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  1. Perhaps a silly question... but did you switch to "manual radiator control" prior to using the axis control? Or is this a general issue affecting all planes, not just the 109?
  2. Well, after listening to the German comms in the actual mission, and not just playing samples from the game folder, it sounds very very unnatural and way too harsh.
  3. Oh yes, that is very much true and I didn't mean to contradict what you were saying at all. This was definitely the case with organisation and approach to mission planning and such. What I wanted to say was that in the actual units, there were men from all walks of life who didn't necessarily had these 'Prussian' principles in them (as per upbringing and education.) The organisation was very good, but these were still just normal people and not clones of your typical 'ze German pilot' stereotype from the movies - a chap with cold eyes, pale hair and a soul of a T-1000. The discipline in training was there though and so were the emotions in actual combat. The radio communication was just standard and very disciplined actually, as breaking radio silence for no good reason, or talking unnecessarily too much in combat could cost someone's life. I personally wouldn't say that the Prussian tradition did make for less disciplined and more agitated comms. Coming back to the old Il-2 voicepack - when the game was brand new in early 2000s, a few friends paid a visit to a high scoring 109 pilot from the 13./JG52. They took a complete PC with HOTAS, pedals and everything for him to have a go in 'his' G-2 again. He loved the sim, but he noticed and commented on the comms, that it was a complete nonsense, apparently they were quiet for the most of the time.
  4. Mind you that not every young man flying for the Luftwaffe was a Prussian aristocrat I'd say the LW radio comms was just like everybody's elses - radio silence, some specific phrases and code words, utter chaos in actual combat, and also sense of humor sometimes. I also listened to the files, and I actually really liked them, I personally found them to be better than old Il-2. The phrases seem to be 'historically correct', they call the boogies 'Indianer' in one of the files IIRC and that's the most important thing I guess and adds a lot to the immersion. The 'actors' seem to have slightly different accents, too, so it's not all just generic German - very nice touch. What I don't like besides the slightly overexcited intonation is the lack of more specific phrases like Marie, Lisa, Rolf, Moebelwagen, Radfahrer etc., They could say 'Solo' instead just 'gestartet', but that's just a small detail. Also, German as such might sound a bit harsh to someone's ears, some pilots could have been emotional why others were very quiet. This is just a generic voicepack that has to fit all occasions when put together and I am aware of the technical difficulties when making this kind of work. I haven't even heard it in actual game yet so I guess it's too soon to judge anything, but it sounds very interesting and authentic imho. I am not a real German though so what do I know :D
  5. It's still at the same place, it's been just locked: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/2359-bf-109-landing-gear/ The only post really worth reading imho is this one: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/2359-bf-109-landing-gear/?p=55129
  6. Cheers for the info Zwoop! Also, when editing an existing file, make sure to pick Load using default sizes (in Adobe Photoshop).
  7. It's just the way you save the *.dds - The final size depends on settings. Alpha channel must be also included, it seems it contains the specular info in this particular engine, which is nice. In order to keep all the information needed, chose DXT3 ARGB 8 bpp | explicit alpha and tick 'generate mipmaps'. This way, it will have the correct size and it will work OK in the game (I tried quickly.) The plugin you need for working with this file format is made by nVidia: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop Having said that, will the official PSD templates become available?
  8. We'll see on Tuesday, I can't wait to try the BoS Friedrich! The RL plane is known to be on the trickier side on landings and take-offs, but it was nothing an experienced and informed (e.g he knew about the behavior and expected it) pilot couldn't cope with. I am sure this will be the case with us virtual 'pilots' too. Every type has had its quirks and the pilots just learned their ways. During the war, there was a lot of accidents on the ground (TO/Landings) caused by lack of training, exhaustion, combat damage and who knows what other reasons, but this was the case with any aircraft, not just the 109. Perhaps it was indeed slightly more difficult than other types due to the specific gear design, but I doubt that was the main reason for the bad reputation of the 109 and the apparently high number of planes lost in similar accidents.
  9. Here's you answer, Bearcat. This is how interesting threads become .. ehm... toilet.
  10. Good post NZTyphoon! Thanks for the explanation.
  11. Very nice pics Eicken. These guys really do know how to fly their 110s, they're giving us hard time in the campaign. S!
  12. Czechoslovak beauty. Thank you. They also come air-cooled fron engined. Just to confuse you.
  13. Everything comes cheap(er) in the east but it's not about that at all. It's the originality, creativity and different appoach to things.
  14. You're right of course. I was referring to the original poster and I was curious about his claims It is just as AndyJWest and yourself wrote, sorry about the confusion...
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