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  1. It's the only way to fly! You owe me a beer next time I'm in Canada
  2. Yeah I got lucky with that one
  3. I'm not much of a fighter pilot but I'm loving the P-51right now so I made a compilation of my first 7 victories in it on the 'Combat Box' multiplayer server, including my first ever jet kill. I thought some 1940s swing would go with it nicely.
  4. Brilliant video, bravo!
  5. I still haven't bagged a jet yet. I've winged a few but haven't got the kill... nice job!
  6. You talking about my penchant for wearing women's underwear or my playing Flying Circus?!
  7. With the new Arras map out I decided to fly some single player quick missions against the AI in 'Ace' mode with my wingmen set to 'veteran'. We then proceeded to clean the British up over Cambrai during a dawn sortie. Movie buffs will recognise the soundtrack as a homage to my favourite flying movie of all time "The Blue Max". If you haven't seen it - watch it! The Blue Max Soundtrack - Goldsmith.
  8. Thanks mate, I owe you for the time I've already used your mod so I don't mind donating regardless.
  9. Sorry guys, I'm a retard, and I was at school before computing was taught. When you say 'suppress' these files, do you mean delete them? I've done a google search on 'suppressing' text files but nothing useful came up. If I can get my gunsight back then I can play again and will then just have to wait for the zoom fix.
  10. Cheers Lefuneste, my zoom and gunsights aren’t working either. I appreciate your hard work! 👍
  11. Sorry if I'm in the wrong section, but with the new update today (P-51, P-38 and Tempest) I no longer have 3D migoto zoom or my gunsight. Anyone else have this issue? It works fine using my head tracker. I'll uninstall 3D migoto until it's updated.
  12. He stubbed his toe as he jumped out of the door 😂
  13. Actually it was a bit of a shambles as we couldn't ID the drop zone until the last second, but we got them all on target in the end.
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