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  1. You have to hand it to our devs and J, always trying to improve. I be compressed, depressed or impressed, I can never figure out the difference between the 3.
  2. My first flight was in one of these flying from Adelaide to the Woomera rocket range in 1958 I was 12 at the time and flying alone to stay with my cousin who lived in Woomera. Flying over the desert was a rough ride, dropping 200’ then immediately rising backup again a couple of hundred feet higher than its original altitude. I can distinctly remember being enthralled and was the only passenger on the plane who wasn’t air sick. I am sure it was this flight that switched on the key to get a pilots licence just to fly aerobatics later on in life. Now at 73 and with dozens of overseas flights under my belt I have only ever experience the same magnitude of air disturbance once. Whilst I enjoyed it my wife and many others were somewhat terrified.
  3. Wot kan eye say except👍🤗🤩👏😍
  4. As always, Friday is the highlight of the week even though I have been retired for 12 years.
  5. Much kudos HerMurf, very impressive yet again.
  6. Ah, DD’s the highlight of the week.
  7. Gooking Lood, and not expected this soon. Got to hand it to our favourite devs, Dey de bestest.
  8. They put out an addictive sim, ergo it is beholden of them to keep on supplying their addicted customers without taking any breaks. There should at all times be at a minimum of 66% of the staff at our service and beck and call. a Nonny Mouse
  9. ICDP, you de man, I be impressed. May all your camels have 2 humps and large testicles.
  10. A hearty congratulation Requiem for a well earned and deserved career move that has paid off in spades. Bravo Zulu.
  11. Eggs celent news wrt AI, especially the end of those never ending circular fights.
  12. Ooooh, yes please. I will if you will.
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