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  1. I am trying to do a simple multiplayer mission where the winner is the team that shot down first more pilots. But I didn't find an explanation on how to do this in the manuals I downloaded ... I just found examples for ground objectives. This must be a newbie question, but can anybody help me? Thanks!
  2. I really like how the P-47's flight characteristics are modeled, but not its ability to withstand punishment. After looking for the reasons of this, I found this post. Well, I'm not an aeronautics expert, but I did some SP testing with the Macchi C.202 against the P-47 IA. The machine guns of Macchi were more than enough to do pretty much damage, including what appears in the video below (the wing ripped off)... I flew the P-40 many times in this game, and it seems to me much tougher than the P-47. And this is not consistent with what I've read about the pilots who flew this plane!
  3. Thank you so much, Tom! This "1" was the skin of the leader of our squadron, who died recently. It's a great emotion for me to use it! Thank you so much for your work!
  4. I have not tested the new DM yet. I'm looking forward to finding my Jug as tough like this
  5. I have a tremendous drop in fps when I go to the Gunner position and shoot at an enemy (and this enemy shoot me at the same time). The fps fall comes to the point of freezing the image, back to normal only after I was destroyed... This problem happens even with balanced settings, in SP or MP (but worse in the last). I do not have this problem, in the same situation, in other simulators. Has anyone experienced a similar situation? My configurations: Processor i5 660K Mem Kingston Gamer HyperX Fury 16GB Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard VGA EVGA GeForce GTX770 SuperClocked w/ ACX Cooling 2GB GDDR5 256-Bit PCI-Express 3.0 SLI - Windows 10 64 bits
  6. http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/il-2/il2-camo/il-2-evolutiontable.htm Either way, the angles are not favorable. And the tank itself was equipped with exhaust gas inerted. With all these, 7.92mm shots are not (should not be) really effective against IL-2. The Russians are not crazy to let the fuel tank so exposed, is not it?
  7. A squad mate made ​​this video: Using only 7.92mm he can ignite the IL2 from rear position...
  8. Well, I did a little test illustrative: a few shots in the direction of the engine is sufficient. Only machine guns. I used the Lagg-3 because my aim with the Bf109 is terrible. Even so you can see that I shoot poorly
  9. Indeed, it is the second kind of damage should be more frequent than ignites. This can be seen in the photos shown by Superghostboy, control surfaces are the Achilles' heel of any airplane. The IL-2 ignite because of shots from above (or rear) is much more unlikely. IMO, it seems more likely that shots from this position damaging the surfaces of control.
  10. Nice pics, Superghostboy. Indeed, when we speak of the wood used in these wings should not think of "wood", but a composite material to be very resistant. A squadron mate who knew this technique told me that this kind of material even had advantages over metal.
  11. Hi Finkeren, But According to this source the il2 resisted to 20mmm: Anyway my point is not the il2 resistance to damage, but the frequency with which catches fire ... I am aware that several cannon shots will put the plane down. Surely the IL-2 suffered many casualties, but here I have several photos that show how this plane was hard in the fall
  12. Hi Osterman! Thanks for the gif! Well, I got the impression that any shot near the engine starts a fire, instead these ignitions begin only in vulnerable areas (wing roots and oil cooler - more in this second). To not only be subjective, it would be necessary to see where the bullets fall. In the Oleg's IL2 game (that "old") is possible to see where the bullets fall: Is there some similar feature in BoS? Even with all this punishment shown by arrows pilot survived, and the plane dont catches fires. The probable reason for that is in the third image: the oil cooler is not reached. On the other hand I got a PK (in another game session) with these few shots:
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