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  1. Gooking Lood, and not expected this soon. Got to hand it to our favourite devs, Dey de bestest.
  2. They put out an addictive sim, ergo it is beholden of them to keep on supplying their addicted customers without taking any breaks. There should at all times be at a minimum of 66% of the staff at our service and beck and call. a Nonny Mouse
  3. ICDP, you de man, I be impressed. May all your camels have 2 humps and large testicles.
  4. A hearty congratulation Requiem for a well earned and deserved career move that has paid off in spades. Bravo Zulu.
  5. Eggs celent news wrt AI, especially the end of those never ending circular fights.
  6. Ooooh, yes please. I will if you will.
  7. Bravo Zulu for an excellent write up and much kudos for your giveaways. I be bloody impressed I be.
  8. Jesus Kraus, what made you did this up. Do you have a long memory?
  9. The tempest has particularly short ones. I am not in front of the game at present and can’t remember what field I am flying from. I chose the one that was closest to the front line.
  10. Well done Shamrock. Hopefully it will bring in some new blood.
  11. That’s it, I am out of here. Enough is enough. I have complained before about too many decisions to make on what to fly or drive on what map. Nothing but headaches and stress up until now and you have just added more maps and flyables. Please accept my resignation and give me all my money back. A Nonny Mouse. Apart from the above bloody terrific choice you Lubberly Devs You..
  12. Aw gee you guys, I want to marry the lot of you. Wife says no. Really impressed about Normandy and the new a/c stable.
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