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  1. Highlights from a sortie in the current co-op campaign I'm running at the moment simulating the 509th Fighter Squadron (P-47) during the Battle of the Bulge, 1944. Skins created and sourced by StG77_Jeeves.
  2. I'm using MSAA at the moment, as I understand this is less onerous on my system. I've tried lots of different combinations but it's hard to know how these various options interact with each other in terms of affecting frame rates without just trial and error. I don't have anymore time to mess around with it, but so far my current settings are 'the least shit' and will have to do until I find more time. I just did what was recommended in this video:
  3. These settings have worked better now. Getting 40-80 fps. Colour looks better. Shout out to Agathos Flightschool for the screenshot.
  4. I just checked and ASW is on Auto. I've changed my graphics settings to 'balanced' and there has been a small improvement in frame rate, but my graphics colours look all washed out. Sigh...
  5. After the latest update my frame rate has halved from around 80 fps to under 40 in VR. When I use the new zoom everything but the aircraft I’m trying to identify seems to zoom in but the aircraft itself blends in with its background and becomes even harder to see. I’m also getting lots of micro stutters whereas previously it was running smooth as silk. I’ll mess around with my settings which were fairly conservative to begin with, but the game is borderline unplayable now. Intel (R) Core i7-7700 @ 4.2GHz GeForce RTX-2080ti 16 Gb RAM Oculus Rift S VR
  6. Thanks guys, sorry Jim I did look through your manual and I’ll double check later that I have the most up to date version. I swear I couldn’t see it. Thanks again.
  7. Hi all, I've been through Jim's manual and searched the thread but I can't find anything on how to make a homing beacon. I assume it's some sort of object that you make a linked entity and then set it up in the objects advanced properties? If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be stoked. Thanks!
  8. Great work man, it's been awesome fun!
  9. Awesome Raptor, once BoN comes out I want to do a Mk.V campaign flying over the channel.
  10. I loved it...but then again I might be biased. 😀
  11. I got tired of all the IL-2 multiplayer servers and with lots of free time on my hands because of the lockdown I learned how to use the IL-2 mission editor. I built a realistic co-op campaign simulating No. 453 Squadron RAAF for 10 days in September 1944 when they were operating out of Deurne near Antwerp. Jeeves made some unbelievably detailed 453 Squadron skins and I assigned each pilot their own tail code. The focus was on immersion and realism and all 12 of us are still flying it and having a blast. Enjoy
  12. Okay, I'll keep testing the effects. Is there an easy way to replace the standard buildings on the map with destroyed versions? I'm trying to simulate the after effects of a bomber command raid. Cheers!
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