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  1. You can surely surprise a human pilot easier than an AI. On the other side, if you don't surprise the human pilot, he might be more tricky to fight, than the AI. And you have to be aware, that the chance of being surprised by another pilot surely is higher with human pilots, too.
  2. which is the reason, why I recommend to pause before leaving the plane alone.
  3. and if he would take full fuel load without wing guns.
  4. Changing a setting is easy with Pause, Esc, and then click on settings. The change will work as soon as you are back in game. Of course it only works for settings, for which you don't have to restart the game. For Homepage you usually exit with Alt + Tab, but currently this doesn't work for me anymore. Maybe you are more lucky than I am and it works for you.
  5. But in furbals in the career mode or PWCG it is pretty clear, what AI do focus. They are absolutely target fixated and don't care for you, when you attack an enemy fighter, that is chasing a squadmate of yours. Yesterday I had a furbal with three enemies chasing a squadmate and I could easily attack the first of them, knowing the two behind him won't attack me, but stay on the six of my squadmate. I killed the one and then went for the remaining two.
  6. Das Problem ist, im SP mit dieser KI, bleibt dir gar nichts anderes übrig, weil dir sonst deine KI- Kameraden einfach davon fahren. Denen ist es nämlich wurscht, ob sie abgeschossen werden. Ich war ja auch Zugführer, nur bei den Panzergrenis, insofern hab ich die Panzerei ja auch gelernt, sicher besser als ein Leo 2 Mann, weil die ja auch einfach mal drauflos fahren, schließlich können die im Fahren genauso gut schießen wie im Stehen. Insofern ist das drauflos gefahre der KI für mich schon etwas frustrierend. Allerdings habe ich TC erstmal auf Eis gelegt, bis wir endlich ein Fernglas für den Kommandanten kriegen, vorher macht das für mich keinen Sinn, außer man bevorzugt die russischen Panzer T-34 und KV-1, mit ihrem Rundblickperiskop, da brauchts das Fernglas nicht unbedingt. Ein Schelm, der sich böses dabei denkt.
  7. It is clearly a 37mm on this picture, you can see how the muzzle brake gets wider to the front. And as you can see on the Stuka picture, the muzzle brake of the 37mm gun has holes, too, otherwise it wouldn't be a muzzle brake, because it is the holes that brake the recoil.
  8. Like all the previous ones - when ready. Would you like them to release it any earlier than that? Or if they were ready with it earlier, wait for the announced date to release it
  9. However this wasn't an obstacle for implementing the 21cm WGr. for the 190 A8.
  10. Yep, but in my eyes the G6 would make more sense, as it definitely should replace the early G6 in the BOBP career.
  11. There has been one roadmap in the past (I can't speak for BOS, as this was before I knew this game), I think it was BOK, but I am not sure about that. It was not only announced which aircrafts in which order, but also when map and career mode IIRC (so it should be BOK) would be included. From what I remeber, they were pretty in time with the roadmap.
  12. TBH, the first aircraft should be the 109 G6 late, and then replace the early G6 in the BOBP career, which does not fit there anymore.
  13. You should have dropped the bombs instead of transporting them into the target
  14. Do you know the scripted campaign 'Nightfighters over the Kuban', created by Juri_JS? You can have quite some fun flying the Bf110 G2 at night.
  15. I didn't know the Panther was used as AA gun, too.
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