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  1. This. And it is explicitely mentioned, that the A5 loses 135kg of weight, when removing the MG/FFs, as they were a Rüstsatz. There is one mistake in the list of the A6. II: Fighter sortie with 2 MG17, 2 MG 151 in the wing root and extended range (the second pair of MG 151 in the outer wing is missing, but the ammo weight is listed in the tabella, so they were obviously onboard) The A5 four 20mm, 2 MG 151/20 and 2 MG/FF. The wings of the A5 were not capable to carry the MG 151/20 in the outer wing.
  2. If you don't fly eastern and western front at the same time, you can change the date of introduction for the A6 in the 'Aircraft' file. You will have to change it again in each new PWCG version, you install, however.
  3. Weil es bei der Gemischverstellung sicher keine Rast-Punkte gibt, sondern die Verstellung stufenlos funktioniert. Da wo die Kühlerklappen stufenlos zu verstellen sind, kannst du das im Spiel auch über Achsen machen. Z.B. bei der 109 E7 kannst du sowohl Öl- als auch Wasserkühlerklappen über Achsen verstellen. Schönes Beispiel ist die He 111, bei der die Ölkühlerklappen wie bei der 110 in vier Rasten zu verstellen ist, also im Spiel auf Tasten, während die Wasserkühlerklappen stufenlos zu verstellen sind, demzufolge über Achsen. Ob jetzt bei jedem Flugzeug, bei dem das im Spiel mit Rast-Stu
  4. Bei der 110 dürfte es damit zu tun haben, daß die Kühlerklappen wohl nur stufenweise zu bedienen waren. Zumindest bei den Wasserkühlerklappen macht das Sinn, weil du ja die einzelnen Stufen an den Reglern stehen hast. Bei den Ölkühlerklappen bin ich mir da nicht so sicher, da würde eine stufenlose Verstellung mit den Hebeln durchaus Sinn machen. Die wasserkühlerklappen der 109er ab der Friedrich macht durchaus auch Sinn, weil der Pilot da auch keinen Hebel zum Verstellen hatte, sonder einen Schalter mit den Positionen auf und zu. Also die gleiche Funktionsweise wie eine Taste am Joystick
  5. The difference in agility between the A5 and A6 with removed wing guns might have to do with the modified wing constriction of the A6, which was neccessary for fitting of the Mg151/20 and later 30mm guns in or under the wing. The wings were stiffened for the additional weight and the larger recoil of the new guns. This means additional weight of the wing itself and maybe also a different responsiveness to maneuvers.
  6. Das kenne ich auch. Bei den Feuer- Tasten ist mir das zum Glück noch nicht passiert, aber bei Kühlerklappen- Tasten z.B.
  7. If you would replace the 88 C6, then I would anyhow suggest to do it with the Ju 188. It is in some parts the same aircraft as the Ju 88, which would make it much easier to develop. But, as Luke said, there still would be the cockpit to model. About the Me 163, it simply doesn't fit in any way into the game. It was even more than the Me 262 a high altitude heavy strategic bomber interceptor.
  8. I really don't understand the excitement about that. 'Königstiger' is a very familiar term for the 'Tiger II'. Like 'Jagdpanzer Hetzer' for the 'Jagdpanzer 38(t)'. 'Hetzer' was only a nickname given by the soldiers. It never had this name officially. The 'Tiger II' is called 'Königstiger' because it is the king among the 'Tiger' family with its imposing strength. I would say, it is better known as 'Königstiger' than as 'Tiger II'.
  9. Trees were not that effeminate, they are today. They kept their leaves all winter. This is on all winter maps, not only the Rheinland map.
  10. I would think this issue should be quite high in the Devs priority list. The reason for going to the west was to bring in, especially more American players. Doesn't seem to be a good plan giving them aircrafts with weapons which are underperforming. And this is said by someone, who is flying on the other side of the guns.
  11. I really do appreciate your efforts, but this won't really help the player, as most of the ground attack missions are fighter missions, too, just with an additional handicap, because of the bomb racks (especially the wing racks cost some speed and therefore maneuverability) and usually maximum fuel load. What really is needed is an escort. If it is correct, that the 110s were flying escort themselves, because fighter squadrons didn't do it, then an escort of 110s, either of the player's Staffel or another Staffel of the Gruppe, the player's Staffel is part of.
  12. A bit of both, I would say. What you say is more about, what I wrote in my next post But I often see my squadmates chasing enemy fighters and never hit them, to a degree, that I circle above them until I get bored and dive down to kill the enemy fighter. So apart from flying in front of enemy fighters to keep them busy, so I can pick one after the other, they are of no use. Of course there are exceptions from this, but they are very rare. Of course the 110 was a heavy fighter at the beginning, but was retracted from this role more or less over time as enemy fighte
  13. The 110 E2 is not. At least that was the statement of the Devs to the question of one member after its release. It was their argumentation, that the E2 is explicitely the ground attack version, which is the reason, why it doesn't have the engines, which were planned for it, but the engines which were used at the beginning of the E2's production, when the planned engines were not available yet. Which is a funny argumentation with 50% of the BOM missions and 90% of the BOS missions being pure fighter missions.
  14. Apart from what Pat answered, you could also change the date of introduction for the A8 in the 'aircraft' file. You could make the production beginning for the A8 a month after you start your campaign. So you will definitely start with the A6, until the A8 appears in the depot.
  15. Not to forget, that one or two years ago the AI was absolutely deadly in deflection shooting. They hit you easily from angles, that were far from believable. After a lot of complaining about this it was changed. So now they are the other extreme. But for friendly AI the major issue is, they don't even care, if you get attacked. So it doesn't matter if they could hit the enemy or not.
  16. What about friendly AI? This was the main issue. That your squadmates were as helpful as a butter knife in dogfights.
  17. Would be nice, if the Devs could make some mechanic like that for ground attacks, too, to prevent ground attackers from circling over the target until the preset time is over, before returning to base. It doesn't make sense to stay there to wait until enemy fighters attack you or to stay in a fight with superior enemy forces.
  18. 1,58ata, die 1,65ata gibt es erst ab 2800m. Hast du eine Ahnung was die rote Linie am Anfang bedeutet. Aus der werde ich gar nicht schlau. So wie es aussieht sollten die 1,58ata bis etwa 300m zur Verfügung stehen. Ab da fällt die Linie dann nach links ab. Was ich übrigens in den Spezifikationen auch nicht gefunden habe ist die Maximal Leistung, mit Sondernotleistung. Da steht nur die Leistung mit 1,42ata. Und zu meiner zweiten Frage von oben scheint es so, daß bei Notleistung der Ladedruck sogar schon ab 1300m abfällt.
  19. Sorry mate, you misunderstood me. I was talking about how it works in game. IRL you are absolutely correct.
  20. Die Sache ist nur die. Ich habe es gerade in den Schnellmissionen getestet, die 1,58 ATA kriegst du nur bis 100m, sobald du höher gehst, fällt der Ladedruck. Ich weiß auch nicht ob es korrekt ist, daß bei maximaler Notleistung mit 1,32 ATA (bei allen Anton Modellen) der Ladedruck schon abfällt, wenn man über 1500m steigt. Meines Wissens sollte der Ladedruck da bis 2000m konstant bleiben, dann bis 3000m abfallen und ab 3000m dann wieder bei 1,32 ATA sein.
  21. IIRC bombers don't have certain targets, but a target area. So if the game recognizes the bombs of your flight will hit this area, it counts your mission as successful. Absolutely agreed. You have to stay at the target for a certain time, until the map shows, that the mission was successful. If you return earlier, your mission counts as failed, no matter if you destroyed the complete enemy army. This surely is the reason, why your flight often circles over the target after all ground units are destroyed.
  22. Das wart das erste, was ich gemacht habe, die Ruderpedale auf ein Brett geschraubt auf dem damals auch das selbstgemacht Tischchen angeschraubt war auf dem ich meinen Joystick festgeschraubt habe. Das Holzbrett habe ich so dimensioniert, daß ich es vorn am Regal auf dem der Fernseher stand anlehnen konnte. So konnte es nicht verrutschen, wenn ich in die Ruderpedale getreten habe. Mit dem langen Joystick ist das Tischchen weggefallen und ich habe ein kleines Podest druntergebaut. Nur den Stuhl muß ich jedesmal wenn ich anfange zu fliegen zum Brett ausrichten. Ich hatte mal überlegt ein größeres
  23. Ist gerade bei VR sicher recht nützlich, weil du ja nach Gefühl zu deinen Bedienelementen greifen mußt und nicht mal kurz schauen kannst.
  24. On a sidenote, with an explosion big enough to destroy that train, you wouldn't see a lot of the trucks anymore. Just small pieces spread over the ground and a big black, burned spot on the ground.
  25. I was more thinking about flying ground attack missions and having a fighter escort. No matter if you fly 109 E7, 110 E2 or 190 A5, you always attack ground targets and are not protected by a fighter escort. It would be OK with a good AI, but currently those missions pretty much always work the same way. The Russian fighters are chasing the player, while his squadmates unhurriedly attack the ground targets and even RTB without caring about the player.
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