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  1. You can hear the Corsair from the time it passes the aircraft of the cameraman, as the exhaust pipes are blowing the exhausts to the rear. Another thing, which is too loud in game is the wind noise, when you are flying. I didn't hear any wind noises in the video, because the engine simply is too loud.
  2. Es kommt mit BON ja auf alle Fälle eine Fastback Mustang, bei der BOBP Mustang wird es vermutlich so aussehen wie mit der P-38. Das ist das Problem mit den vielen Subvarianten der amerikanischen Jäger. Aber für beide, P-38, P-51 und auch die P-47, gilt, daß du sie mit Sicherheit in PWCG in der Normandie fliegen können wirst, und wenn du lieber Karriere Modus fliegst, würde ich darauf tippen, daß der Mod, der bereits existiert (ich glaube von sevenless) sicherlich auf diese drei Flugzeugtypen erweitert wird, sodaß du mit diesem Mod die drei Maschinen im Normandie Karriere Modus fliegen kön
  3. Bist du dir sicher, daß das Modell, das wir in BOBP haben zur BON Zeit schon dort war? In BOBP erscheint die P-38, soweit ich weiß, erst im zweiten Abschnitt.
  4. I would like to add to my post above two things, I forgot. First, in attack frontline troops, the AI, like in artillery attacks, does its job and attacks the two tanks in fortified positions, first. Second, on the first day of the Moscow career for the Bf 110 E2 and a few days later, you fly a groundattack mission with a low hanging closed cloudlayer and rain. Once you reach the target, the AI climbs into the clouds, flies a circle and dives at the target, without any chance to see the target, as you can only see about 100m and there is absolutely no view to the ground. This is compl
  5. It is in all ground attacks, I also have this issue with the Bf 110 E2. It is even more absurd if you have to attack tanks. Your squadmates drop their bombs on the AAA, to then strafe the tanks with their guns. Attack supply convoys, your squadmates attack the AA trucks, instead of the supply trucks. Attack tank convoys, they attack the escorting light tanks/halftrucks instead of the heavy/medium tanks. Attack river crossing, they usually attack AAA with bombs then strafe the tanks. The target, which should get destroy according to the briefing is the makeshift bridge.
  6. Wir müssen ja wenigstens ein paar gute Leute hervorbringen, sonst verzeihen uns die Bayern nie, daß wir ihnen den Söder untergejubelt haben.
  7. Der gehört aber uns Unterfranken
  8. LOL, I had started to view the 'German Tank Buster' video and was wondering, what I should see there. Now I saw the right one and yes it looks like you are right on target. The problem might be, that you have to shoot at very short distance to penetrate the KV-1's armor, attacking very low from its 3 or 9. I just tried it again and destroyed one, but at one of my next attacks touched the ground. That is the risk, when attacking that low. But what I wrote above, was connected to your statement, that you tried to go for ammo explosions by shooting at the turret. But the MK 101 and 103 are n
  9. I wouldn't go for a KV-1 turret, always for the lower hull. The armor there is much thinner. I gave it today a try and killed one KV-1 with one pass, no explosion or large fire. Maybe it would have started burning if I would have waited longer. A second one, this one I had attacked from the rear, couldn't move anymore, then I got issues with my TrackIR and exited the QMB mission.
  10. @Ledgas you wrote, you changed position to gunner's position, I would guess, your issue is a different one, than the one Plurp answered, however this was the first one I was thinking of, too. As you hear a sound like the gunner would reload his pistol, my guess is the key you are pressing is not the 'Reload all guns' key, like you should for reloading the main guns, but the 'Reload turret guns' for reloading defensive guns. The sound you are hearing is the gunner loading through the rear guns. If you would press the key for 'Reload all guns', you wouldn't hear anything. So assign a b
  11. Wie Brems und Eldur schon geschrieben haben funktioniert der Ministick ohne TARGET. Was bei mir aber nicht geklappt hat war ihn als Maus und Druckbutton zu verwenden. Wenn ich die Achsen verwende kann ich den Druckknopf nicht belegen und andersrum.
  12. Wenn du das machst kannst du dich gleich bei IL-2 als KI bewerben
  13. It is pretty easy to find out. When you select the first chapter of BOK, the G6 and La-5FN are greyed out. Go through the chapter selection until they get white. From remembering, they are only available in the last chapter. But start as squadron leader, otherwise the chance is pretty high, you will rarely fly them, but the G4/La-5 ser.8.
  14. I don't think they should do more damage at aircrafts, they were no one hit wonders. I am absolutely fine with what they do to aircrafts. But I absolutely agree, that the effect of the aircraft weapons on ground targets is a bit exaggerated. Exception here, as you mentioned, tanks. They seem to be modelled quite well. Then fly the Bf 110 G2 with its 400 rounds for the left and 350 rounds for the right 20mm gun. You can shoot all day long.
  15. Might be correct, but that surely was in the fighter configuration, while in the career mode we are using it as ground attack aircraft mainly. In the few fighter missions it is equipped with the outer wing guns. But I didn't want to say the removing of the outer wing guns for the A8 wouldn't make sense. It might have been done at the end of the war in units, which were not used for intercepting heavy bombers
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