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  1. Great campaign, as always. Thanks TAW devs!
  2. Alonzo, follow this link to Durafen's post. He has done a great job on Rift S zoom settings.
  3. After several hours of screwing around with the settings myself I gave up to wait for someone smarter than me to figure it out. Thanks Durafen! This works great! I owe you a few beers.
  4. Im away for work at the moment but I’ve got some profiles to try when I get back home. It’s my job for Monday. Do do you have your 5 x zoom settings? That would probably do me if combined with the standard zoom.
  5. Aw shucks guys... glad you like 'em.
  6. “We turned pro in the Nazi killin’ business a while back... Kondor needs 100 Nazi scalps from each of us, and he WANTS those scalps..” 😎
  7. Thanks Raptor, but I'm copping heat over the use of a 'no copyright' soundtrack... next video will be to 'War Ensemble' by Slayer - hopefully YouTube won't block it
  8. Ground attack highlights from the current TAW campaign.
  9. Any dramas using 3D migoto on the Rift S? It works great on my standard headset but if it doesn't work on the Rift S I won't buy it.
  10. Hmmm... flight of 4 bombers near my own base not taking a single round of flak.... Tail gunners not shooting at me.... MUST BE BANDITS!! lol (That was a nice deflection shot for someone who apparently has the visual acuity of Stevie Wonder)
  11. Yes, don't use dive brakes on the Peshka.. it just slows you down for the AAA gunners. Even flying with a single wingman helps your chances of survival. NEVER make two runs over a target, NEVER pull up off the target, ALWAYS know your heading back to base before you dive. If you get acquired by the small flak guns, bunt forward under the tracer, try to figure out where Jerry isn't loitering too.... Anyhow, just some free advice and enjoy the flying!
  12. You can always jump on ts and see who’s about. Most people are quite welcoming. Sorry to hear you’re out of lives mate.
  13. Raptor, I get the cockpit view glitch too. What I do is hit F2 and go to external view, then hit F1 and go back to cockpit view and the glitch goes away. I use Shadowplay to record the screen.
  14. Yep, I started using a Rift a few months ago and there’s no going back Glad you liked the vid.
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