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  1. I held off making a comment until I thought about it a little. Basically I like all the new toys. This one however did take me by surprise. I can see where they have potential in a number of scenarios. I think a good pairing would be manable anti-tank guns.
  2. Brief description: Right arm and hand of gunner comes through fuselage on Bf-110G2 Detailed description, conditions: This occurred on Combat Box. The plane was not in combat. It is present during the entire 2:30 minutes of a track (available). I was not able to replicate it on QMB. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): See Signature
  3. 👍👍 Good job on the visibility change. This will help equalize the playing field in mp. The changes to haze and dawn/dusk fog will be a great addition for mp servers as well. If I had another thumb, you'd get that one too.
  4. For taxiing Spit IX after startup I set the prop pitch to 40% and after the plane starts moving do not go over 20% throttle to taxi, using only rudder to steer. Basically the speed of walking. Just remember to increase prop pitch prior to takeoff.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this in person.
  6. That's a big "if". Standard fighter a/c still disappear at about 10km.
  7. I read the OP but not all subsequent responses so if my comments have already been mentioned or addressed, my apologies. First, I appreciate the approach taken for realism. Obviously for those of us who have not flown actual combat missions what one sees and experiences can only be imagined. Second, for me personally, using only the game's graphics, spotting is as follows. On the clear horizon I can see contacts at 9.5km if I know where to look, otherwise I can generally pick them out pretty well at 8.5km. Spotting planes directly below me over forest is much more difficult even if they are within 2km. It is what it is and I accept that. So the spotting within the game I have no complaints with. Some may use third party software to enhance their viewing but they are still restricted by the 10km sighting range. There are however two points about plane visibility that I would like to make that I KNOW are not realistic and take away from the game's immersion. First, invisible planes. They exist until they take some action when they become visible and it has been documented by myself and others as far back as 2015. Having an aircraft in clear weather 30 meters from you than you cannot see should not exist. Second, and this is something fairly recent, is disappearing/reappearing planes. Do not confuse this with planes going in and out of the 10km sight range. I am talking about watching planes at 2 to 3km just vanishing and then seconds later reappearing. No real life condition explains such behavior. Thank you again for all your research on spotting and trying to get IL-2 as close to reality as possible. I hope my two concerns can be addressed.
  8. Thanks for these. Just a thought, MediaFire would be nice for file sharing.
  9. Baby steps here, do I activate it first in the GB store License Key page?
  10. I own Blitz but it's not installed. Steam lists in my Game Library: IL-2: CloD IL-2 CloD Blitz If I purchase Tobruk through the GB Store and activate the code on Steam which do I pick to install?
  11. A video of an invisible plane encounter, while interesting, is worthless to the devs without posting the full track also that they can download.
  12. Here's my view through the windscreen after a friendly hit me. Only thing I could do was laugh because it was a squad mate!!
  13. Will purchase of Tobruk though 1C still require Steam to run it? EDIT, answered above sorry
  14. As I read more and more about VR having black screens due to cable problems, is there any VR unit that doesn't have this issue?
  15. And this bug has been present since 2015 and well documented to the devs.
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