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  1. These patches contain just bugfixes for the existing game... no new content. New content will not be released until TF 5.0. We prefer to release bugfix patches with a smaller list of changes as they are simpler to monitor for errors and compile. This particular patch is larger because it is a compile of the entire game... for coding reasons which are too detailed to explain here. Other bugfix patches should be smaller. Edited original post to provide suggestions for those who are having Anti-Virus program issues, or graphics glitches.
  2. Where did you buy the game? What form was the game in... did you buy it in electronic form or in a box? If you purchased from Steam, you should have no problem... Steam supports the game like any other. If you bought the old boxed original game, then you will need to install it, then get a Steam account, then get the game recognized on Steam. That will then give you the 'Blitz' upgrade for free... which is shown as a separate game... which you then download and install from Steam. Then you are able to play it normally and Steam supports it normally.
  3. We intend to add VR as a patch to TF 5.0 as soon as possible after the release. But we can't promise any time frame.
  4. Lobby hosting is not working right now. We will be releasing a patch for this in the next week.
  5. Thanks for the info... we will look into this.
  6. We are working on the cloud and weather systems for TF 5.0. And yes, we are looking at improving the AA.
  7. Can you point to the original mission? Thanks
  8. We hope to incorporate more human figures into the game... can't guarantee this particular animation.
  9. - Torpedoes should behave correctly.... with the understanding we will implement their modeling with functionality as the main focus. So exactly what depth a torpedo dives to prior to resetting at running depth will not necessarily be a focus... the important element is the torpedo stabilizes at running depth. - Importing aircraft into the CoD engine is a complex and precise process which requires a lot of skill and knowledge. All the complex damage elements in an aircraft, all the control systems, all the various weapons systems, all the engine aspects...etc. etc. need to be programmed and coordinated with the core physics engine. - We are looking at all the various campaigns and re-doing the AI parameters etc. to make them more functional.
  10. You're right, meant Plymouth... corrected text. No, would be very similar in size to original map, slightly bigger, 400km x 400km. The idea of having a lot of sea area is to allow for ship to ship or air to ship combat... like the sinking of the Bismarck or the attacks by Swordfishes... plus the attacks on U-Boats entering and exiting Brest and Lorient from their N Atlantic patrols. All of which were the subject of a lot of combat between escorting Ju-88C's and Beaufighters/Sunderlands, etc. And of course, this would be a supplementary map to the main map for TF 6.0... which I won't mention right now. 😉 And all of these potential expansions are contingent on the success of TF 5.0.
  11. Yes, if this map is done, it would include about half of Brittany including Brest and Lorient. Also would include part of Cornwall including Portsmouth to allow for the RAF bases. Something like this: https://www.google.ca/maps/@48.7573249,-10.0286612,572539m/data=!3m1!1e3 This map would be 90% sea... and would have the advantage that most of the already built objects and buildings etc. from the Channel map could be used. Map could be used for the bombing of the Sub bases by the RAF and USAAC... as well as bombing of the Scharnhorst/Gneisenau/Prinz Eugen for when they were based in Brest after their North Atlantic Convoy raiding expeditions. Now that we have our new map tool working correctly, we hope to increase the number of maps. The tool allows members who don't have coding experience or knowledge to build maps... and we would welcome new members who have the time and energy to put into map projects like this potential Bay of Biscay map. 😉
  12. System has been created in the aircraft 3D, but at this moment we have not yet written the code for it. Depending on the schedule, this may or may not be included. It will be implemented at some time... but right now there are very few aircraft with extinguisher systems. Also, the D.520 system was not exactly a fire extinguisher... more fire suppression. The D.520 was considerably ahead of both the Germans and British in many systems it implemented. It had pilot armor from the factory, self sealing tanks, it had a complex prop management system with an option for auto/manual or fixed prop pitch. It had built in long range tanks which gave it the option of nearly double the range of 109's or Spitfires. It had the arguably the best armament when compared with the 109E and Spitfire... with the engine mount Hispano 20mm firing through the prop... extremely accurate and powerful... plus four wingmount 7.5mm MG's... with 1000 rounds of ammunition for each, more than the 109E-1 with its four 7.92mm. It had extremely good high speed maneuverability characteristics. It had a better drag coefficient than the 109E's and with the small size of the aircraft, gave it good performance from less horsepower. The main lacking the D.520 had was its Hispano-Suiza engine... an old design with only two valves per cylinder... one intake and one exhaust... it produced lower power comparably than the Daimler Benz's or Rolls Royce Merlins even with a larger displacement. If France had remained in the war, they would likely have licensed the Allison V12 from the US... and combined it with their own supercharger designs... which were excellent. Either that or updated the Hispano as the Soviets did when they licensed the Hispano engine from France to use as the basis for their Klimov M-105. The Soviets re-worked the heads to upgrade them to increase the intakes valves to two per cylinder... and were able to get 1200 hp compared to the approx. 960 for the French version. If the D.520 had comparable power to the British and German fighters, it would have been faster.
  13. Hello Herne We can't give you a date, (other than 2019) for release. 1C will make the announcement re. release date.
  14. Thanks Black. 👍 We are trying to gradually add all the relevant types to our planeset. We are working on finding fixes for the current night implementation so that aircraft like the Ju-88C can be be used in TF 5.0 on both the Tobruk and Channel maps. We would also like to provide a new map as an extension to the existing Channel map, (not in TF 5.0, but at some point) to allow access to the Bay of Biscay area and a proper campaign which includes Subs, Beaufighters, Ju-88A/C, Sunderlands... as well as the potential to allow scenarios which might include German Capital ships which take refuge at Brest after raiding the Atlantic convoy routes. A pure Atlantic sea map would also be a simple add. Assuming we get to TF 6.0, there will of course be a big jump in the new aircraft types.
  15. I would like to take the time on behalf of Team Fusion to wish everyone in the Community a Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year. Team Fusion and 1C are looking forward to bringing you our TF 5.0 release in 2019. Cheers and Best Wishes 🎅
  16. We will certainly consider this as an element which can be added after TF 5.0 in a patch. But for now, our coders and others are too busy with the work required for the actual release. And additionally, our first priority after the release is implementing VR. 😉
  17. I would assume so... although the Admiral Scheer had sister ships in the Deutschland and Graf Spee... and it is supposed to represent all three of the "Pocket Battleship" class of heavy cruisers. We are only making one of each class of ship... there are many minor differences in ships even of the same class... but the extra work to do each individual ship is not really worthwhile. We are working on solutions for the first set of questions. There will not be the option to fire the main armament of ships, it will be AI controlled... AAA however, will be manable, and we hope to allow the players to control the ship's movement from the 'Bridge'.
  18. Documents/ICSoftclub/CLOD/mission/campaign or quick Documents/ICSoftclub/CLOD/missions/multi or single
  19. There are no new Boxed versions of CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ... it is purely a DLC. Same with the TF 5.0 module.
  20. A small update to the content: We had mentioned previously there would be no torpedoes for the Beaufighter IC in TF 5.0 as we cannot confirm their use at this point. AFAIK they were not used till the Mk VI model. The following aircraft will have torpedoes in TF 5.0: (as an option in addition to various bombs) Heinkel He-111H-6 (dual) Wellington IC (dual) Wellington IC will also have many additional bombs added to those present in the original game, including 1000 lber GP and 2000 lber AP. We will also introduce depth charges for various types. The He-115 (AI) will of course, continue to use torpedoes.
  21. Not exactly... details will be provided at the time of release.
  22. We will include the underwing gondola cannons for the 109F-4, but not the armament you show.
  23. Thanks again to all who participated in the Server Stress Test. We got nearly 90 players online and at one point had an additional 160 AI aircraft flying... and were able to gather valuable data. It seems at this point performance issues began to appear when the number of total aircraft reached approx. 180-200. Anyone who would like to comment on their experiences and when they started to notice issues, please post here. I did not hear many people crashing out... but in heavy traffic and with 250 aircraft, frame rates were definitely suffering and there was a problem joining the server.
  24. A reminder: Our 2nd stress test is going today at 1900 GMT for 1 hour on the ATAG 1 server. If you can show up, it would be much appreciated. Thanks to all! ✌️
  25. Hello Badatflyski Feel free to send me a PM. Thanks 👍
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