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  1. Have a bo peep at requiems how to fly the 262 video, ‘tis all in there tis.
  2. Taffy I think what you may be looking for is when you have the map in front of you prior to starting a mission, about 3/4 of the way down the right hand side of the screen there is a small grey square. Select that and it will open up a screen where you can select a/c set up and also see the mission brief and a/c specifications. you may have inadvertently closed this off recently. Bugger, I am not in front of a PC at present and was flying from memory. I just realised what you are missing. Have you tried rebooting the computer. I have had some strange glitches in game over the years that have been resolved by rebooting?
  3. Me, I luv dem all. How lucky we be to have so many to pick from.
  4. Good post Von_M etc. Methinks you are tackling this with an eggs celent altitude (or something similar). A Nonny Mouse
  5. Well I have got news for you Trooper, both my first wife of 25 years and my second wife of 26 years (both best of friends with each other) and my ex and present mother-in-laws are in unanimous agreement that at 72 I have never and in fact will never grow up. Ergo, you can stop wondering about me.
  6. Gooking Lood as always. Creat grudos dine mevs.
  7. 😍🥰🤩😄👍👍👍👍
  8. Donkey Shane’s Thad, most immersive and enjoyable tank mission I have played.
  9. Man the Jeep brought back memories. I learnt to drive on on my uncles farm in the late 50’s. He purchased 2 (one still in its shipping crate) and a (non airworthy) Avro Anson from a nearby air base at the end of WWII for the equivalent of around $500 (for all three) in today’s money. The Anson stood In a paddock for many years before being donated to a local aircraft museum for restoration and viewing. As a youngster I spent numerous hours in it flying all over the world wearing my fathers WWII RAAF leather helmet. (He flew Wellington’s and Dakotas from the UK during the war). I eventually owned my own 1943 Ford built Jeep in the 70’s but stupidly sold it when my 20 years in the navy was up in 1983 and we moved interstate. Every time I see one now it brings back pangs of regret. Soon I get to own a digital one that will hopefully be drivable one day. Muchos grassy arse for the update devs.
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