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  1. It is still there, I am currently flying in june 42 on the Kuban map. Just select, what you want to fly, fighters for example, select all maps and the time, Kuban starts june 42, then your squadron with the airfield you will be based on. IIRC you will then go to Stalingrad in august 42, so you have two months on the Kuban map in 42.
  2. Ich vermute du hast den Steuerungsbefehl "Bf-109/110, Spitfire Wasserkühler: öffnen/schließen" genommen. Versuche es mal mit "Steuerung der Wasserkühlerklappen". Die Klappen werden in der 110 stufenweise gesteuert, während sie in der 109 Emil stufenlos sind. Ich glaube sie sind (vermutlich deshalb) anders zugeordnet.
  3. Außerdem ist der 20. April der früheste Termin für die Aufhebung der Einzelhaft. Das kann auch noch Sicherungsverwahrung geben
  4. Ich würde mal vermuten, nicht vor dem 20. April.
  5. Naja, sollte schon dieses Jahr noch sein, es fehlen ja nur noch zwei Panzer. Allerdings sind die Entwickler nicht gerade gesprächig, wenn es um TC geht. Hängt natürlich auch damit zusammen, daß die Panzer und wohl auch einiges anderes nicht von den Entwicklern, sondern einem angeheuerten Team gemacht wird. Aber kurz nach dem offiziellen Release sollte es dann auch bei Steam aufschlagen.
  6. It is so easy, that I didn't notice it myself. I read it in a post of someone else. When in Gunner's position, press the key for nestle to gunsight, you are now looking through the gunsight, notice the big bulge at the right side, now press nestle to gunsight a second time and you are in the periscope sight, no bulge at the right. A third pressing nestle to gunsight will bring you back to default view inside the turret.
  7. Hmm, is in Russia already april, 1st?
  8. No mirror. I am still able to bend over enough. The coming back up again, however, might be a different challenge
  9. Just took a look, no it doesn't seem so Thanks for your kind words. I always try to help where I can. TBH after I read your posts, I tried the SU-122 for the first time, to see how it works, as I am currently not playing TC until we get the commander's binoculars. Funny sidenote, when I tried to make it work, I got really dissappointed as I couldn't get the gun moving ore shooting. This was until I recognized, that the position I was trying to do it, was the commander's position, not the gunner's. I think the issue with the commander not being able to look out of the hatch will get bigger with the introduction of binoculars. Without binoculars the advantage of an unbuttoned commander compared to the turning periscope with magnification is not nearly as big as it will be with binoculars. Additionally I guess most players on russian side will anyways stay with the T-34, where you don't have the separation of commander and gunner, and with this large hatch in front of you, when unbuttoned, your view is not too good anyway.
  10. In my case the bobers' target was at the northern end of the map, with the flight path of the bombers going outside of the map. I didn't fly it, as I already made an experience in a patrol mission at the northern end of the map, with an IL-2 flying outside of the map and when I tried to follow, the game took over control and turned me back to the south. The He 111 have the same cruising speed in PWCG as the Ju 88. I don't know what has changed. I was flying quite some escort missions in PWCG earlier and never had that issue. But you are right, it doesn't make sense to let the bombers fly too slow.
  11. Sorry mate, I should have changed the language of my game to English, to see how it is called in English. In English version the commands are "Visor vertical adjustment", "Visor horizontal adjustment" and "Visor adjustment reset". In German version it is made clearer as it is not visor, but periscope. As mentioned in my post above, you can also rotate the gunsight with this keys, to look around, when in gunner's position and then reset it for shooting. The one millon dollar question. With using the periscope you have a little work around, but, yes looking out of a hatch is definitely better. I would think, when moving to the next combat area, the commander might have been looking out of the hatch, but when fighting, it clearly would have been a problem, with the hatch being over one of the loaders. It surely was narrow enough without the commander standing in the open hatch. The SU-122 in operations The SU-122 was not meant to deal with other tanks, but only with German fortified positions, strongholds and ranged infantry support This from your link says everything about usage IRL. But you are right, in game it only makes sense as some kind of tank hunter.
  12. There is somrthing in escort missions currently not working correctly. I had this appear in my Focke Wulf Campaign and now in my Bf 109 campaign, too. We are flying zig zag with 300km/h over the bombers, which leads to, with the bombers cruising at 310km/h, the bombers flying away. My flight doesn't care and simply lets them fade away.
  13. Jagd Kampagne 1942-06-03.zipJagd Kampagne.zip I zipped an escort mission, in which the bombers would leave the map, so you can't fly it.
  14. Yes, it is. The SU-122 is not really a fighting vehicle, like a normal tank, but a fire support vehicle. The hatch you are talking of, was only for entering and leaving the vehicle (and maybe get some fresh air into it as well). The role of the SU-122 was more the role of the early StuG III, with the short barrel, destroying bunkers and stuff like that. It was not really thought to move in the first firing line, but a few hundred meters behind the tanks. Nope, it turns like the gunsight with the keys for turn periscope left/right, move up/down (something like that), and you have a key to center it again in the tank keys settings.
  15. I rarely use brakes, when landing, in any aircraft, except with the 262. For the prop aircrafts you usually don't need them. BTW, I can't remember ever having ground looped with a Ju 88 on landing.
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