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  1. I understand. But the problem is that my old email address is disappearing and the company that owns the server is disappearing so my and hundreds of other people's email will disappear. already it takes at least half an hour to get in to the mail. So I have to change email address and I have send a screenshot of my licences to the support.
  2. Hey! Why can not I change my email address? I have sent several messages to support and still nothing happens. Why is there a problem changing my email address? The easiest thing would be if I could do it myself. Sincerely Roger
  3. I have 100-120 fps in the career mode and the game is beautiful. Thanks to the development team GTX 960 turbo 2 gb, I5 4690k, 16 gb RAM, Windows 7 64bit.
  4. Hi Pat. I found an error. I was injured twice and after the second time I was awarded a silver badge. To get silver it was required to be wounded three times. Best regards Roger
  5. I have the latest 384.76 drivers and so far no problems.
  6. Everything is ok for me now. From 18 fps to 60 fps in the menu. Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Intel core I5-4690k CPU 3.50 GHz ,16 GB RAM DDR3, NVIDIA ASUS GTX 960 Turbo
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