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  1. Kann schon jemand sagen, wie lange die Kampagnen sind? Schade im übrigen, daß es keine 110er Kampagne gibt.
  2. You can't compare AI behaviour in QMB with its behaviour in career and campaign missions, because it is completely different, what AI does. I experienced this kind of behaviour, too in QMB, flying a A8 and was outrun by the P 38, I wanted to fight with. This was changed some time ago. I can remember very well, how deadly AI fighters were in deflection shooting. They were hitting always in every angle, so you better did everything to not give them a chance to give you a deflection shooting, because then you were dead.
  3. Ja, ich war in meiner Jugend auch im Tor gestanden. Als Kind meistens im Hof meiner Großeltern, wo ich mich halt auf den Beton geschmissen hab, dann im Verein. Das war dann aber ehrlichgesagt total langweilig. Meistens hab ich das ganze Spiel nichts zu tun gekriegt und dann sind die Gegner dreimal vor unser Tor gekommen und einmal war er dann drin. Das macht Spaß
  4. If you give them the command to fire at ground targets, they will do so. I tried it with the torpedo mod in a He 111 and my front gunner shot his MG/FF at the ship I attacked. I had the feeling, the ship's AAA was not as accurate as in my tries before, but... you know... feelings.
  5. Erinnert mich an die Schulzeit. Da waren wir in den Sommerferien auch immer bei Regen im Freibad. Hat immer richtig Laune gemacht.
  6. 10 + 18 are the forward and rearward bombbays of the Ju 88. The He 111 had four bomb boxes left and right for four 250kg bombs per side, and in each box there could 4 50kg bombs be loaded, hanging tail downwards.
  7. If you want to have options, you have to use 'Custom' difficulty. I use it to be able to use external view, to take a look at my aircraft after landing if I was hit. 'Expert' difficulty is meant to be as realistic as possible, which means hard difficulty, so no alternate visibility.
  8. 32 in the H16, that is why I don't really like the H6 with its only 16 50kg bombs. On a sidenote, I don't know if the difference of a bomb with impact detonator and delayed detonator is modelled in game. But IRL a bomb detonating seconds after hitting the ground will have a much smaller blast diameter at the ground as the blast comes out of the crater it digged into the ground and goes diagonally upwards, while the blast of a bomb detonating, when hitting the ground goes more or less along the ground.
  9. Hä??? Was is dat denn? Der wird bei uns ständig gemeldet und zieht dann irgendwo anders vorbei oder löst sich auf bevor er zu uns kommt.
  10. Wenn die Freunde der Sonne hier oft genug drüber schreiben, ändert sich das schon noch. Irgendwann denkst du dir dann "ihr geht mir echt auf den Sack mit dem Sch..., jetzt muß ich das doch mal ausprobieren, was da so gut dran sein soll."
  11. Klar, scheitert schon am Wort "arbeit"
  12. Hopefully with its tail, not its nose. Otherwise you might be in serious trouble.
  13. Thanks for that new version, Pat. Adding custom skins for the aircrafts is a really cool feature. And you did that very cleverly, implementing new skins and then giving me a night mission, so I nearly missed noticing this new feature
  14. Wir sind echt in Plemplem-Land. Gibt ja sonst keine Probleme, um die man sich dringender kümmern müßte.
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