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  1. That's Oleg Yраган. I'd know him anywhere. 😉
  2. The problem is their throttles do not have enough to cover the needs. Having a separate CP with levers to assign flaps, mixture, rads, etc. to would be a bonus to sims. There are other "garage" shops selling this type of equipment. I think just the opposite, by not having more axis on the CPs, they are losing sales.
  3. All 4 of the winners of the control panel design competition had more than 1 axis lever, 2 with 2 levers and 2 with 4 levers. So far they have introduced 2 control panels, 1 with no axis lever and 1 with only 1 lever. Why ask us? Winners: https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/1048-control-panel-competition-results/&tab=comments#comment-7607
  4. After my posts above I upgraded my PS from 2018 to the latest, v22. When I went to save a skin there was no dds plugin. I downloaded the nVidia Texture Tools Exporter and ended up at the same place you were/are, i.e., couldn't get a dds file generated within PS. I found the following and followed the instructions and it now works the same as it always did. When saving, it now shows 2 choices for dds, one for the new Exporter and the older one. Of course I do not use the Exporter one as it still does not work. Luckily I still had the 2018 version installed to transfer the files. Not sure
  5. I voted for Netcode of the items listed. I really think priority ought to be given to infrastructure vs "feature functionality". What I really think is most important to expanding the game as well as longevity is an update of the game engine allowing for more complex objects, such as carriers, without major impact to frame rates.
  6. It's amazing though what a pilot can accomplish.
  7. I was aware that this kill mark was based on a probable. What I am still not sure of is whether putting kill marks on planes based on probables was SOP within the RCAF and/or RAF.
  8. Are you first selecting dds in the file type drop down? What's the path where you are saving the files?
  9. @Administrator Can this thread receive a pin?
  10. In QMB the game does need remember the skin selected from one sortie to another IF it is a skin that has a second dds file linked to it. The Hurricane may be the only plane that uses an additional dds file in certain cases, not sure. I have not tried it in mp but I assume it will not hold the skin selection from sortie to sortie there either.
  11. **bump** Revised 174 skin up. Just had to adjust the camo line on the right forward fuselage. Apology for any inconvenience.
  12. Here is another historic skin based on a Block 6 MkIIb produced by Hawker Aircraft which was delivered between the 24th July, 1941 and the 18th March 1942. Serial number BE505 was issued to 174 RAF squadron (XP squadron ID, L aircraft ID) which had been at Manston, Kent, which was formed from Hurribombers in March 1942. XP-L BE505 saw action during the Dieppe amphibious landing on 19th August 1942 piloted by Flight Sergeant C. Bryce Watson who was shot down by flak, although he survived the experience he was captured and became a prisoner of war. The restored Hurricane
  13. Ya, they didn't get a lot of love, one of the reasons I chose them.
  14. I am submitting a pack of four historic skins for the 309th RAF Squadron. They were one of the Poland squadrons and flew the Mk.IIc from April to September of 1944. During that time frame they did not see much action however you can change all that. I hope these skins honor the service of all Polish pilots during the war. The planes are from Block 10 produced by Hawker Aircraft. The squadron inherited the planes from another unit after being downgraded from the Mustang MkI. The plane IDs and serial numbers match actual. Hope you enjoy flying these as much as I did
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