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  1. With BOK there was a german S-Boat added as well. And it is 120m (Destroyer) versus 35m (S-Boat), so not even near the same size.
  2. Looks like William Powell in one of the 'The Thin Man' movies. I absolutely loved that movies. Should view them once more.
  3. @-DED-Rapidus, I hope it is the correct file. Let me know, if you need something else. I don't know, if it helps, but according to the cockpit clock, we changed heading, to go for the edge of the map, at 08:15 AM, looking at the map showed the blue patrol sign, where we should intercept the Recon aircraft, had disappeared at that point. _gen.Mission.zip
  4. Thanks for answering, Rapidus. I am looking very much forward to a fix. Did you already look into the issue, I mentioned two posts above? (octobre 9)
  5. Brief Description: Constant calling out of target destruction in ground attack missions Detailed description: The player's pilot is still constantly calling out, that he destroyed a target, for minutes, after he killed a ground target. This happens in career mode missions as well as in PWCG missioins. From what I remember, it only happens after the destruction of ground targets, not when the player kills aircrafts. The calling out often goes on for about five minutes, which is absolutely annoying. Please have a look at that.
  6. @Norbi, im letzten Developers Diary letzten Freitag hat Han geschrieben, daß sie Tank Crew für die offizielle Veröffentlichung vorbereiten, im nächsten Update kommen noch ein paar Verbesserungen, was die Richtschützen KI angeht, und damit wird dann das Spiel auch auf Steam herauskommen. Also wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, wohl nach dem nächsten Update. Wie immer alle Angaben 'ohne Gewähr'
  7. It only works, if your game is set to English language.
  8. Sounds very familiar to me. Sometimes it seems, that I read more, what I would like to read instead of what is really written. Can be very funny.
  9. Für die 109 habe ich das schon ein paarmal gelesen, daß der Steuerknüppel gedrückt werden muß, weil die am Boden sehr hecklastig ist, so daß erst das Heck entlastet werden muß um enge Kurven zu rollen.
  10. This is how it was written in the 10.x versions as well (I can't remember how it was in the older versions). You also find it in ground attack missions at the target. I have no idea, what the logic about it is, but it works. Maybe it means, that the flight is bound to the escorted flight/ ground target for this time. So nothing to really worry about.
  11. You can notice it, when flying the A8. It needs quite some time until the fuel indicator for the rear fuel tank goes down, as the additional fuel tank gets empty first, then the rear main tank, and the front main tank is the last to get emptied. This is, btw. modelled wrong for the A3 and A5, in which both tanks get empty at the same time, in game. I hope they correct this, when introducing the complex fuel management.
  12. And an additional 115 litres fuel tank behind the pilot.
  13. Yogiflight


    Zusätzlich gibt es bei gelandeten Flugzeugen noch einen zweiten Haken. Das Spiel ist nämlich so designed, daß alle Flugzeuge auf der gleichen Position parken. Das heißt, wie im alten IL-2 und CloD, daß die Maschinen zum Abstellplatz rollen und eine neben der anderen parken, funktioniert nicht.
  14. OK, but it is from the 1946 series. 1946 is a later version (4.007, if I remember corectly) of the original IL-2. While the Great Battles Series, formerly known as IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, is a completely new series on a completely new game engine.
  15. This is IL-2 1946. It is a completely different game. This here is the forum of IL-2 Great Battles Series, which started 2013, IIRC. You might want to take a look here, this is the section of this forum for IL-2 1946 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/123-general-discussion/
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