this is about 20 minutes into the sortie. The bombers appear beneath my plane at 3:54 into the track. You can see this from external view from above my plane. They appear at my low seven. They appear one by one, not all at once, so it takes time for all the bombers of the group to appear. I would estimate their distance at 2 to 3km. Not positive but I believe the second bomber group is in front of this group. There may be other instances of invisible planes appearing in this track, I have not studied it that closely. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6hdo11n7ccegqzo/dogfight2020-03-22_19-25-08_01.zip/file
  3. My Z axis was DOA on my model 1 throttle. Never could take the time to get it fixed.
  4. I have had issues with seeing aircraft under fire of flak for a while. I see flak but not the plane. I, along with many squad members, have experienced this. I always wrote it off to not being able to see the plane due to the background or distance. Today I found out I was wrong with either assumption. BTW, this is not the old invisible plane bug where a plane could not be seen until it fired its guns. Attached is a track flying on Combat Box today https://combatbox.net/en/mission/4422/. The sky was clear, no clouds. I spotted flak fairly close off my left but could not see a plane. What I found when reviewing the track was that the enemy aircraft (Bf-109) does not show up until it is at 4.93km from me when it pops in (minute 1:41 on the track). In QM I can see this size aircraft with normal viewing distance at about 10km. Oddly, I know I have seen aircraft at much further distances in Combat Box. It seems this 109 should have stuck out like a sore thumb. Track link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jlmfdez19hv6wwd/Tracks_dogfight2020-03-19_12-15-29-01.zip/file
  5. How would you handle objects, i.e. planes, tanks, etc., from other "modules" when used on the "module" map you own? Within Bodenplatte you may have a mission to attack a group of German Tiger Tanks. If all modules aren't merged and you didn't own TC, you wouldn't see the tanks. As it is now, you see them regardless of "module" ownership. In mp, planes from many modules may be in a Bodenplatte map. You wouldn't see these aircraft if the modules were not merged.
  6. Once you have the dds plugin installed, just save your file with the dds extension in the drop down menu for file extensions. No need to flatten. It will also ask you during the save function about the Alpha Channel which you want, then you'll want to generate mipmaps and use DXT5 ARBG. That should generate the full dds file.
  7. Looking forward to seeing the skin pack. I have a personal skin paying tribute to a 401st member based on the serial number which belonged to Flt Lt Robert J. Land of the 401st RCAF who was shot down on January 14, 1945 by a FW-190 and killed near Noord-Berghuizen, north of Essen. Photographs were hard to come by.
  8. Head shot not necessary for "Instant-Kill". A 20 or 30mm hit to the body will ruin your day. No problem with these kills in game. Where I see a problem is the number of times one can survive a horrible crash landing. Should be more deaths in these situations.
  9. Corona beer has been proven to spread the virus. DO NOT dispose of this beer down your drain as this will also expose you. Instead, ship all Corona beer to me for proper disposal.
  10. Just tried Mitchell's Men, great mission map, thanks. Yes, of course there's a but. LOL. It does not however relate to just this mission but all missions in general. The thing I don't get about points in stats is when you fly a mission and come back empty handed. This could be a long range bomber run, an escort mission, CAP, fighter sweep, etc. For whatever reason you do not take out anything, e.g. bombs miss, the enemy not appearing, your presence preempts an attack or you engaged them and they leave. The mission was however a risk to life and limb and in many cases a success as you either prevented an enemy attack or were just present in case of one. When you land and spawn out, not only do you not receive any points, which would be fine, you actually lose points. It appears to be a disincentive to taking on some mission types. EDIT: The "points" I refer to are the ones that show to the right in the Pilot Rankings summary.
  11. I looked at the rescue/stabbing scene this way. It is the duty of captured soldiers to escape. The airman most likely knew he was close to his lines. He would have thought he would be taken back to British lines, therefore he tried to escape. Under those circumstances I could see this happening. On a human level he owed his life to those Brits but on a military level he owed them nothing. Not the most brilliant attempt but hey, it's a movie.
  12. When I try to open the stats page I get the following warning. Anyone else getting this? EDIT: Now its just a Service unavailable message. Assume it's being worked on.
  13. @ME-BFMasserME262 OK, I thought you had found something new. Been using the aircraft skin viewer since it came out. Tanks need to be in it also.
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