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  1. Yogiflight

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    Hard to hit a tank in 1000+ meters with just 2.5x zoom. We had 2x zoom in our IFV SPz Marder just for viewing. I would never have tried to shoot with that zoom at such distances.
  2. Yogiflight

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    Did the Tiger optics at that time already have two zooms? I read somewhere that it had only 2 or 2.5x zoom (I don't remember anymore), until mid of 1944.
  3. Yogiflight

    What other battles would you like to see?

    Pretty much every battle is incomplete without a Stug.😉 Devs, please give us the Stug III.
  4. Yogiflight

    Schöne Screenshots - reloaded

    Haube auf und mit der Leuchtpistole runterholen.
  5. Yogiflight

    AI Constantly Turning

    But how do you guys expect this to work out? Those who pay for it, geht the improved AI, while the others go on playing with the old one? Doesn't make too much sense to me. It is not like paying for a new aircraft, those, who pay for it,can fly it,but a 'for all players improvement'. So there has to be an agreement of all players, that AI needs improvement, even if this would bring a delay for the next product and maybe make it cost some more bucks.
  6. Yogiflight

    Air to air claims ???

    The game's AAR map shows you the aircraft types you downed.
  7. Yogiflight

    Why doesn't Oil Pressure ever drop flying inverted ?

    The belly gunner of the Pe2 surely is not strapped, as he also was shooting the side machinegun.
  8. Yogiflight

    109 stabiliser binding

    What I noticed before I had my trim wheel, when I tried to bind it to buttons was, it did not work with buttons on my joystick, but it worked with keys on my keyboard. I have no idea, why.
  9. Yogiflight

    Why doesn't Oil Pressure ever drop flying inverted ?

    Another question, I would like to ask is, why don't the gunners drop? For example the waist gunner in a Heinkel. Seeing Pe2s flying inverted with both gunners shooting, is always a funny observation.
  10. Yogiflight

    Tiger Tank armor - weakspots

    According to Wikipedia it is 60mm at the lower hull side, while the upper hull side is 80mm. The front armor is 100mm, 110 around the gun.
  11. Yogiflight

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I just tried to start a Bf110 E2 career, beginning 01/10/1941 at Novoje Selo, but the first mission started with our 110s heading to 310°, the AI turned on nav lights, but no radio call, that we take off and nothing happened. I restarted the mission with the same result. I scrubbed the mission in PWCG and created a new one. This time we were heading 11° and the takeoff run started as it should. But 11° led us exactly to the two large hangars where we all crashed. So my guess is, 310° might have been the correct heading, but for some reason the AI doesn't start. EDIT: I tried to start a 110 career on Stalingrad map flying from Berezovsky with the same result, no takeoff.
  12. Yogiflight

    How to use the radio beacon?

    Then I guess the mission ends there, right? Then let's say it this way, the beacon shows the direction to the airfield, at which the player should land. This would fit also for missions in which the player is heading for a new base.
  13. Yogiflight

    So, I finally tried the stock (free) tanks..

    I never turned the turret in commander position in the Pz III. I always locked it in twelve o'clock position, to have the free view with TrackIR. Second advantage for me was, I always knew, when entering the gunner position, where my gun points to.
  14. Yogiflight

    How to use the radio beacon?

    In the career missions the radio beacon shows you the way back to your airfield, there is only this one beacon on the maps.
  15. Yogiflight

    Why do I still have to deal with this?

    If you like flying the 110, you definitely should go for it.