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  1. Absolutely agreed. Another tank I always was fascinated of is the M3 Lee/Grant. Hopefully we will get it in another TC title after CAP.
  2. I would keep out of the way of crosses, if I was you😄
  3. It might depend on the time, the pics were made. Especially in the beginning of the war in the SU, russian tank units were pretty often attacked in surprise. So they might not have had the time to remove the barrels. This. The main problem with Diesel leaking inside the compartment is, the crew will not be able to fight very long because the vapor fumes cause severe nausea, even unconsciousness.
  4. Without any data, pics or videos, this is only personal feelings.
  5. The Email account has no influence. It is not asked for. What counts is your game account. If you are logged in the forum and click on IL2 STURMOVIK on top of the pages, you will have to log in in the store once more and automatically get the new content into your account. I purchased TC and BOBP two or three weeks ago, but don't even have access to my old Email account anymore, but I din't get it changed til now. But purchasing was no problem.
  6. Ich hatte da beim Sherman auch das Problem, daß sich der Winkelspiegel des Kommandanten nicht bewegen ließ. Mit neuer Belegung für die Steuerbefehle hat es dann aber funktioniert. Es müßte auch funktionieren, wenn du die Belegung löschst und dann die gleiche Belegung wieder eingibst. Manchmal spinnt das System halt (ist auch nur ein Mensch). Nur zur Sicherheit, die Winkelspiegel der deutschen Panzer lassen sich natürlich nicht bewegen.
  7. @SwallowFireShould be in the 'Missions' section of your game under the title 'name of the campaign' plus the date of the mission. No PWCG in the mission title. Something like 'Bf 109 campaign 01/10/1941'.
  8. Trees were often used for parking aircrafts there, so they were not seen from the air. Like you do it with vehicles, too.
  9. AAA is one of the reasons, I prefer flying in PWCG, as the AAA there is set to 'survivable'😉
  10. @Five_By_Five, the FW190 career with I./JG51 in PWCG starts June 1942 on the Kuban map and transfers in August 1942 to the Stalingrad map. Additionally you have the possibility, when you download the 6Alpha version or Murleen's Cold Start version of 5.13, you can begin your missions in the parking area with starting your engine and taxi to the runway.
  11. You can make ignition off as soon as the red fuel lever has moved forward (would have loved to do this on my own, left foot or so😄) and the idle lever has clicked open.
  12. They knew that most players won't be able to read cyrillic😊
  13. You are using the default gunsight, which can be stowed away, they are talking about the gyro gunsight, which is not stowable.
  14. What you can see is, 400m convergence is not too bad for deflection shots. The 30mm MK108 has its first crossing of the sightline in 87m and the 20mm MG151/20 in 130m. So in short distances you don't have to aim too low.
  15. It won't help a lot if you have an escort, as they gangbang on one enemy fighter and let the others, who don't care for their tovarishch either, do their job intercepting you.
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