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  1. Anudder eggs celent DD, Mercury bow coops dev mens (and Ladies If appropriate)
  2. Mercury bow coops, donkey shane and Muchos grassy arse from all us cunnilinguals, or is that trilinguals. Always get those 2 muddled up.
  3. My wife just asked me why was I dribbling. I couldn’t respond with my mouth full of drool. I finally managed to spray her with “new map and femme fatale pilotesses”. She suggested I put the iPad down and go and play with my model trains instead for a while followed up by “for a 74 year old child you are pathetic”.
  4. Bearcat, long time between drinks for you these days for someone who used to be a prolific poster.
  5. Oi-vey, such beauty in vun littlebit flying thingy.
  6. Another interesting update. Gotta love Friday’s.
  7. Tis a beast be sure, be sure for shore.
  8. These DD’s are like never ending childhood Xmas days. I continue to be compressed, depressed, impressed.
  9. Aw youse guys just keep on giving, youse is reely good mens.
  10. Just watched the first one, bloody brilliant. I can’t understand how I missed them before. Looking forward to watching the rest later today when I have finished the household jobs being vigorously supervised by my Polish nasty Nazi wife.
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