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  1. Bravo Zulu for an excellent write up and much kudos for your giveaways. I be bloody impressed I be.
  2. Jesus Kraus, what made you did this up. Do you have a long memory?
  3. The tempest has particularly short ones. I am not in front of the game at present and can’t remember what field I am flying from. I chose the one that was closest to the front line.
  4. Well done Shamrock. Hopefully it will bring in some new blood.
  5. That’s it, I am out of here. Enough is enough. I have complained before about too many decisions to make on what to fly or drive on what map. Nothing but headaches and stress up until now and you have just added more maps and flyables. Please accept my resignation and give me all my money back. A Nonny Mouse. Apart from the above bloody terrific choice you Lubberly Devs You..
  6. Aw gee you guys, I want to marry the lot of you. Wife says no. Really impressed about Normandy and the new a/c stable.
  7. Sublime, The comment was addressed to Gambit not you (who appears not to have a sense of humour).
  8. I agree with the speed side of things, however I still think the blackout is too long in the Tempest. We went away a couple of days after it and the others were released so didn’t get much of a chance to try it out. Once back home I began a Tempest career and finally gave up Today after days of frustration with long blackouts and lawn darts. Today I started a Lightning campaign, lots of dog fighting and not a single blackout turning, climbing and pull outs as strenuous as I was doing in the tempest. Me thinks the Tempest May have a different set of Blackout parameters than (definitely) the Lightning and maybe the rest of the stable???
  9. I agree with the speed side of things, however I still think the blackout is too long. signed The Wuss (it seems)
  10. I would like to see a G meter because: I used to fly aerobatics as a hobby, admittedly mostly in a 152 Cessna aerobat, but have also flown them in a Yak trainer, Nanchang trainer and a 2 seater Pitts Special and never once blacked out pulling up to 6G. I am having numerous blackouts in the Tempest Career and they last far too long in my opinion. Ergo it would be nice to see what I am pulling prior to blackout so I could regulate them better. Edit. Or am I just being a woos????
  11. Currently away from home for another 5 days and have already got a headache trying to decide what order to try all the new goodies in. Bloody devs,I think it is about time they slowed down with their releases or just release ONE item every 6 months. All those in favour say aye. A Nonny Mouse
  12. Mercury bow coops for a very detailed DD. Keep up the good work on those scenarios black six
  13. i can still remember the first time I saw a 109 appear out of a cloud in this one and surprised the shit out of me. Or was it out of the mist? Ah dem was de days.
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