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  1. Darbzy

    TAW: Hunting Giants.

    Thanks Diggun, glad you liked it.
  2. Darbzy

    TAW Map#3 Epic airport ambush!

    That was a helluva raid!
  3. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    A video featuring HvB, Kondor, DirtyRotnFlieger, SCG_Polo, DjModeus, 666GIAP_Necathor, cannabis_indica, wandering_man, Antijeeves1 and myself. It was carnage. (Disclaimer: No real pilots were harmed in the making of this video)
  4. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War Videos

  5. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War Videos

  6. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    And the mission planner is out to lunch too...
  7. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    Yeah, I saw a photo of one once
  8. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    Go Taiwan!!
  9. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    Thank you!
  10. Darbzy

    Deflection (Gun Cam)

    Great stuff.
  11. Darbzy

    "Too Bad The E7 is Such An Inferior Piece of Garbage"

    Great shooting.
  12. Darbzy

    Thank you for this wonderful simulation !

    Nice work.
  13. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    Stop looking, that story is in the book "The Final Hours" by Johannes Steinhoff. It's on my bookshelf after you sold it to me - great read.
  14. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    10 points to Gryffindor and a perfect score from the Swedish judge! Great video dude.