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  1. Darbzy

    IL-2 Pacific "Attack on the Monsun Gruppe"!

    I've seen some cool skins from the IL2 AU guys for Japanese stuff
  2. A raid by Dave and I on a German coastal position on "The Unprofessionals" multiplayer server last night. We had great fun burning through the mountains and destroying the target so I thought I'd make another Pacific Theatre video out of the footage. The "Monsun Gruppe" was a real German U-boat resupply unit in the Pacific, but of course, there were never any Luftwaffe fighters there.
  3. Darbzy

    Ground Attacker Handbook

    It’s a work of art. Well done.
  4. Darbzy

    Fat Bottomed Girls

    Yeah, despite being point blank range it still took me the first 100 rounds before I walked the tracers onto target!
  5. Darbzy

    Fat Bottomed Girls

    Mate, absolutely fantastic! I liked the inclusion of the exploding Bf-110s
  6. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War Videos

    TAW 16 Highlights... I know the campaign hasn't finished yet but I'm off for a while now. Merry Christmas to all! Featuring: StG77_Kondor StG77_HvB Tuesday Antijeeves ShadowHawk Mobile_BBQ RAAF_Steppie Firestorm07 and, Cannabis_indica (shooting me down twice and ruining my 139 mission streak) S!
  7. Darbzy

    Navigation assistance...

    This video may help? Apologies that it's a little clunky...
  8. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    As far as the issue with paratroopers goes, I think the best solution would be to show the Russians the potential drop zone locations. It’s impossible to counter the Ju-52s otherwise. In real life any infantry commander worth half his salt would recce any potential drop zones in his area of operations if there was an enemy paratrooper threat, and then cover them with obstacles, observation or fire.
  9. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War Videos

    A big raid in poor visibility this morning on the TAW server. It was loads of fun and a big thanks to the following pilots who went along with my hair-brained scheme No-one died either... ShadowHawk Mobile_BBQ Firestorm07 Aeyon code_toad kmac Gaps itsthatguy
  10. Glad to see the updates, some good improvements in there. Normally my game updates automagically when I start it up, but apparently not this time. I've tried starting through steam also but no joy. It keeps telling me I need to update and won't go past the black IL-2 loading screen. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War

    I agree, if TAW ran all the time it would just become Wings of Liberty with no GPS icon. It’s cool because there’s an off season - although sometimes the off season can be a little long. PS- I’m not too fussed about it, but It was just pointed out to me that I was the highest ranked surviving pilot of either side from the last campaign (no deaths, captured, discos) at #39. I was flying red too. Why no ENKAS award?
  12. Darbzy

    Tactical Air War Videos

    Some highlights and footage that I hadn't used in other videos made during this Tactical Air War campaign. The original plan was to fly P-40s for the whole campaign posing as '3 Sqn RAAF' using authentic skins designed by Chappy. Unfortunately, the P-40 was only available for the first few maps so I had to branch out and be a jack of all trades for the last 5 maps or so. Red's got their asses kicked this time around but it was still loads of fun