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  1. I'm not entirely sure why this is even a debate? The point of the server rules is to foster a fun and engaging environment for people to enjoy flying their WWII aircraft in. It's not a 1-to-1 deathmatch simulation of the war. Perhaps you might benefit from flying in another server with more lenient rules? Just some food for thought. *edit* The rules do not actually state that bombing an airfield is not a valid tactic. Given the stark difference between flying at 3,000m+ and level bombing a facility and sitting on the deck in a fighter physically shooting aircraft, I actually do think the rules need to be more explicitly clear regarding this bit.
  2. Schwieger

    B-25 or B-26

    I second this notion. I've more than enough hours in the B-25 I'd rather have something new and unique.
  3. Suggestion: I've noticed the Eastern Front maps tend to have P-51s/47s/38s on them for one reason or another. Personally, I'd like to see these removed as they feel terribly out of place, but I digress. If these planes are to remain in the East, I think the Western maps could benefit from VVS aircraft. The Germans, as it stands currently, have a more varied selection of bombers and attack craft. Against them, on the Allied side, for people who want to fly a mulitcrew aircraft, they are limited to the A-20. How about adding some of the Soviet bombers to the roster(s) to improve the variety?
  4. Rapidus - This appears to have worked. Appreciate your help. ~Schwieger
  5. Hey all, I've been having an issue with the MiG-3 (pictured below) where when I press "Pilot Head Snap: Position Center" (default is "5" on the keypad) it does not actually center the pilot head in the cockpit, but rather moves the camera off to look out of the side of the aircraft. Additionally, I've noticed that occasionally, when I spawn in with the MiG, that my view also defaults to the below-pictured angle, although this is not consistently the case (I have a sneaking suspicion the view angle upon spawning is random and may very well be an independent issue entirely). Anyway, I've only noticed this issue with the MiG-3. I've tested it in singleplayer in both a parked plane and one I established an airstart for, as well as in multiplayer across a couple of different servers. Specific settings of the MiG do not appear to make any difference here as I've taken different loadouts and still am plagued by this issue. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated (or, if it is unfortunately the case, clarification that this isn't an issue that I can fix on my end). Thanks, ~Schwieger
  6. The DM improvements are quite the nice update - I'm looking forward to when they go live. If increasing complexity in the DM department is any indication as to their direction, perhaps you're right and we just might eventually get more realistic management. Here's hoping! Of course with that said, I imagine that they'd need to do some similar to classic IL-2, where the level of complexity can be selected in the difficulty settings. I can fully understand the argument against not wanting to micro everything, but the way things currently are, many - not all - of the procedures seem pretty generic and non-specific to their craft. I know many of us see the automated processes on start up as the AI goes through the start-up checklist, and would like to be able to do many of those ourselves.
  7. Hey all, I recall some years ago limited discussion concerning the topic of more complex engine management and start-up procedures and perhaps fully modeled internal systems similar to CloD. I want to say that it was decided that this wasn't an immediate goal but perhaps something that might be visited in the future if there was enough interest in the game (my memory may very well be faulty - this was quite some time ago as I remember it). Has there been any discussion or recent news relating to this subject? Cheers, ~Schwieger
  8. I specifically stated that the spawns feel unbalanced, not the aircraft. The distinction here is fairly relevant - it's not an observation on whether or not the aircraft are OP or require nerfs. I think the map and flow of battle could use a thorough review. Granted, I did state that I'm of the opinion the Allied planes feel generally superior. This opinion isn't actually from flying against them. As I alluded to in my initial comment, I pretty much feel untouchable in the P-51, which is a general feeling I don't think that I should have, and same is true of the Tempest. Disclaimer here is that I'm not actually a Luftwaffe pilot - most of my modern IL-2 experience, since 46 (I've flown since the original), has been in P-51/47 and the naval birds. Now, I can't really speak for War Thunder, but classic IL-2 servers tended to get around the various discrepancies in performance based on map design/aircraft placement (this is why objective-centric maps tend to not feel as unbalanced), which is why I think things should be reviewed here as well.
  9. I've come to the conclusion the Western Airspawns feel rather unbalanced. Allies take up legions of Tempest/P-51/Spit which generally feel superior to the selection of German aircraft. I actually started out a few days ago flying the 51 but have since switched to German because it feels unfair. Germans, in turn, feel outmatched and flock to the 262, which is equally unfun. Not sure what to do about this.
  10. Great server. Been flying in it these past few days. Glad to have found it. See you guys in the skies! ~S!~
  11. So, these unlocks. Does the removal apply to airframes as well or just attachments? Will we still need to grind for aircraft?
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