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  1. VBF-12_Stick-95

    What volume setting do you use?

    100% in game, adjust in OS.
  2. VBF-12_Stick-95

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    None of the above.
  3. I did experience some but was able to overcome it and was not the main reason. The main issue was losing FFB while flying. It would do so on an Alt-Tab and when I entered my first flight. It would also occur while in flight for no apparent reason. The only way to get it back was to go to Key Controls and they escape back but it may take 3 to 4 times to take. As you know, without FFB there is no resistance to the stick which I found difficult to accurately control. I had a FFB2 for over 12 years so the change was not something I did lightly. So glad I made the change though. There are other indicators of speed, etc. within the game that offsets the loss of some vibration.
  4. I finally gave up my MS FFB2 about 8 months ago due to issues with the game. I went for a Virpil. I was worried about losing the FFB. As it turns out, I don't miss it at all and control of aircraft is actually better now.
  5. VBF-12_Stick-95

    Nvidia Graphics Issues Post Here

    Wow, that was a while ago. If I did, it has been overshadowed by time and other issues. I hope you get the issue straightened out.
  6. I made a bug report but no one has posted to it, see below. This deserves a hot fix. Also see this post:
  7. Other theories include being run over by a Kübelwagen while walking to debrief, having a pallet full of ammo dropped on me, or just a heart attack. Anyway I feel like Netflix's Russian Doll.
  8. Yep, just wasn't sure how prevalent this is.
  9. After a couple of successful landings, as reported by the game, while sitting on the briefing screen for a brief time, the successful landing was changed to a Death. This occurred in coconut's expert server. Other have reported this issue as well.
  10. And these faux deaths are flowing right into coconut's stats. EDIT: I flew three missions, faux deaths on the two fighter missions, a bomber one had no issue.
  11. Here's something odd. I flew a mission, shot down an aircraft and landed. Received the successful mission message, etc. from the game. The text said I had landed and my plane was reserved at the airbase. I then was interrupted and had to go away from the screen for several minutes. When I came back the briefing screen was still up but the successful landing message now said I was killed. I looked in statistics in IL-2 and it did have me listed and dead. Is there something new I missed?
  12. VBF-12_Stick-95

    Nvidia Graphics Issues Post Here

    I was using 417.71 with my new GPU and was experiencing massive fps slowdown in IL-2 GB after v3.010b. Installed 481.91 and all is working right again.
  13. VBF-12_Stick-95

    Low Frames Rates with 3.010b - SOLVED

    Updated the driver to 481.91 and all is good again. Thanks for your help.
  14. I have seen others post about this issue in the main v3.010 announcement thread. I thought I would create a central spot to share thoughts. Thru the v3.010 update I was using a GTX 1070. I have a 32" 1440 monitor. My settings were on Ultra and all the settings on the highest. I had very smooth play with good frame rates. Yes, being on the ground on certain maps or clouds would bring fps down but once in the air the game was always flyable. I was using the the latest driver (417.71) with my 1070 at that time with v3.010. The day after v3.010 arrived I installed an RTX 2080Ti. I did a clean wipe of the nVidia drivers and reinstalled 417.71. My fps improved significantly in the game even on the ground or in heavy clouds. It was wonderful. v3.010a came out and I don't remember any issues. Last Thursday when v3.010b came out I updated the game but didn't get to use it as I went away until yesterday. Upon returning I tried things out and it is horrible. Frame rates are in the toilet. In a dogfight over water at 3000m frames dropped to 26. I am getting hesitations and the game is no longer smooth. It is much worse than the previous versions with my 1070 and at this time it is unplayable. I do use Reshade for a limited number of items but turning it off had no effect. Thoughts? Stick
  15. No VR here, just a 1440 monitor.