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  1. Bearcat, long time between drinks for you these days for someone who used to be a prolific poster.
  2. Oi-vey, such beauty in vun littlebit flying thingy.
  3. Another interesting update. Gotta love Friday’s.
  4. Tis a beast be sure, be sure for shore.
  5. These DD’s are like never ending childhood Xmas days. I continue to be compressed, depressed, impressed.
  6. Aw youse guys just keep on giving, youse is reely good mens.
  7. Just watched the first one, bloody brilliant. I can’t understand how I missed them before. Looking forward to watching the rest later today when I have finished the household jobs being vigorously supervised by my Polish nasty Nazi wife.
  8. Many thanks for sharing your work (with us incompetents) gratis as part of 4.006.
  9. Great work and dedication devs - muchos grassy arse and Mercury bow coops in spades.
  10. Whoopee Do Da all da way. These big updates are always reminiscent of back in the day 70 years ago waiting for Xmas morning. How good is it never to have grown up?
  11. The ships changes for Normandy are good news, as is the whole DD in fact.
  12. Congrats to all of us on your/our 250th DD. This has to surpass any previous games me thinks???
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