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  1. The same way it works in non-VR, zoom in or out and it holds wherever you stop it. The max level of zoom should be as close to non-VR as possible.
  2. I installed 132 today. Flew a sortie offline with FFR (Balanced) . Screen went black at one point and just after I got it back the game crashed.
  3. Really a shame. Condolences to all who knew him.
  4. I downloaded the first 12.5 yesterday without issue. Today I went to get the revised version and the site is requiring notifications. Have you changed the DL site? Also, I have a Pimax 8K. Will this revised version work with it?
  5. If there has been an increase in chute killing it should come as no surprise, with limited lives there is an incentive to do it.
  6. I have noticed that when looking for ground targets from altitude the mod zoom enlarges an area but it is blurred. This is unlike the IL-2 VR zoom which enhances the area zoomed and targets are easier to see. Is this a restriction of the zoom feature and not much can be done about it?
  7. There was an invisible plane bug in 2015. I documented it on a few tracks in the forums. At the time, the planes remained invisible until they fired their weapons. The devs had people who wanted to assist to make a change in the startup.conf so that when when flying invisibility would be logged. The log and tracks, if available, were submitted to the devs by a number of people including me. After a period of time they did solve the issue. I wonder if this is a new bug or the old one rearing it's ugly head. On April 22, 2015 the devs released v1.011 (link below). They announce the following: LINK:
  8. I've thought about the limited lives rule and frankly I think there are many more down sides than the few up sides. Hope this is eliminated in the future.
  9. After some flying what I have found is that with VR there are many more prgrams open on the desktop, e.g. SteamVR, fpsvr, PiTool. I was opening and activating JG first. I have started opening it last, just prior to launching IL-2. I haven't had the deactivate issue for some time. Hope this is the solution.
  10. I was also disco'd and the stats page is down. Think it was a server issue.
  11. I am now using the three levels of zoom with no binocular view. I took the zoom view settings for the Pimax 5K+ to use on an 8K. The two lower powered views work fine. The strongest view works but I am receiving a shadowed vertical bar just right of center view. This is not a deal breaker, just wondering if anyone else has this. What's great with these is the I can use the 20 degree right/left view extensions in conjunction with the various levels of zoom. Should truly help with SA and ID.
  12. I have been using JG v12 for some time without issue. Recently I started using IL-2 with VR. What happens now is that after flying for a while the activation button deactivates. This requires an alt-tab to reactivate which is very awkward with VR. I updated to v13.1 but it still occurs. Is there a keystroke that can activate/deactivate JG that I my have cross linked? The other thought is that JG is in conflict with PiTool or SteamVR. Is anyone else that uses JG having this issue? Thanks
  13. Thanks Chili. Through some testing using fpsvr I have seen certain settings would drive down cpu use. Just didn't notice FFR was one of them. Will leave it off. Had the cpu OC higher in the past but it showed instability. At current rate it has been stable for a long period. I flew in mp last night with over 50+ people where there was pretty solid cloud cover on the Kuban map. Even on the ground I was surprised how well it maintained near target fps and smoothness. Once I gained a little altitude I was at a solid 72fps.
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