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  1. I'm staring down the barrel of at least another 10 days in lockdown here in Hong Kong, any chance of starting new campaign ASAP?
  2. Some highlights from the latest Tactical Air War multiplayer campaign. Flew as an Allied pilot with Kondor, Jeeves and Godfather_Actual. Great fun using the late war aircraft. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks for the campaign =LG=, it's always a blast. I made this highlights video earlier today. PS - Please consider firing up a new campaign ASAP as many of us are in a lock down at the moment with lots of time to kill. S!
  4. Darbzy

    Navigating in VR.

    A video on everything beginners need to know about navigating on IL-2 Great Battles multiplayer servers which have no GPS icons enabled. My last video on navigation is still relevant, however, this video will show you everything you need to know about navigating around the map in VR without the need to refer to notes, therefore you won't need to pull your headset up and ruin the immersion of the game.
  5. Everyone, calm down! Since when has introducing money into a leisure activity ever ruined anything? Seriously, I think I'm not alone when I say the awarding of real world medals and cash prizes is probably not going to have a good effect on the 'vibe' of TAW or the chivalry/sportsmanship of the types of players this will attract. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. The Wanker family bred like rabbits after the war
  7. I love the career mode. I'm in the middle of a RAAF 453 Sqn campaign using accurate skins for my pilot named FLSGT Leo Wanker. The AI has been improved a lot and the random events in the missions keep you on your toes. Great fun.
  8. Disregard my question, I just realised if I go as squadron commander I can change the loadouts and skins of my wingmen. Previously I'd always played as a flight sergeant.
  9. We're never sober mate Glad you liked it.
  10. Absolutely beautiful. I just teared up a little bit... thank you!
  11. Sorry Spektre, I'm a retard, how do you change your AI wingmen's skins? I can only change mine normally. You are a legend Spektre, that skin looks great! "Me love you long time"
  12. I started drinking over lunch with my mate KiaKaha who has never played IL-2 Battle of Bodenplatte before and happens to be a real life fighter pilot. I asked him if he felt like having a game, so we grabbed a few roadies and fired up our VR head sets. This was the result - all recorded on the combat box multiplayer server "A Bridge Too Far" map. Enjoy!
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