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  1. Damn, a crane with a glass cockpit! Nice! Does it have lift-by-wire?
  2. It has been brought to my attention that I am in fact 3200km from home and only arrive on Friday afternoon. I might make it, Father Time will be the judge though so make me a standby entry please.
  3. I played it some two months ago, it was working well. Which mission are you on? One or two in the beginning have very squiggly triggers that require very specific stuff, if you know which part you're stuck on I can help.
  4. Unfortunately this Friday it was indeed very troublesome. From our channel with the Il-2s and MiG-3s we only received whispers from Tip and NN, but for some reason our replies were not reaching. This time we failed to do proper whisper checks between channels and, well, the result was that. We need to get back to our old ways, these cross-wearing weirdos in their tacky Messerschmitts are having too much fun for their own good On a lighter note, here's Pod getting his MiG-3 up to speed: Nocke and Cat ready to go in their Il-2s:
  5. I wish I could understand the people who take valuable and limited time of their lives to sit badmouthing games they don't like. Same thing happens in the DCS community towards Il-2, it's incredible. Anyways, here's a nice shot I took of the MiG-21: The pretty photo makes up for the intercept I botched, letting the recon plane go away easy, and then the horrible landing wherein all gear legs were damaged. My interception skills are still trash, but I got the landings down since.
  6. By all means take a day to go north (car, bus, train, whatever) and visit the Duxford museum. RAF Hendon is nice but Duxford is on a whole new level.
  7. I'd love a Rafale but I'm more than happy with the Dorito 2000. Had a little run-in with an S-300 site the other day, managed sneak in and take it out up close and personal with rockets on the F-5!
  8. Jizzo and I were about to do our best Maverick and Goose impression with a show-off fly-by in Indian territory but five spoilsports decided to interrupt our art so we had to shoot three of them down.
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