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  1. Unless you actually own these Desastersoft products I am not sure we can help you. We cannot encourage the use of the software without ownership. There is a thread on this forum which details converting those programs to CoD-Blitz:
  2. Yes, it is the Derna area... one of the more interesting terrain wise... with a combination of the dry river courses and multi-coloured rock. The dry river courses are relatively common, but not the rock colours.
  3. Which game are you having a problem with? There was no update to CoD Blitz on 12/5/18.
  4. We expect to release skin templates for all the new aircraft. We also hope to have a code change which will allow custom skins to be displayed in multiplayer without the issues of stutters, pauses etc.
  5. Sorry to say, but the Arado's will only be decorative. They will not be flyable. Too much coding required to implement catapult launches and too much time involved to create a flyable external and cockpit. Same with the Walruses on the British ships... only decorative at this point. We do hope to implement these types of features for TF 6.0 if we get to that stage. At this point we wanted to provide a good selection of the types of ships which might have operated off the coast of N Africa or in the English Channel. Note, some of the German types did not operate historically in the English Channel in 1940 or the first half of 1941, but could have. Same with the Italian Zara Class Cruiser, did not operate off the coast of Libya, but could have. At this stage the Italian Battleships were either being repaired after being sunk or damaged at Taranto or were being kept safe in Naples or other northern Italian harbours. The British ships are limited to the types which did operate in the Med or English Channel in 1940 and early 1941. The Italian Littorio Class, German Bismarck Class, British King George V Class and the Rodney Class Battleships as well as aircraft carriers will come in TF 6.0 when we have maps which better reflect their usage. Thanks 🀞
  6. Yes, we will be including the 'Fighter' version of the Hurricane IIC.
  7. We have been focused exclusively on TF 5.0 since February of 2018. However some of the aircraft/ships were started prior to that.
  8. Just to let everyone know: At Team Fusion we are confident the additions of a new map, a large number and variety of new aircraft, new ships, vehicles and objects, as well as improvements in flight and damage modeling, AI modeling, graphics, weather and other systems in an encompassing campaign will be of interest to the community. We are determined to present something which is right '... out of the box', so players, both the new and the seasoned can enjoy an experience of the North African campaign in first time release in a Flight Sim. πŸ‘Œ πŸ›©οΈ
  9. At this point the option of flying the aircraft with a mouse is down the priority list. It is unlikely to be implemented for TF 5.0.
  10. I expect we will have another update next week. Bonkin is on a long business trip for his real life job.
  11. Hello All Thanks to all who participated in the Server test on November 17th... it was very helpful for our programmers. We have made some changes to the program and would like to test these.... this time on ATAG Server 1. Date is December 8th. Time is 1900 GMT. Just show up with the standard CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ 4.53 installation. We will have a more entertaining server setup than last time. Total time will be approx. 1 hour. Cheers
  12. Not a question of money, a question of time. Preps for implementing VR are already in place... but the code has to be written into the new version of the game which will be released with TF 5.0. Many elements are changing for TF 5.0. After those are in place, then code to allow VR to be implemented can be started.
  13. Is this for CLIFFS OF DOVER or for one of the GREAT BATTLES series?
  14. Hello Furphy CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ is part of the IL-2 family, but we don't have the same game engine as the GREAT BATTLES series. So it is not possible to share the parts of a CoD based game with a BoX series game. Perhaps we will have our own 'badge' system once we release our second module, but at the moment it might confuse the players for use to have an implied linkage beyond being in the IL-2 family.
  15. Thanks for your interest Spit. As we have mentioned, at this point to implement VR into the TF 5.0 release would delay it four to six months. For that reason we will be unable to achieve this goal. However, as soon as the release is out and any bugs or issues have been resolved, the #1 priority for coders will be implementing VR. And we hope to have it in game within approx. 4-6 months after release.
  16. Hello Steve If you have registered at the ATAG forums, you can get the files from here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/Downloads.php?do=download&downloadid=196
  17. I think you'll be surprised to see how much there is to bomb in the channel... Wait for the next update, you'll see some of the new toys which will float, (or sink) in the channel. 😎
  18. Hello Kevin Are you asking how to create a CLIFFS OF DOVER server or a BATTLE OF STALINGRAD server?
  19. Will see if we can find a copy of this program.
  20. Thanks for your post Woop. πŸ‘ Yes, we will include Greek markings... and certainly the varieties of Hurricane II's which No. 336th Squadron flew will be included.
  21. We can't comment at this stage on what will be the next module after TF 5.0... entirely depends on the success of TF 5.0. Certainly if we go to a new module, the Focke-Wulf 190A will be the #1 priority... A-1/A-2/A-3/A-4, including Fighter-Bomber variants.
  22. Hello InProgress Thanks for your note. We will have campaigns... we have brought in quite a few new people who will be working exclusively on campaigns for TF 5.0... and hopefully they will add campaigns for the existing map too. Don't think we can add things like victory markings on aircraft at this stage... would require some code work and our coders are already very busy with things like improving weather systems, clouds, engine modeling, damage modeling, etc. Maybe in the future.
  23. At the moment hosting via 'Lobby' is not possible... were you using this function? There are work arounds to solve this issue... and we hope to release a patch which will address this issue and others in the near future.
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