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  1. Gambit Said: “You take 3 Yaks the in morning, then you take 3 Yaks at night. You take 3 Yaks before you take 3 Yaks, and then you feel alright...” then A Nonny Mouse said Hurrie, hurrie hurrie as fast as you might Cause your 3 yaks are nothing but a blight But worry not my one hurrie will put up such a fight It will knock your 3 yaks right out alright Because it’s such a beautiful sight Yaks will never beat try as they might. to be continued by Gambit (maybe)
  2. I used to fly (in real life) aerobatics as a hobby. I found 80% of the flights were normal, 10% were unbelievably smooth and were just creamed, the other 10% I knew after a few manoeuvres it was probably a good idea to give it a miss and go home. I think the above occurs a lot in life with various hobbies, sports and situations.
  3. No I think he meant what he said “don’t sing”, nes pa?
  4. Well Gambit, one can only hope you are not being selfish and actually playing the sim when you could be making campaigns for the rest of us peasants.
  5. Always improving - keep fiddling troops, you all is doing very well methinks.🤗
  6. You normally be de man JM but right now you are a pest. I was going to have a BoX free day to day until you reposted the updated missions. However, Muchos grassy arse for reposting mit der new additions. May all your sheep be blessed with 3 testicles, well at least the rams.
  7. Idiotic update, once again too many new things to play with. Massive stress and headaches trying to decide what order to try out the new toys. I have complained about this before to no avail. Ergo I am going to start a petition for the devs stating there should only be one new toy every 6 months so those of us who are in our senior years do not have the distress of decision making. Please indicate below if you would be interested in signing the petition. Petition Signatures 1. A Nonny Mouse 2.
  8. I had the same problem but eventually got both the small maps in game to work (M + Joystick button) and also manage to get the full-size map from the first heading in Key Settings but can’t remember what the nomenclature was. Not home at the moment but will check later on and let you know if You haven’t got the solution by then.
  9. Many thanks for all the detailed input guys. I guess I have nothing to lose by trying it out again. Having got some unbiased thoughts I will go and have a look at their forum to get a handle on what and where they are up to. Once again, thanks all for your input.
  10. Devs and Moderators - Please do not shuffle this thread off to the CLoD forum as I want BoX player opinions. As an old Il2 sturmovik player from when the original was first released I also purchase CLoD when it was first released. When BOS was released I soon lost interest in the the shambolic CLoD. I uninstalled it when my 120 Gb SSD started to run out of space, Having recently upgraded to Widows 10 and a 500 Gb SSD I am contemplating re installing Steam and Purchasing CLoD Blitz but prior to doing so I would like some unbiased opinions on its merits from BoX players prior to doing so.
  11. Jesus, this be much bigger than I ever imagined. Kudos devs, I hereby award you the order of “Best Bloody Devs Ever”.
  12. Finally got it sorted thanks Jollyjack. Unchecking Quick Startup solved all the problems.
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