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  1. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    Soooo... LG Team, do we have a rough ETA for the next campaign yet? I’m trying to be ‘inclusive’ by letting my wife know in advance when she’ll be ignored and marginalized for a few weeks.
  2. Great job! Excellent editing and nice and short.
  3. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    Looking forward to the next campaign already
  4. Darbzy

    Manifold pressure vs RPM

    Sorry I am too lazy to read all the posts above, but in principle I concur with DB in that all naturally aspirated engines get an increase in MP with a decrease in RPM and vice/versa unless they have MP/boost regulators. I was also fortunate enough to fly a real Spitfire Mk IX. The Spitfire has a boost regulator that keeps a constant boost with changes in RPM but I'm not sure what the other Allied aircraft had. Were the Russian machines that sophisticated? I'm also not sure about the P-40/P-39 but I suspect they had no MP/Boost regulation either. My only comment would be that I suspect that the effect of adjusting RPM/MP differs between aircraft depending on whether they have boost/MP gauge regulators or not. Some do, some don't. I'm not sure which as I only have a limited knowledge of most of the fighters in this game.
  5. Darbzy

    The Deadliest Threat!

  6. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War Videos

  7. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    The reason why the don’t always start first time at air shows on YouTube is because they are not started and warmed up by the ground crews as they would’ve been during the war. This is because the owners of these rediculously expensive machines quite rightly not wanting to put extra wear and tear on the engines from unnecessary starts, particularly if they are not fitted with aftermarket pre-oilers. If people want realism I say bin the cold engine stuff and look at programming in random system failures every 100 flights or so and/or getting rid of the engine techno chat. Just my 2 cents....
  8. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    Same here. Please fix ASAP. How am I supposed to make shitty YouTube videos for my channel if I can’t playback the replays?!
  9. Darbzy

    Lend Lease

    War = bad. Wildcat’s video = good. End of analysis. (5 stars from me)
  10. Okay, cool man. Sorry to break your balls. I thought I had the 'black screen of death'. I'll be more patient, and no, don't change a thing!
  11. Fantastic server! My only real gripe is that my online track recordings won't replay. My buddies are all having the same issue with this server too.
  12. Just to clarify, I've had time to play around and it's only the Coconut server who's recordings won't replay but that is the only server I've played on lately. Most other people have the same problem too.
  13. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    The Nineteenth will go Red but we only have about 3 active players for TAW. (evening US time) PS- I'm really enjoying the dawn and dusk maps on the Coconut server at the moment, would it be possible to incorporate this into TAW a bit more? The lighting effects in this game are fantastic and it seems a shame not to use them.