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  1. Do you here the loading of the MG all the time, while it doesn't work? Because that happened to me sometimes, the coaxial MG was loaded for minutes, again and again.
  2. This is the original pilot. In the mod the pilot would not have the left hand at the yoke, as it is one pilot put in all the cockpits.
  3. We already have two missions for the first two tanks, KV-1 and Tiger. But I don't know if there is/was more planned.
  4. You don't even have to switch out of the gunners position. It is not even possible to go out of gunsight view as gunner to look in which position the turret is. As soon as you leave the gunsight view, the turret turns back to 12. Not only that they rarely hit anything, when I was playing your mission yesterday, I saw some behaviour, that is quite common for friendly AI tanks. They sometimes simply ignore enemy and drive on passing it without being shot by the enemy, too. The second ­čÉů, in one of my attempts simply took a ride to Spas without shooting and the enemy didn't care.
  5. Leider nur mit eingeschaltetem HUD und in den Game settings mu├čt du glaube ich Technisch anw├Ąhlen. Ich habe das dann immer so gemacht, da├č ich f├╝r die Einstellung kurz das HUD eingeschaltet habe und nach erfolgter Einstellung wieder aus.
  6. Das Problem besteht seit es das Spiel gibt. Das hat nichts mit dem Schalter zu tun, der ist nur ein optisches Feature ohne eine Funktion. Da├č deine Bombe mit Verz├Âgerung detoniert ist, liegt daran, da├č die Grundeinstellung f├╝r die Bomben so ist. Du kannst die Einstellung aber ja entweder in der Mission mit den Keys, die du im ersten Post geschrieben hast, oder vorher, bevor du die Mission beginnst, im Waffenmen├╝ ├Ąndern. Nur Vorsicht mit Aufschlagz├╝nder, da├č du nicht zu tief bist.
  7. I tried today the mission of WaNTRD, but I gave up, because I had this same behaviour, the turret turning completely uncontrollable. The Tiger is in my experience the german tank, that has the most issue with the turret since the last update. The Panzer III and IV are playable, not good, but I can manage to aim with them. But for the Tiger the turning of the turret seems additionally accelerated. Plus in four tries I had two times maingun damage after one or two hits. I was the last week not at home, that was the reason, why I played TC, transporting my new notebook is less of an issue than transporting joystick, rudder pedals an throttle quadrant. But tomorrow I will travel back home and go on flying. TC currently is no fun to me.
  8. @BiBa, ja leider ein trauriges Kapitel von GB. Du bist da schon komplett richtig. Das ist nur leider grafisch nie dargestellt worden. Es wurde im internationalen Forum gerade mal wieder angesprochen, ich habe das Ende August in der Suggestions Sektion angesprochen, weil der Schalter f├╝r den Raketenmodus bei den BoBP Flugzeugen ja auch modelliert ist, aber um ehrlich zu sein, glaube ich nicht dran, da├č sich da noch was ├Ąndern wird. Dazu m├╝├čten das schon mehr Leute fordern. Den meisten scheint das aber egal zu sein.
  9. I can't say for 7zip, but I downloaded the mission today with WinZip and I have the six or so files in the Missions section of the games data folder. One of them is the MSBIN file. I deleted it and started the game. The mission was running.
  10. Du kannst du auf alle F├Ąlle Mal den K├Âlner Dom aus der N├Ąhe anschauen. Nein, funktioniert noch nicht. Das Befehlsmen├╝ f├╝r den Kommandanten kommt erst mit dem n├Ąchsten Update Ende des Monats(so zumindest die Planung) Turmsteuerung als Kommandant ist nat├╝rlich relativ. Die F├╝hrung ├╝ber den Turm kannst du ├╝bernehmen. Bis jetzt funkt der KI Richtsch├╝tze aber auch nur in ein paar wenigen Missionen dazwischen. Falls du selbst Missionen erstellst, es gibt da wohl im Missionseditor irgendeine Einstellung, die das bewirkt. Normalerweise gibt es in TC noch keine KI auf dem Spielerpanzer, au├čer dem Ladesch├╝tzen.
  11. Thanks for bumping this thread. I completely missed that mission. @WaNTRD, thanks for sharing this mission. I can confirm that it doesn't work currently. I would definitely like to give it a try. @104th_IronMike, simply go to your game's mission file and delete the MSBIN file of the mission. When you then start the mission, the game writes a new MSBIN file and the mission runs.
  12. According to the Developers Diary 232, commanding your crew and your platoon will be implemented with the next update end of this month, together with the 10 mission campaigns for both sides. Let's see how this will work. Only being in the commanders position in my eyes doesn't make much sense as long as we don't have binoculars for the commander. Currently I often use the gunners position just to look around, as he has a much higher zoom than the commander with the magnification of the gunsight. But this again makes the tanks to larger assault guns as the turning back to 12 o'clock position of the turret, once you leave the gunsight view, makes it pointless to look to your sides with the gunsight, as you lose too much time with the turning turret.
  13. I posted already in another thread, when there is an AI gunner (should be optional anyhow, as not everyone likes to have an AI gunner), then the gunner should either only react on your command, like you mentioned, and/or turn the turret on his own from about 10.30h to 01.30h, to look for enemy, and callout sighted enemy, so you can either give him the command to shoot, or take the gunner seat yourself to shoot at the enemy. And yes we need binoculars for the commander. Would be nice to see some statement from the Devs, if it is planned to implement this in near future. Should definitely be implemented for the campaigns, as it is a big part of the immersion.
  14. Yep, that is the ground attack version (Schlachtflugzeug) F-8/G-8. But don't forget the rear armor for the pilot, especially for his head, was pretty small. If your attacker wasn't shooting exactly from your six, but a bit to the left or right, the bullets could have passed the armor on the side and still hit the pilot. Also in turnfights he might hit your pilot's head with a deflection shot over the armor. Sometimes it is just good or bad luck.
  15. Not to forget the ability for cows to jettison their payload.
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