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  1. Since this last update it is very dificult to turn on the right (on ground) with the FW 190(especially A8), it's needed a long pressure on the right brake and full right rudder before the plane start a light turn while only a light pressure on the left brake drives immediately a sharp turn on the left
  2. Someone ( Guy72230) in french forum C6 tried Tank Crew with Voice Attack and it works! Only in tank commander position . Now it is needed the listing of all orders existing to make a profil to seed
  3. I officially and vehemently protest that the V1 is only AI 😁😁
  4. at last!😀 i have solved the problem assigning a key to select/deselect "all engines", when this key is used i can adjust the mixture after engines started 🤔 don't understand why we cannot adjust when using individual engine selection keys🤔
  5. it is a strange affair: i have an old X-52 HOTAS so only one throttle. i have assigned keyboard keys to select/deselect engines 1, 2 and 3 (for the Ju-52) . before starting i set mixture to 100% then select engine 1(which automatically deselect engine 2) and launch the start sequence. Engine 1 started, i deselect engine 1 and select engine 2 and press start . the two engine roaring i reselect engine 1 to have both selected but i can't set down the mixture the key doesn't respond. all commands are effective, throttle, propeller but not mixture???
  6. May be i've missed something, but before starting i have to set the mixture to 100% or 80% before anything else, if i only select an engine and launch the start sequence, the control mixture becomes ineffective !? Someone knows why?
  7. it's my feeling about this opus for now Only the 3D of the planes represents a progress compared to ROF, the map does not represent any progress. the AI is not adapted, it opens fire at distances that correspond rather to the distances of the second world war. it does not manage its speed and defensive maneuvers well and often crashes alone as soon as it goes close to the ground. no mission, no campaign, no career except creations that come from 3rd party This volume seems to me only for multiplayer dogfight I think that all this, for the moment, is too expensive. I really regret my purchase . This makes me much more circumspect for future volumes
  8. Strange thing, am i alone? With this update all the mission type icons on the map in quick mission seem to have been a little shifted. For exemple on Kuban some Solo flight icons are located over the water and not over an airfield, but it change nothing in the mission start
  9. by full power you mean 3000rpm and max boost? the pilot's notes for Spit IX with Merlin 61,63,66, 70 or 266 engine give this speeds and Rick Volker former display pilot of the canadian haritage team spitfire gave this testimony and another quote from Mr Feuilherade display pilot of the SAAF museum Spitfire: "... Basically, the Spitfire has no vices, and it really is very pleasant and easy to fly. The controls are so light and powerful that it feels as though your hand is hardly moving on the stick if you throw the aircraft around. I am quite convinced that is why the Spit was so good in combat, as you can fly it to the limits all day without your arm getting tired. Even at speed, you can hold it in a max rate turn on the light buffet, with a gentle two-fingered pull in the stick. As a comparison, at the end of my instructor’s course in the SAAF, we practised aerobatics in a Harvard for a few days in a row, for the end-of-course aerobatics competition. After a few days my arm was sore! You think you are maintaining a pressure on the stick, but involuntarily, your arm relaxes. Remember this was also in a Harvard, which handled pretty well compared to most general aviation aircraft. This is one reason the Spitfire was considered effortless to fly. The "broken" stick (only the top part moves for roll control) also works well, as your arm is not moving all over the cockpit. With the clipped tips the roll rate is brilliant. My display routine involved a pass down the crowd line at about 300 feet AGL, where I would do a straight roll. With a ghost of an upward pitch, check, and stick hard over, she rolled rapidly through 360 degrees. Out front the nose stayed planted, rolling on the reference point with no yaw divergence. I’ve mentioned the rudder earlier, but to add, it is extremely powerful indeed and requires very little use once she’s up and running. Both elevator and rudder trim are powerful and require small trim wheel movements to adjust. The rudder trim is a smaller wheel then the elevator trim wheel, which is slightly lower and further back. The aircraft has very gentle stall characteristics, with no wing drop tendency. You get a nice buzz on the stick as you approach the stall, giving you plenty of warning, and enabling accurate holding of a turn on the buffet (i.e. max rate). The aircraft really does feel like a willing participant in the air and you instinctively know it will always give its best for you. I can now understand how pilots grew to love it so much. Being able to out-turn from under the guns of a -109 or FW 190, well, you sure will get to love an aeroplane like that! At low power settings the engine is actually remarkably quiet, but as you open the throttle into positive boost settings, there is a wonderful growling that starts coming from under the rudder pedals up front... "
  10. I think we put our finger on the big concern of the flight models ...
  11. i can't go up to 1.5/1.55 ata at 3250 rpm with 100% throttle, and no more than 1.75/1.78 ata with MW50 engaged... am i alone or i missed something? it was just a quick test flight and altitude was maximum 500/600m ...
  12. Yes, definitively, Even only in AI, A8/R2 and Me 262 are the perfect opponents
  13. https://translate.google.fr/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.deutscheluftwaffe.com%2Farchiv%2FDokumente%2FABC%2Fm%2FMotoren%2FBMW%2FLeistungssteigerung%2FBMW%20801%20D%20Leistungssteigerung.html&edit-text=&act=url
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