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  1. Hello All Just to show everyone who is wondering if TF dropped off the face of the earth... no, we are still here. 😎 We are busy right now in putting together our first Beta for the Beta Testing group... it is taking longer than we expected for a number of reasons, mostly to due with the fact we are all doing this in our spare time and sometimes real life work and family demands reduce the available time we have for the game development. But overall progress on TF 5.0 is going well... all the major aircraft have their 3D work completed, the map development is going well, the new music has been composed, new ships/vehicles are progressing rapidly, etc. Of course the devil is in the details... as is the case in the example below where you see the new Macchi C.202 Series III model. (will also be a Series VIII, with the option for versions of both series with high alt engines) As you can see in the image, there are elements on this aircraft which need work... the prop blade damage is not implemented, the pilot is improperly positioned, grass still shows through the wing, (that is code work), etc. etc. All of these details will be fixed, and we'll release our Beta. Overall we are making good progress. We should have a proper update out for the community in the next two weeks. Cheers
  2. Actually two have four engines... the Sunderland and the FW-200. Although they are AI, due to the fact the AI do use many of the same systems as human players, it is necessary to have these controls as a potential in the GUI. We will probably hide unnecessary controls in TF 5.0, and may also implement a simple controls option for those players who just fly single engined fighters. This option would only display the controls required to program a single engined type.
  3. For some of the reasons you mention, we will avoid implementing VR in the CoD engine till we have it done correctly. We could implement a half-way version now, but it would just annoy people and negatively reflect on the game.
  4. You will be surprised with TF 5.0 is released won't you. 🤣 We have delayed the update because we are working on a Steam hosted Beta for our Beta Tester group and we prefer to show something which includes the new map work and new aircraft. Work continues well, with progress in all areas. We may release an interim update in the meantime if we can find the time.
  5. Actually it was one of the more active areas for naval aviation. There were continual patrols by RAF Coastal Command over the area looking for subs coming to and from Brest and Lorient. And vice versa, with German aircraft patrolling to attack the RAF aircraft. And there were convoys from Bristol and Liverpool through the Bay heading for the Med which were attacked by the Germans and protected by the RAF. And there could certainly be scenarios for 1940-41-42 when German Capital ships left or arrived at Lorient/Brest and/or were at these bases and were attacked by RAF aircraft and were protected by the Luftwaffe. A Biscay map is obviously not for multiplayer... would be more suited for Single Player campaigns... so the players could set the game speed at 16X to deal with the long flights over water. In any case, such a map is not something in our immediate planning, but it could be built relatively easily since 90% of it would be water.
  6. Everything is advancing well... we are about to test a v4 Alpha with the Beta Testing group.
  7. The list of aircraft is in this thread: (although the status of the aircraft has changed) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/40187-current-status-of-tf-50-tobruk-build/
  8. We are in the process of creating a v4 alpha which will likely be put up on Steam and released to our beta testers. We will be delaying the update till the alpha is ready and we can use visuals from it. Thanks ✌️
  9. This is your opinion. If the instruments were unaffected by precession and showed perfect consistency from the start of the flight to the end they would be more inaccurate. The game includes these features because it does focus on accurate depiction of the flight process... other games do not.
  10. The playable positions in the Wellington will be: - Front and Rear turrets - Pilot - Bombardier The waist gunner positions and the Radio operator will not be playable... it requires a huge amount of modeling work to do these positions, and in terms of what they add to the experience, not really worthwhile. We'd love to see any number of other maps built in the future, and in fact, it will be possible for interested groups to come into TF and work on a map of their choosing by using our map tool, without having coding background. (bearing in mind, map building requires many many long hours and dedication) Control surface fires will remain, but the effects will modified to include a potential loss of control of the control. Skins may go 4k in the future... or we may use tessellation. No American pilot voices... there were no actual USAAF Squadrons active during the time period of the module. There will be the option for US markings for players flying online in non-historical servers It takes on average approx. 6 months each to build a cockpit or to build an external model for a Fighter. (a new plane needs one of each) Bombers require more than one cockpit, and their external models are bigger and more detailed.
  11. Salute All Team Fusion is looking to recruit those members of the community who are interested in assisting in the creation of Flight Manuals and Player Guides for the TF 5.0 release. Good knowledge of the game, writing skills and a reasonable knowledge of history and aircraft are a prerequisite. We are particularly interested in people who speak French or Italian and who can do translations. Recruits would be eligible for revenue share from the sales of TF 5.0 based on their contributions. If you are interested, please contact me. Cheers ✌️
  12. Please post your question on the ATAG forums: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forum.php
  13. And if we do a Bay of Biscay map, likely we will do a Sunderland... and FW-200.
  14. Not sure what you are referring to... there are no 109G's in the current game and the 109G won't be released with TF 5.0. Historically all the main 109 version's were given bomb/drop tank racks and set up to carry bombs... E/F/G/K.
  15. Yes, that actually was the crucial period in the fight for air superiority over the European continent. January to June 1944 saw the Luftwaffe Jagdflieger force damaged beyond repair. A full Battle of France scenario would require a lot of other aircraft besides the D.520 as well as a large new France/Belgium/Germany map. At this stage we are focusing on the Desert and the existing Channel map.
  16. Look at the Updates on this page and you will see video and images which include the Dewoitine D.520. It will be released with TF 5.0.
  17. German Bomber Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel assigned to bomb starting from high altitude are "KG" types. German Stuka Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "StG" types. German Fighter-Bomber Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "SG" types. (Bf-109 assigned to Fighter-Bomber use this) German specialist attack Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "LG" types. (Bf-110 assigned to ground attack use this. Also Ju-88/Do-17 assigned to low level attack) German Twin Engine Fighter Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "ZG" types. (Bf-110 assigned to Fighter role use this) German Fighter Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "JG" types.
  18. The reason aircraft don't attack is usually because of one of the below reasons: 1) The intended attacking fighter aircraft are not 'Fighter' class (if you assign a Bf-110 to carry bombs, it will not act as a fighter. Bombers class will never attack) 1) Fighters do not have a 'target' assigned for them to attack 2) Fighters are not assigned to 'attack Bombers' or 'attack fighters' by the Mission Builder in the mission waypoint where they encounter the enemy... or they are assigned to attack another type besides the one they encounter (Mission builders need to assign flights an 'attack' mission on every waypoint where they might encounter the enemy) 4) The Fighters are too low an experience level to notice the enemy or too low an experience to be aggressive or brave enough to attack them We are instituting changes in TF 5.0 so there is an option to 'attack all', we are improving the basic skills of the Rookie and Average types so they are a little better at spotting and a little more aggressive, and we would like to institute changes so a flight has an overall mission level of aggression... i.e. they will attack any aircraft they encounter without the player having to add an 'attack' option for each waypoint.
  19. You will be able to buy the game from 1C direct so you can avoid paying them... but the game uses the Steam launch to run.
  20. It requires an enormous amount of work to create flyable bomber cockpits. The 3D work for the Dornier cockpit would take 9-12 months. There are already three flyable Blue side bombers... the He-111H, the Ju-88A, and the Fiat BR-20. From our perspective it was more important to give the Red side a flyable Wellington... the Blenheim is really not a serious bomb carrier. We are also updating the He-111H and Ju-88A with later models... the H-6 and A-4/A-5. This is much easier to do than the create the entire new set of cockpits/gunner positions for the Dornier. There is also the fact the Dornier was basically considered obsolescent after the BoB.... and gradually taken out of service. The Heinkel and Junkers continued through the war. We are also creating the Ju-88C heavy fighter version... another important aircraft which saw service throughout the war... more important than the Dornier. There is also the fact the Dornier is just not a very good bomber when compared to the Heinkel and Junkers... smaller bombload, weak protection, poor armament. Most players would not fly it. These same arguments apply to the Defiant... it would take a large effort to get this aircraft flyable... and most people would fly it once and then discard it. The Dewoitine D.520 actually fit with the current channel map... since it arrived in service late in the Battle of France, after the breakthrough by the Germans. The D.520 is also an excellent fighter for the time period... very competitive with the 109's. And it saw service with Vichy France in Syria and Morocco/Algeria during the Torch invasion. In fact captured D.520's were used by the Italians in the defense of Sicily, by the Bulgarians in defense of the USAAF B-24 raids in 1944, (did very well versus the P-38's) and the aircraft was even used by the Germans in the south of France in 1944 as a ground attack aircraft during Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France. We have limited resources at TF... we need to focus them on what will work best with the maps and our scenarios.
  21. I would recommend taking discussions on the subject of the GREAT BATTLES series over to the game specific forums... (see above) you may be able to get direct responses from the BoX moderators there.
  22. No. We will let people know when it is close... there will be an announcement from 1C on the full title naming and other details. You will also see a lot of testing on the ATAG 2 server at that point.
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