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  1. No question Foot Pedals, once you get used to them, are a great way to improve the flight experience... and a lot of players find their performance in combat improves once they get the hang of using them and it becomes instinctive.
  2. The point was not to get the maximum number of players online... we were using ATAG Server 2 which has lower bandwidth... if we wanted the capacity to have more players online we would have used the higher capacity/bandwidth ATAG Server 1. As it was, we topped out at around 110 players on ATAG 2. In previous less structured and less monitored tests with ATAG Server 1 we have topped out at around 135-150. The purpose of the exercise was to collect detailed logfiles which would allow us to isolate causes and determine what errors in the code might cause server crashes, player disconnects or lag effects like 'rubber banding'. So with that in mind we used a lower bandwidth/capacity server so the test would encounter any issues sooner and with a requirement for fewer players. The other factor was determining exactly the effect AI flights had on player experience and server performance/failure. So we gradually introduced increasing numbers of AI to the server once we had maximum numbers of humans flying... until there was a crash. We are hoping the data generated can allow us to refine the already excellent netcode in CoD... as well as pointing to potential solutions for AI aircraft/object load effects.
  3. Figure in total is somewhere over 2 million for the original IL-2 series. CoD has sold over 200,000.
  4. Thanks again to all who participated... we had over 100 players online and were able to conduct our tests. πŸ‘
  5. Hello All Thanks to everyone who participated. We went through a series of stress tests... with the maximum number of players on the server... and then adding AI aircraft flights till the server crashed. We will be analyzing the logfiles to determine where the problems were and what can possibly be improved. Any comments or experiences are welcome here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30019&p=323754#post323754 Thanks to all. πŸ‘Œ
  6. Thanks for the support from those who are planning on attending. At this point we have the ATAG community planning on showing up as well as the TWC group... and many more Squadrons. But the more the merrier! 🀩
  7. Hello All TF's Code Group would like to run a test of the current version of TF 4.53 Blitz to pinpoint areas where the netcode can be improved for TF 5.0. We would request as many players who can attend as possible, the results will be important for TF 5.0 gameplay. Server will be set up with large numbers of AI aircraft flights, etc. Date and time is November 17th at 1800 GMT. Players use their current TF 4.53 Blitz install. There is no requirement to patch any new data. The test is designed to determine the point at which the total numbers of humans and AI become problematic in 4.53 and to identify what areas can be improved for TF 5.0. There will be designated Teamspeak channels on the ATAG Teamspeak. Thanks to the community for their interest.
  8. The original IL-2 1946 requires a much less powerful computer. IL-2 STURMOVIK CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ has a much more complex graphics and code and requires more computing power.
  9. And I will close this topic because I think everything has been said. πŸ‘
  10. Alright gentlemen.... please keep your criticisms even handed. Everyone has their preference in music... we should all know that from trying to play our buddy what we think is the greatest ever only to have him shrug. πŸ˜‰ Please give the creator of a video the respect for the time and effort he puts into the project even if it might not be exactly to your taste. If you don't want to give the production a compliment, then probably best to keep your review to yourself. πŸ“½οΈ
  11. Hello Jopignal I am sorry but your specifications are not enough to run the game properly. If you look at the STEAM page you will see the game recommends the following: MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7 64-bit Processor: Intel Core I5 6500 or equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Direct X 11.0 compliant 4 gb DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 8 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible
  12. Hello Jopignal Could you please post your system specifications? ----- Other than that: Two potential problems: 1) You may have a corrupt install. Please verify your install through STEAM. Then delete your cache file in your 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/' folder. Try running the game again. 2) It looks like you have a 32 bit program running which is interfering with the launch. Do you have any overlays running when you launch? Any graphics programs? Please shut these down prior to launching the game. ---- Please also read through the pinned topics on this forum section carefully and see if those might help.
  13. Hello Gerriraz Can you let us know your settings in game? What is your resolution, video settings, etc.? Is the epilepsy filter on? If it is on, that will be a big source of your problems with low fps and crashes... unless you have issues with this disability, there is no need for the filter. Did you delete the cache file in 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover'? Thanks
  14. Yes, we hope to improve the AA systems. All the bugs listed in the bugtracker are being looked at and addressed if at all possible. And yes, we will be making changes to the interface menus.
  15. We hope to have campaigns for the major aircraft types. Ships will exchange fire if they come into contact... we are looking at changing some of the ship and vehicle routines on engaging in combat. Ju-52 will not be included. At the moment clickable buttons and moveable controls will be limited to those which are required for inflight operation.
  16. The cockpit is in the game as well... but we didn't show it because not all the animations are finished. Gauges are not working, controls don't move, etc... Great little plane... an excellent opponent for the 109's.
  17. Hello Pabbi The Microsoft Force Feedback 2 sticks are one of the most popular joysticks in use with CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ. These joysticks are no longer supported by Microsoft, but they will still work in the game without specialist drivers. The game has a 'Controls' setup for all joysticks... you just go into that section and set the axes and then the buttons as you choose. Please be sure to read all the pinned posts in this Technical Section for advice on the use of joysticks. If you continue to have problems, I would recommend you look over at the ATAG website for more potential solutions. Please post in the Technical Section there and explain the issues you are having. Thanks
  18. Hello Pete We will try to get you in the cockpit as soon as possible. As a way to speed that up, I am offering you a chance to join the Beta Testing team... send me a private note and we can organize the details.
  19. I think you will find your speculations as to release date are wildly pessimistic.
  20. Thanks for your reply and your continued interest in the game, TF looks forward to your response on the new TF 5.0 Module's release. Hopefully it will be to your satisfaction. πŸ‘‹
  21. Detailed Code changes to game engine are a part of TF 5.0.
  22. Yes, there will be 'Trop' versions of Stuka B and 110C. Forgot to include them... along with many other elements... list is getting very long, hard to keep track sometimes. 😎 Actually three years at least, but then we've been working at it since mid 2015 if you count the first map and the early test models like the Tiger Moth and Bf-108. And of course, we weren't very good when we started... and we didn't have the Source Code so we wasted a lot of time trying to determine how to do things. But now we are getting rather professional. 😁 I would say a year to a year and a half is a reasonable average for building a module. Please note, that is not an estimate from now for when we deliver TF 5.0, it will be much sooner than that. πŸ˜‰
  23. If we go on to do TF 6.0, then the He-115 may make an appearance as a flyable, as well as the Walrus. The Anson would take a huge amount of effort... it is a multi cockpit aircraft. But it was not used much in a combat role on the existing Channel map, it was designed as a trainer and was too vulnerable and slow. As far as us focusing on the fighters, there is no question most players prefer to fly the single engine types. Still, CoD has a good selection of flyable twin engined types, and TF 5.0 will add quite a number of new types and versions. And who knows... you may see a four engine flyable at some time in the future.
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